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June Zhan joins Music2Deal. We are happy to announce and welcome June Zhan who joins the Music2Deal family as our representative for Greater China region.
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“I am feeling thrilled to join Music2deal. Chinese speaking markets like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, 20% population of Malaysia are getting even more vibrant and have a lot to offer and to be offered.” said Zhan. “By using Music2Deal and networking with professionals all around the world is so much easier than blind searching. Without Music2Deal, often it’s like looking for a needle in ocean on your own. Music2Deal is truly a user-friendly solution for any music related business!”

June Zhan is an international booking agent also a music licensing and digital content expert with well-established contacts with publishers, collection societies, and labels throughout Asia Pacific. June Zhan currently holds multi-positions at Atb-intl, GoDigital Media Group, Midem and Music2Deal.

Previously June Zhan served as Conference Team Director of the 25th and 26th Golden Melody Awards & Festival (GMA) 2014 – ’15. Prior to GMA, her extensive digital music business experience also as Director of Digital Business Dept. at EMI Taiwan/Gold Typhoon Group, VP of Profita Music Publishing at Seed Music Group, Sr. Manager of Licensing Dept. at Rock Mobile China.

Main activity
Business Services
Main genre
Language skills
Mandarin English
Company profile
Atb-intl OU, the most experienced professional consultancy in music industry in Asia Pacific, especially bridging west to east such as South Korea market and Mandarin Chinese speaking markets!

“Obliterated: Getting Back Film Herstory”

By Casandra Prerost took great pleasure in sponsoring the workshop “Obliterated: Getting Back Film Herstory” by Elizabeth Orrin and Casandra Prerost at the ECU Film Festival ’19 here in Paris back in April this year. Clearly the Cannes Film Festival 2019 was inspired by the same image of the great Agnès Varda as we were!

We wanted to build on a presentation we sponsored back in 2014, “Where are the Women?” also presented by Casandra , to see where there had been advances and where things needed to improve and with a nod to Agnès Varda, to see how we can keep Film Herstory.

The research process for Elizabeth and Casandra was one of endless discovery and the Wow factor. Both presenters are well schooled and knowledgable in the film industry (Masters degrees in Film and Film and Video Production) but were astonished at the enormity of women’s contribution to the film industry and highlighted the great pioneers like Alice Guy-Blaché and Lois Weber. The other discovery was the process of forgetting or obliterating these pioneers. Case in point:

Certainly the situation has improved and there is a greater exposure and research of women’s involvement and contribution to the development of the film industry. But the authors looked more closely.

For a long time editors were called cutters and guess what, they were women. When the job became editing (an Irving Thalberg initiative, inspired by his work with Margaret Booth), it transformed into a male profession. But most of the innovations in editing were made by women. And Margaret Booth and Anne Coates were major contributors, the only editors to receive a Academy Award for lifetime achievement.

But when we look more broadly it is truly amazing, the technical complexity, the innovation and the great collaborations with directors where , unfortunately with time the female editor is forgotten or even “edited out” of credits (as was Yolanda Benvenuto) and simply disappear from the film canon taught to ensuing generations of film makers.

The authors highlighted the “forgetting” of the pioneering work of so many editors like Yelizaveta Slilova (the collaborator of Dziga Vertov) , Esfir Tobak (the collaborator of Sergei Eisenstein) and Yolanda Benvenuti (the editor for Roberto Rosselini for 30 years, written out of the film credits and replaced with a man).

The presenters used a test from on our audience ( of independent film makers and film students primarily). How did they do? Badly, like the authors.

The first time any editor was ever credited “upfront” was in 1967: Dede Allen for Bonnie and Clyde. The list is long – check out the presentation PDF here – for your enjoyment and edification on the current situation, herstories, great links, great research , a mind-boggling list of great films edited by women.

Check out the 2018 video “Edited by” about women editors – you will be amazed.

EDITED BY (the film companion to from Su Friedrich on Vimeo.

So what happens now? We provided an action list to our participants -good to go.

