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Secretly Canadian

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Anohni is the English-born singer, composer, and visual artist and the lead singer of the band Antony and the Johnsons. The song “Manta Ray” in the film Racing Extinction earned her and Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song along with J. Ralph. Her debut solo album, “Hopelessness”, was released in May 2016, and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize as well as a Brit Award. Paradise is a six-track EP. The dominants messages aggressively challenge male economic and political dominance. Overall, this EP is a commanding and influential contribution.

The Dove and the Wolf

the dove and the wolf
I Don’t Know What to Feel
Fat Possum

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The Dove & the Wolf
I Don’t Know What to Feel
Fat Possum

Paloma Gil and Louise Hayat-Camard, the duo known as the dove and the wolf, have released an extended version of their previous EP. Paloma and Lou were raised on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean; one in Paris and the other on the French Caribbean Island of Martinique. Their sound is lush and dreamy. The 10-track album might be labelled as dream-pop or shoegazing given the multi-layered atmosheric texture one experiences in the listening, but interestingly enough, one also hears a blend of 1970’s poop-rock. Overall the album delivers a very pleasant sound and leaves the listener feeling, perhaps, satisfied and mellow. Have a listen to the album. It is likely that one will find at least a track or two to add to their playlist.


The 12th edition of ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival will be held in Paris, France on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of April 2017
Female Filmmakers Initiative: Barriers and Keys to Success for Women in Film
and Music

Where: Les 7 Parnassiens, 98 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris
When: Saturday, April 22nd // 10:30 – 11:30
Featured Speakers: Bianca Mina and Aloïse Gouptil-Tiers
Sponsored by HorizonVU Music

Bianca Mina

Bianca Mina

Aloise Goupil-Tiers

Aloise Goupil-Tiers

The purpose of this interactive workshop is to further understanding of the barriers and keys to success for women in film and music through the personal experiences and observations of two featured female panellists representing and speaking to different dimensions of the professional film and music industries Bianca Mina and Aloïse Gouptil-Tiers. The program is intended to facilitate interaction among people interested in issues related to participation of women in film and music and to suggest action points.

Bianca Mina is a passionate writer/director/producer. Bianca majored in Film Studies at the American University of Paris, Latin American Film at NYU Buenos Aires and Film Producing in Los Angeles with independent filmmaker mentor, Tom Malloy. She has been working in the film industry for 8 years now and some of her projects include documentary “Fuera de casa” filmed in Panama, a successful sitcom on Romanian prime time television and two shorts films written, directed and produced in Paris.

After a childhood in Marseille, Aloïse came back to Paris and studied alternative culture through many travels, linking sociology studies and photography. She stayed one year in Poland where she became interested in Pacific revolution and owning properties conception, and received the first Polish prize for portraits. She worked as a photographer in Mumbai, India, for The Hindustan Times newspaper. Nowadays she is making movies in France and keeps taking pictures as often as she can.


Gabriella Cohen_200x200

Gabriella Cohen
Full Closure and No Details
Captured Tracks

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Gabriella Cohen, known for her efforts along with Jim Grffin as frontwoman with The Furrs, has released her first solo album. Her solo work is not as harsh as that of The Furrs, but rather dreamy – alluring or captivating. There is a variety of moods to be fouond on the album ranging from the narcotic or druggy sound of “Sever the Walls” to the ’50s pop-rock vibration of “Feelin’ Fine”. Overall, the influence of Velvet Underground on Cohen is evident. There’s a lot going on as far as the album is concerned which might give rise to some uneasiness on the part of the listener. “Full Closure and No Details” is definitely worth the time for a listen and signals more to come from Gabriella Cohen.

Crystal Fairy

Crystal Fairy
Crystal Fairy

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Supergroup, Crystal Fairy, was formed in 2016 by Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover of the Melvins, Omar Rodríguez-López of At the Drive-In and the Mars Volta, and Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes. The eleven-track album features head banging cuts such as “Chiseler” as well as more moderate contributions (”Moth Tongue”). Crystal Fairy is the Pick of the Week primarily due to the contributions of Teri Gender Bender whose vocal range and flexibility make for amazing transitions across the scales without grinding the gears. This album is not for everybody. Those with a preference for more moderate or tame genres might find the stoner metal – heavy metal with psychedelic rock and punk – tough going. Hey, to each their own. Take some time to check out the album.

The Courtneys

The Courtneys
The Courtneys II
Flying Nun

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The Courtneys are back with their second release, The Courtneys II. The Vancouver-based fuzz-pop band brings together Jenn Twynne Payne (lead singer-drums), Sydney Koke (singer-bass) and Courtney Loove (guitar) offering ten tracks of straight forward fuzz power-pop. Overall, the tracks are pop, but not overly so. There still some pretty rough edges (grunge), so you can have a good time enjoying the album and feeling good without risk of feeling bubbled to death.