And lastly, Elizabeth and Casandra have a complete workshop structure for any film school/ cultural studies courses. Contact details on the Obliterated PDF

Casandra Prerost

Music2Deal CEO Mario Christiani Interviews Midem Director Alexandre Deniot

Originally posted at on 21 May 2019

Alexandre Deniot

Mario Christiani: Hi Alexandre. So what exactly do you do at MIDEM?

Alexandre Deniot: I am the director of Midem. So, I’m in charge of this event globally. I manage all the teams from the conference team to all the partnership teams and I make sure that we provide the best service to our music community.

Mario Christiani: Please tell us more about the upcoming MIDEM 2019

Alexandre Deniot: This year’s Midem will see multiple initiatives putting artists and creation centre stage as the beating heart of the 2019 edition. These will include the opening of the Artist Hub, a brand new area dedicated to artists and talent development, the fresh addition of Midem Studio Sessions by Dynaudio, a fully-equipped studio where international artists will record live in public. Regarding our conference program, our lineup is just amazing with the heavy players of the industry like the music mogul Troy Carter, (CEO and Founder, Atom factory), Sylvia Rhone (CEO & President of Epic Records) or the Nigerian Artist Maleek Beery just to mention few of them!

Mario Christiani: Is there anything else you’d like to mention that will also be a special focus at MIDEM this year?

Alexandre Deniot: Also the competition for upcoming artists, the Midem Artist Accelerator, we celebrate this year the 5th anniversary, the second edition of the Midem Songwriting Camp and over 30 live concerts on the Midem Beach. Midem will also welcome this year the Jamaican project Inna de Yard, celebrating the work of reggae legends, Ken Boothe, Cedric Myton, Winston McAnuff, Kiddus. We will host the premiere of their music documentary. Midem delegates will also be treated to a live show by the Inna De Yard artists, when they light up the Midem Beach, opening their European concert tour.

Mario Christiani: Hopefully the weather will be fine since there are so many artists playing at the MIDEM beach. Last time the weather was even better in Hamburg, which is not often [laughs].

Alexandre Deniot: We´ll see. We can only pray! [laughing]

Mario Christiani: Why is it an absolute must for every music professional to attend the festival?

Alexandre Deniot: MIDEM is the leading international music event for professionals. It´s a good way for music professionals to save time and money because we have more than 80 countries, about 2,000 companies, 5,000 attendees from the global ecosystem (artist’s entrepreneurs to tech companies). It is the largest international music platform in the world – and it’s growing. And this year we’re going to add 14 new countries at Midem. We provide opportunities for business opportunities and also artistic opportunities for the professionals.

Music2Deal: New Version for 2019!

by Clara Zicaro, HorizonVU Music

Chers collègues de l’industrie de la musique,

Comme beaucoup de professionnels, nous sommes connectés via LinkedIn. C’est un réseau génial mais comme vous le savez probablement, ce n’est pas le mieux pour obtenir des opportunités dans le secteur de la musique.

C’est pourquoi je souhaite vous inviter à la nouvelle version de Music2Deal – le réseau professionnel de l’industrie de la musique.

Cela consiste à connecter des professionnels de la musique certifiés par une preuve et de rester en contact en vue d’opportunités musicales.

Tony Catania, (Scatman John and others), le producteur qui a gagné un oscar, affirme que
« Music2Deal est l’endroit parfait pour travailler et rester connecté avec mes collègues. »

Avec cette nouvelle mise à jour, c’est encore mieux, cela permet aux utilisateurs d’améliorer leur façon de travailler.

Si vous n’avez pas encore de compte chez Music2Deal, veuillez trouver ce code pour une invitation à mon réseau personnel.

On se voit sur le nouveau Music2Deal

Pour plus d’information, contactez

Dear Industry Music Colleagues,

Like many music professionals, we’re connected via LinkedIn. It is a great Business network but, as you probably know, not necessarily the best for dealing with music opportunities.

That ́is why I am happy to invite you to the new version of Music2Deal – the business network for the music industry.

It’s all about connecting with proven music professionals and then staying in contact about music opportunities to make business happen.

Award winning producer, Tony Catania, (Scatman John and others) says, “Music2Deal is the perfect place for me to network & deal with my colleagues.”

With the new update of Music2Deal it is now even better, as it allows our members to improve how they work professionally.

If you are not already on Music2Deal, please use this invitation code to my personal network.

See you on the new Music2Deal

For more information, contact

Introducing Charlotte Cardin, Canadian Author, Composer and Singer

By Clara Zicaro, HorizonVU Music

Her Childhood
Charlotte Cardin started to play the piano at the age of 5 but she stopped 2 years after, to focus on singing. She begins to sing at 8 years old. At 15 years old, she takes the plunge and becomes a model for the “financial freedom that this job gets”.

Charlotte Cardin: A Discovery
She is known thanks to The TV show “La Voix» in 2013, a Quebecker declination of «The Voice», in which she finishes in the first season’s head motion trio. Since then, she accepted a duet with the famous singer Garou.

A Double Culture
Native of Montreal, she had a double culture that characterizes this place. “I have always been exposed to a bilingual world.” She is the bearer of an Anglo-Saxon and a Francophone inheritance. “My grand-mother, originating in Alberta was talking English such as some of my friends. At home, French was appropriate.”

Her Inspiration
She is fascinated by Céline Dion and her music lovers’ parents. They were listening a lot to the Rolling Stones and Led Zep.

Her Voice
Charlotte Cardin has a singular voice full of soul that is most of the time compared to Amy Winehouse and Adele. She has taste for pop, jazz and rock’n’roll especially thanks to her father. “I am doing pop music inspired of soul, jazz and trip-hop. I am saying that I am doing pop music because I grew up in this musical world and that I am very proud to define myself as “pop” because this term encompasses today a lot more of things, even if I know that I don’t sound as “American pop”, the one we think about when we cite the term “pop”.

Her Songs
Revealed to the public last year with Main Girl, Charlotte Cardin just released two new singles this month. The first one is: Fous n’importe où in which she sings with CRi, an electronic version of the song of Daniel Bélanger. It is in fact a promotional campaign for the Quebec tourism. The second one is called Drive. Charlotte Cardin also sings covers such as Go Flex from Post Malone, Sorry from Justin Bieber or the mythical Wicked Games from Chris Isaak. Other of her songs refer to Amy Winehouse. Dirty Dirty has some real accents of this singer and Blackened Eyes is a song that certainly evocates her. Charlotte Cardin does not only focus on pop and electronic music but also to jazz with Big Boy, to rap with Like It Doesn’t Hurt (accompanied by the rapper Husser) and to French titles such as Faufile.

Charlotte Cardin covers her tracks with songs from various genres: jazz, electronic, hip-hop and soul music.

Here is the official video for her famous title, “Big Boy”.

Music2Deal Interview – Braverick

Music2Deal Interview – Braverick
De Music2Deal, publié le 24 novembre 2018
Posté par Clara Zicaro

Marcus Behrens

Marcus Behrens est un consultant indépendant A&R et un membre du Recording Academy/GRAMMY Pro. Il a travaillé pour Sony et Warner en faisant des placements et la production de Meek Mill, J. Cole, Sabrina Washington, Jadakiss, Frank Lars, The StoneWolf Band et d’autres. Il gère actuellement le chanteur/auteur-compositeur Nya Crea qui a travaillé avec Tony Mo (Destiny’s Child, Keisha Cole) et a aidés via des actes de soutien Enrique Iglesias et Florence and The Machine. Puisqu’il y a beaucoup de monde dans l’industrie de la musique : artistes, auteurs-compositeurs, producteurs ou même des maisons de disques qui ne voient pas l’importance de YouTube, Marcus a fondé Braverick pour offrir des services comme YouTube MCN qui canalise l’optimisation, aussi bien la distribution de musique et la promotion de Spotify.

Music2Deal: Qu’est-ce que MCN ?