Sallie Ford

Sallie Ford
Soul Sick

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Sallie Ford’s second album “Soul Sick” is all about…well…soul sickness or those feelings and emotions that give rise to fear, anxiety and troubles of living in one’s own skin. Ford is certainly not the first to pick up on the themes of the album, but what makes this recording worth the time is her energy and abililty to bring together disparate sounds such as retro Top 40, rock, and psychedelia. Check it out!

LatoyaLatoya is a passionate music fan who loves helping spread the word for new, up and coming artists. She also enjoys discovering new music via carefully curated playlists online.

A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming an Online Album Reviewer

By Latoya Gay, Contributing Writer, HorizonVU Music


The typical music lover’s need to discover new music and gain insight on recently released albums is fairly common. People enjoy reading up on what others think about an album to better inform their own opinion. Additionally, album reviewers are great sources for unearthing underground up and coming artists that deserve more exposure.

In this article, we’ll dive into how you can become an influential online album reviewer so that you can set up your own central hub where people can learn about your thoughts on music and different artists. You’ll help new artists gain publicity and connect fans to music that inspires them and gives them joy.

Set up a Blog


Blogs are great online spaces that allow for full control over content and layout. You could set everything up on a social media platform such as Facebook, but you’d be limited with what you can post, and you’d be competing with all the other distractions that the platform provides.

Using a service such as WordPress, you can use themes and a few graphics to set up your blog’s appearance in next to no time. You can create whatever content you like in video and text format, releasing as much content as you want, whenever you want, there’s no limitation.

Give your blog a unique name and think your branding through so that you become an authority figure in the online album reviewing sphere. If you plan on being a generic album reviewer, adding anything and everything from all genres, go for something broad. However, if you plan on only reviewing specific genres, try to focus your design and content on that area. Blogs are also effective for building a social following, due to their easy navigation and widgets.

Be Unbiased

Artists regularly release new material, but it’s important to remember your position as a reviewer before you post to your blog and social channels. You should approach each piece in an unbiased manner, even if you love the artist’s previous work. Just because an artist you like has released something new doesn’t mean it’s going to be any good. Let the music do the talking and then express what you honestly feel to be true in your review.

Not every album or song an artist sets out into the world is going to be a hit; this has been proven countless times before. If you’re following starts to feel as though you’re plugging an artist blindly, they will stop visiting your blog and find a new review site.

Dig into the Underground Scenes

If you want to gain the respect of artists and real music fanatics in your demographic, then you’ll want to dig deep into the underground scenes of the genres you review. Give newer acts some exposure by reviewing their latest releases. You will gain more followers and do more good in your community this way, as people will like the fact that you’re bringing to their music libraries something different and interesting.

Finding newer artists to review will also make you feel great knowing you’re helping them break out and gain more publicity through your following. Mix things up by reviewing artists of all calibers; you’ll be respected and provide people with a unique and varied experience for finding out about new albums.

Sourcing New Music


If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, arm yourself with as much new material as you can take on. Follow popular playlists on Spotify and YouTube in your genre, as curators are always updating these lists with new artists and songs, which will help you discover new albums and releases to review. You can even bring your work with you as you go about your day, using social media to keep a connection to your readers and give them recent updates about your passion.

That being said, be sure to find a good Virtual Private Network to run your activity through, the last thing you want is to undergo a hacking attack while sourcing new music. Review services such as Secure Thoughts can help you make this kind of decision much easier. The main takeaway is that you need to protect your investments as you explore the online world of music.

Some music fanatics prefer the old-school way of discovering new music, which is to go out to shows and hear it performed live. This does provide the potential for a more in-depth review since you can potentially talk to the artists themselves and gain insight on their albums and releases. You can even include interviews in your reviews if you meet up with the act. If you aren’t camera shy and feel creative enough, try recording video interviews and album reviews together.


About U

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Los Angeles-based pop trio MUNA’s first album “About U” is power-pop/new wave advocating for political and social change – women’s rights, abusive relationships and violence. The album is self-produced highlighting Katie Gavin’s strong vocals and guitars of Naomi McPherson and Josette Maskin.

Allison Crutchfield

Allison Crutchfield
Tourist in This Town

Alabama native Allison Crutchfield has released her first solo album “Tourist in This Town”. Produced by Jeff Zeigler, the album makes use of Zeigler’s knowlege of synthesizer music lending space to the recording. As for Crutchfield she artfully captures feelings of that go with breakups (anger and sadness), but the listener won’t feel trapped in the past. It’s clear that Crutchfield has moved forward. While there’s a sense of popishness on the album there’s still plenty of rock influence.

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