Marcus Behrens: MCN (Multi-Channel-Network) est une façon pour les créateurs de YouTube d’avoir accès à des ressources utiles pour entretenir leurs chaînes, ainsi que la protection des droits d’auteur, les revenus publicitaires et le partenariat avec YouTube.
MCN fait affaire avec la monétisation, la publicité, la loi sur le droit des auteurs pour aider les créateurs à se concentrer sur leur contenu créatif. Vous n’avez pas nécessairement besoin d’un MCN pour produire un contenu monétisé, mais établir un partenariat avec MCN offre des avantages qui le rendent plus facile. Ces avantages incluent l’aide avec l’optimisation du référencement sur les moteurs de recherche (search engine optimization SEO), l’accès aux installations de production vidéo, le financement de projets coûteux et l’accès homogène à d’autres plateformes en plus de YouTube. MCN gagne de l’argent via les « parts de revenus », c’est l’argent gagné de vos vidéos monétisées et de la publicité faites par les partenaires publicitaires du MCN’S. Vous obtenez aussi une part de ces mêmes profits. Le pourcentage que le MCN prend varie – 40 % si vous êtes petits et n’avez pas beaucoup de poids, 10 % si vous êtes une grande chaîne virale. Penser qu’un MCN ramasse juste avidement votre part d’argent et disparaît, n’est pas la meilleure façon de voir les choses.
En échange de la capacité à partager vos profits, votre réseau vous fournira l’accès aux outils qui aideront à cultiver votre chaîne et le rendre plus populaire.

Music2Deal: Ai-je besoin d’un Youtube MCN?

Marcus Behrens: Quelques chaînes, en particulier celles de musique et de jeux en ligne, n’ont pas besoin d’un partenariat avec le réseau de YouTube pour monétariser leur contenu, du moment qu’elles respectent les règles et restent loin du droit d’auteur des musiques. Si vous savez comment faire votre chaîne YouTube et la propager, vous n’avez pas besoin d’un MCN.

Cependant, quelques MCN peuvent offrir certaines caractéristiques que même le savoir-faire des créateurs les plus calés n’ont pas : le sponsorships. Les collaborations sont importantes et utiliser un MCN pour trouver des sponsors est de grande valeur. Ces derniers sont difficiles à avoir par soi-même, c’est beaucoup plus facile d’en trouver via un MCN. De plus, vous pourrez vous concentrer sur le contenu et le marketing de votre chaîne.

Music2Deal: Qu’est-ce que l’optimisation YouTube?

Marcus Behrens: Cela englobe toutes les petites combines et stratégies qui sont utilisées pour créer vos vidéos et pour qu’elles apparaissent dans les recherches des utilisateurs. Nous avons une équipe d’employées YouTube qui connaissent toutes les astuces de YouTube et qui sont conscient de toutes les choses que vous pouvez faire pour créer vos vidéos et avoir plus de vues. Vous pouvez utiliser leur savoir pour votre chaîne. Cela peut sembler simple et sans importance, mais apprendre toutes les stratégies pour attirer l’attention sur votre chaîne peuvent changer la donne.

Music2Deal: Serai-je bloqué(e) dans un contrat pour une longue durée ?
Marcus Behrens: Non. Pour YouTube MCN ainsi que pour la distribution digitale, vous pouvez renoncer au contrat tous les mois. Cependant, nous faisons aussi des contrats longue durée avec des personnes et entreprises pour YouTube et la distribution digitale.

Music2Deal: Pourquoi devrai-je travailler avec Braverick?

Marcus Behrens: Nous sommes là pour vous! Ce moment où vous commencer votre business et que vous réalisez que les chansons que vous avez écrites ou que les vidéos que vous avez faites se transforment en business, vous pouvez être submergé par le travail. Peut-être que vous avez signé un contrat avec quelqu’un mais que les choses ne vont pas comme ce que vous aviez prévu. Mais ne vous voilez pas la face, pour être génial et connu vous devez travailler sur votre marque, vous promouvoir et vous introduire dans un business pour réussir. Donc oui, cela inclue d’envoyer des mails ennuyants, de travailler avec des personnes impolies, des appels sans réponse et bien d’autres. Mais vous êtes un génie créatif, vous avez du talent, vous êtes un artiste ! Vous ne pouvez pas vous ennuyer avec l’aspect technique ; vous avez besoin d’espace et de paix dans votre tête pour travailler. Et le plus important, vous avez besoin de personnes autour de vous qui vous connaisse et non pas des personnes en costard qui ne répondent pas à vos appels et ne comprennent pas ce que vous avez besoin.

C’est dans ce domaine que nous pouvons vous aider. Nous avons travaillé avec des professionnels de la musique toute notre vie et nous savons comment cela marche. Depuis l’optimisation de votre chaîne jusqu’à la distribution via YouTube MCN, nous occuperons de tout pour vous aider à développer votre business tout ça en vous laissant créer le contenu de votre marque et vous concentrer sur votre art.
Et la meilleure partie ? Nous travaillons pour vous et votre art- c’est tout ce qui nous importe. Donc quel que soit votre besoin, nous nous en occupons déjà, nous écoutons vos problèmes et répondons à toutes vos questions en Anglais ou Allemand- pas de propos sur le business !
Pour nous vous n’êtes pas juste un autre numéro sur notre tableur, vous êtes un individu talentueux qui mérite le meilleur, vous êtes une partie de notre famille.

Braverick Profile of Marcus BehrensGroup: YouTube For People In The Music Industry

Marcus Behrens – is an independent A&R Consultant and a member of The Recording Academy/GRAMMY Pro. He has been working for Sony and Warner, with placements and productions including Meek Mill, J. Cole, Sabrina Washington, Jadakiss, Frank Lars, The StoneWolf Band and more. He is currently managing singer/songwriter Nya Crea who has worked with Tony Mo (Destiny’s Child, Keisha Cole) and was one of the support acts of Enrique Iglesias and Florence and The Machine.

Since there are still a lot of people in the music industry, whether it ́s an artist, songwriter, producer or even a record label who don’t see the importance of YouTube, Marcus founded Braverick to offer services like YouTube MCN, YouTube channel optimization, as well as music distribution and Spotify promotion. Ils veulent que votre chaîne grandisse car plus vous gagner d’argent, plus ils gagnent d’argent. Ils sont de votre côté.

Music2Deal: What exactly is an MCN?

Marcus Behrens: An MCN (Multi-Channel-Network) is a way for YouTube creators to access useful resources to grow their channels, as well as copyright protection, ad revenue, and YouTube partnership.

MCNs deal with monetization, advertising, and copyright law, to help the creators focus on their creative content. You don’t necessarily need an MCN to produce monetized content, but partnering with an MCN offers benefits that make it easier. These benefits include assistance with search engine optimization (SEO), access to video production facilities, funding for costly projects, and seamless access to other platforms besides YouTube.MCNs make money off the “revenue share”.

This is shared money earned from monetizing your videos and advertising with the MCN’s ad partners. You also get a share of these same profits. The percentage that the MCN takes varies – as high as 40% if you are small and don’t have a lot of weight to throw around, or as low as 10% if you are a big, viral channel.

To think that an MCN just greedily scoops up your money then goes away, is not the best way to look at it. In return for being able to share your profits, your network will provide you with access to tools that will help grow your channel and make it more popular. They want your channel to grow, because the more money it makes, the more they make. They are in your corner.

Music2Deal: Do I need a YouTube MCN?

Marcus Behrens: Some channels, in particular, music and gaming channels, don’t need to partner with YouTube networks to monetize their content, as long as they stay away from copyrighted music/copyright infringement and follow the rules. If you are astute at making and spreading your YouTube channel, you could definitely get by without an MCN.

However, some MCNs may offer features that even the savviest creator needs, one of those being sponsorships. Collaborations are important, and going through an MCN to find collaborative sponsorships with other content creators, can be extremely valuable. Sponsorships are hard to make happen on your own and are very much facilitated by using an MCN. In sum, you want to focus on content creation. The more you can handoff the duties of day to day business stuff to an MCN the more you can concentrate on making great content – the whole reason for a YouTube MCN in the first place.
Music2Deal:What is YouTube optimization?

Marcus Behrens:It encompasses all the little tricks and strategies that are employed to make your videos come up in searches, and get noticed in general. We have a team of YouTube certified employees, who know the ins and outs of YouTube and are aware of things you can do to make your videos get more views. You can use their specialized knowledge for yourself.
This may sound simple and inconsequential, but actually, people in your corner who are knowledgeable of YouTube and proven strategies to get videos noticed can be huge and a game changer.

Music2Deal:Would I have to be locked into a contract for a long time?

Marcus Behrens: No. In regards to the YouTube MCN as well as the digital distribution, you can opt out every month.
However, we do make long-term agreements in the field of YouTube and digital distribution with people and companies we invest in.

Music2Deal: Why should I work with Braverick?

Marcus Behrens: We’ve Got Your Back!

That moment when you start to realize that the songs you write or the videos you make have turned into a business, things can get a little overwhelming. Maybe you have signed a contract with somebody, but it turns out that things are not going the way you had expected.
But let’s face it, in order to be great and famous you need to work on your brand, promote yourself and well, get into business so you can make it. And yes, that includes annoying emails, dealing with rude people, unreturned phone calls and more.

But you are the creative genius, the talent, the artist! You can’t be bothered with the technicalities; you need some space and peace of mind so you can work on your craft. And most importantly, you need people around you who get you, instead of suited up dudes that never return your calls or understand what you need.

Well, this is where we come in. We’ve been dealing with people in the music industry our whole lives, and we know how it all works.
From channel optimization and YouTube MCN to distribution, we will take care of everything so we can help you develop your business all while letting you create brand new content and focus on your art.

And the best part? We work for you and your craft – that’s all we care about. So whatever you need, we are there already taking care of it, listening to your problems and answering all your questions in simple English and German – no business talk!
To us you are not just another number in a spreadsheet, you are a talented individual that deserves the best, a part of our family.

BraverickProfile of Marcus BehrensGroup: YouTube For People In The Music Industry

by Clara Zicaro

Clara is a Parisiennne working with the HorizonVU team. She is studies communications and intends to pursue the Master of Business degree. She is fluent in French, Italian, German and English. She is passionate about music, dance and the performing arts. She studies viola, voice-singing and she is a contemporary dancer at the Conservatoire La Garenne.

One year after her first single “La loi de Murphy”, Angèle published her first album “Brol” last 5th October.

Angèle was soaked in art and especially music since her early childhood. Her father, Marka is a well-known singer in Belgium. Her mother is the actress Laurence Bibot and her brother is the famous rapper Roméo Elvis. Inspired by Ella Fitzgerald and Hélène Ségara, Angèle has a classical and jazz piano background. She is an author, composer and performer and will seduce you with her pure and delicate voice. Her songs are based on humor, mockery and stand back. Her lyrics are characterized by their simplicity.

Let’s discover her latest video clip: « Tout oublier » in collaboration with his brother Roméo Elvis.

To know more about Brol check out

« Brol » means mess or Capernaum in Belgian argot. “I wanted to put a Belgian word in my album, even more that it always makes me laugh. The “brol” is a mess, an optimistic and light disorder, it is not at all pejorative” explained Angèle. “This word makes me remember my childhood, my country because I am there less and less. I found it really reassuring”

The « Brol », is our state of brain after listening to her album and trying to find one musical genre fitting Angèles’ songs. In “Nombreux” we heard the piano and her voice. “La Thune” is a pop and sometimes reggae song. “Tout oublier” is a rap and “Flou” includes an electro part.

Main themes of “Brol”

The main themes of this album are: social networks and narcissism which are developed in “”Victime des réseaux” and “La Thune”. Then, love, introspection and melancholy are also current topics (in “Les matoins”). In “Nombreux”, the piano gives a romantic melody. “Ta reine” highlights the feminism homosexuality.

Sally Morgan wrote the book on contemporary vocal technique – literally. Sing Like You Speak™: Simply and Naturally. SLYS™ is specifically designed to restore the effortless vocal production that is natural to the human instrument making your singing powerful, joyful and free. Sally has been successfully training singers for more than 30 years.

Singing As A Rhythm Instrument
by Sally

My singing student Sharon is a drummer. However, her knowledge of drumming and feeling the beat has not yet translated into her singing.

I found this very curious until I realized that she was not using her lyrics rhythmically. She was not saying the lyrics clearly and precisely nor was she saying them on the beat. There was very little energy in how she sang the lyrics.

It’s amazing how much Sharon’s pitch and tone quality improved when she used the lyrics as a rhythm instrument. The improvements in pitch and tone happen because of the attention to clarity and precision of rhythm – plus the new infusion of energy. The she had to listen more closely and get deeper into the music.

The following is the sequence we used in her lesson to get Sharon thinking about the lyrics as rhythm.

1. Speak the lyrics in rhythm clapping with each syllable.
2. Speak the lyrics in rhythm clapping on the beat.
3. Speak the lyrics using consonants to define the rhythm.
4. Sing the lyrics using consonants to define the rhythm.

Yes, the rhythm is in the consonants. Vowels do not have a rhythmic function in singing. We sustain pitch on vowels but we do not create rhythm with vowels. As one of the Sing Like You Speak phrase exercises – commercial for your vocal technique – states, “I sing on the vowels but I get paid for the consonants!”

Consonants define our communication. Consonants are the action of our words. When used with an understanding of rhythm, they can also define the rhythm in a song.

Listen to Jason Mraz. He uses his singing voice as a rhythm instrument. Listen to how he uses his consonants to highlight the rhythm. Plus you can understand every word he sings!

It’s helpful to get to know the potential of each of the consonant sounds and their rhythmic quality. Play around with lazy diction and then over articulating. Careful not to distort your mouth movements when over articulating. Allow yourself a generous opening inhale to activate the low abdominal muscles that are the power behind your consonants.

Different consonants have different qualities. Not just sound quality but also tonal quality. Their percussive impact and use are also slightly different one from the other.

P’s are good to Pounce on the beat
B’s bounce on the beat
T’s articulate pitch well and end words cleanly
S’s get you through the beginning consonant to land on the beat with the vowel
K sounds are sharp
R’s bounce from the R to vowel
F’s clear the way for a strong vowel
M and N are softer more elongated consonants and yet when you listen to the Jason Mraz song he uses his N’s very effectively as rhythmic definition.

Check it out right now using these phrases from Fly Me To The Moon. Play around by varying the percussive use of the consonants. You will notice how the meaning of the lyrics morphs with your articulation.

Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars

There are endless variations to how you can articulate and punctuate rhythm. This means that there are endless ways for you to make the song purely your own.

Sing Like You Speak(TM) candle exercises thoroughly embed the muscle memory needed to use your consonants in a powerful way. Get Sing Like You Speak(TM) Power Exercises to learn how.

Have fun! Fill the air with your singing. Music is our best hope for a peaceful planet.

Qu’est-ce que Music2Deal?

Par Clara Zicaro

C’est la communauté et le marché de l’industrie international de la musique « où les labels,
managers, producteurs et autres professionnels de l’industrie se rencontrent pour parler
musique ». Basée en Allemagne à Hambourg, Music2Deal (ou M2D pour les connaisseurs)
est beaucoup plus sécurisée que LinkedIn. C’est une communauté B2B avec une vérification
des profils des nouveaux inscrits, seuls les professionnels de la musique y sont autorisés. Les
nouveaux arrivants doivent prouver qu’ils font bel et bien partie de l’industrie musicale, une
preuve telle qu’un lien est obligatoire pour accéder au réseau. Cette communauté est
composée de plus de 10 000 professionnels du secteur de la musique dans au moins 30 pays

La grande différence de M2D comparée à d’autres communauté est que ce n’est pas
seulement un réseau, c’est un lieu dans lequel on peut découvrir des artistes, des musiques,
des licences, des chanteurs et trouver de nouveaux business.
Choisissez l’abonnement qui correspond le mieux à vos attentes, le gratuit ou le premium et
créez votre compte:

Rencontrez le fondateur du LinkedIn de la musique, Mario Christiani

6 Hobbies That Will Do Wonders For Your Mental Health

By Julie Morris, Life and Career Coach

Julie Morris is a life and career coach. She thrives on helping others live their best lives. It’s easy for her to relate to clients who feel run over by life because she’s been there. After years in a successful (but unfulfilling) career in finance, Julie busted out of the corner office that had become her prison.

Today, she is fulfilled by helping busy professionals like her past self get the clarity they need in order to live inspired lives that fill more than just their bank accounts. When Julie isn’t working with clients, she enjoys writing and is currently working on her first book. She also loves spending time outdoors and getting lost in a good book.

There’s more to living an all-around healthy life than following a good diet and fitness routine. While those are essential, you also need to take time to learn new skills and do activities you enjoy. Those who practice a leisurely hobby often experience benefits to their mental health, such as reduced stress and boredom, as well as increased productivity and higher quality of life. Having a hobby can also aid people of all ages who are battling depression and recovering from addiction. Here are six hobbies that will do wonders for your mental health.


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Sewing is a satisfying hobby because you can create things that you can hold in your hands and keep forever. Whether it’s blankets, quilts, scarves, potholders or the like, there are many different projects you can sew. You can also alter clothing and make great gifts for people. Furthermore, learning the skill can relieve stress and anxiety, as well as reduce the risk of cognitive disorders. Do some research and choose a good machine and you should be able to sew all kinds of items before too long.


Being able to whip up a delicious meal at any time of the day is a great skill to have, but cooking also has mental benefits. So much so that culinary therapy is now used in many mental health clinics. Since preparing your own meal encourages mindfulness and makes it easier for you to eat nutritiously, cooking is used to treat anxiety, ADHD, depression, addiction and many other conditions.


Drawing is another hobby that engages the mind. It exercises both the left and right hemispheres of the brain—the logistical side and the creative side, respectfully. Drawing helps you to strengthen your concentration and focus, and it provides you an opportunity to do something relaxing amid the stresses and pressures of life. There are endless possibilities for how you can express yourself and many mediums available to create various styles (i.e. pencil, pen, crayon, pastel, charcoal, etc.). Drawing can be fun and helpful for anyone.

Writing Poetry

Another therapeutic art is poetry. All forms of poetry—whether it be imagery, pastoral, haiku, epic, sonnet, elegy, etc.—provide an outlet for releasing pent-up thoughts and emotions that the writer may have difficulty expressing in other ways. It’s a very liberating practice, no matter how abstract or literal the content. Letter writing can prove beneficial for processing and healing relational issues. Even if the writer never sends out the letter, it’s a way to put down unhindered thoughts and feelings with honesty and introspect.

Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is one of the most mentally challenging tasks you can take on, and it can significantly benefit the minds of both older and younger people. For older folks, it can combat cognitive decline, keep your memory sharp, and reduce the risk of dementia. For younger people, it can enhance your intelligence, give you a great advantage in the job market, and increase your productivity.


Hiking provides an opportunity to momentarily unplug from the digital age and it fosters physical fitness, personal reflection, creative thinking and healthy perspective—all while enjoying the healing power of nature. You may be thinking that hiking is not really a skill to be learned—that you just drive to a trail and start walking. But there are factors to consider if you want your hiking trips to be as enjoyable and productive as possible such as picking a place, packing the right things, learning to hydrate properly, reading a topographic map, etc. Furthermore, hiking serves as a platform for other outdoor hobbies that can be learned such as identifying plants, bird watching, backpacking, camping and others.

No matter your age or struggles, starting a new hobby can maintain and improve your mental health in many ways. Also, learning a new skill can be enjoyable and productive. Whether it’s with a group of friends or through an online tutorial, try some different activities that have grabbed your interest and dive into them to see if your interest turns into a passion.

Julie Morris
Life and Career Coach

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