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Introducing Charlotte Cardin, Canadian Author, Composer and Singer

By Clara Zicaro, HorizonVU Music

Her Childhood
Charlotte Cardin started to play the piano at the age of 5 but she stopped 2 years after, to focus on singing. She begins to sing at 8 years old. At 15 years old, she takes the plunge and becomes a model for the “financial freedom that this job gets”.

Charlotte Cardin: A Discovery
She is known thanks to The TV show “La Voix» in 2013, a Quebecker declination of «The Voice», in which she finishes in the first season’s head motion trio. Since then, she accepted a duet with the famous singer Garou.

A Double Culture
Native of Montreal, she had a double culture that characterizes this place. “I have always been exposed to a bilingual world.” She is the bearer of an Anglo-Saxon and a Francophone inheritance. “My grand-mother, originating in Alberta was talking English such as some of my friends. At home, French was appropriate.”

Her Inspiration
She is fascinated by Céline Dion and her music lovers’ parents. They were listening a lot to the Rolling Stones and Led Zep.

Her Voice
Charlotte Cardin has a singular voice full of soul that is most of the time compared to Amy Winehouse and Adele. She has taste for pop, jazz and rock’n’roll especially thanks to her father. “I am doing pop music inspired of soul, jazz and trip-hop. I am saying that I am doing pop music because I grew up in this musical world and that I am very proud to define myself as “pop” because this term encompasses today a lot more of things, even if I know that I don’t sound as “American pop”, the one we think about when we cite the term “pop”.

Her Songs
Revealed to the public last year with Main Girl, Charlotte Cardin just released two new singles this month. The first one is: Fous n’importe où in which she sings with CRi, an electronic version of the song of Daniel Bélanger. It is in fact a promotional campaign for the Quebec tourism. The second one is called Drive. Charlotte Cardin also sings covers such as Go Flex from Post Malone, Sorry from Justin Bieber or the mythical Wicked Games from Chris Isaak. Other of her songs refer to Amy Winehouse. Dirty Dirty has some real accents of this singer and Blackened Eyes is a song that certainly evocates her. Charlotte Cardin does not only focus on pop and electronic music but also to jazz with Big Boy, to rap with Like It Doesn’t Hurt (accompanied by the rapper Husser) and to French titles such as Faufile.

Charlotte Cardin covers her tracks with songs from various genres: jazz, electronic, hip-hop and soul music.

Here is the official video for her famous title, “Big Boy”.

What is Solidays?
Clara Zicaro

From the 22th to the 24th of June 2018, the Longchamp Racecourse in Paris was welcoming the well-known French festival called Solidays. It is organized by Soliarité Sida, a French HIV/AIDS awareness for youth. Since 1999, this engaged festival is held. The money collected is donated to organizations fighting against AIDS. It is especially focused on the African continent.

This week-end, for its 20th birthday, Solidays received 210,000 participants and more than 150 singers. Artists in this festival agree to perform with a reduced fee or for free as a sign of their solidarity.

A lot of concerts were gather in 5 different stages.
Have a look at the map and the planning!

Over the years, French and foreign artists have appeared at Solidays, such as DJ Snkae, Bigflo & Oli, Kungs, Vanessa Paradus, Synapson, David Guetta, Mac Miller, M83, Bénabar, Shaka Ponk, Diplo, Lily Allen, Louise Attaque, and Grand Corps Malade.

My favorite artists for Day 1: Jain

For the launching of her lastest EP Alright, the French pop star, Jain went to Solidays. She released her first EP Zanaka, in 2015. In this album, “Makeba” was talking about civil rights leader. It is an energic and engaged singer who is ready to make things move.

Her particularities:
Jain makes upbeat dance pop adding African rhythms, because she grew up there and then came back to France.
She favors one particular costume in her shows and in her album artwork – a simple black dress with a white Peter Pan collar – recalling the dress in the “American Gothic” painting.
The synth-playing singer was saying that ‘Music is all about travelling’, she succeeds to make us travel last Friday.

The best of Day 2: Her, Shaka Ponk

With his void and profound voice, Her and his group perform a modern soul. They choose this particular band name to defend the cause of women and feminism. Their song, Quite Like depicted the beauty and the female sweetness using the appearance of a young woman.

Solidays welcomes for the second time, the famous rock band called Shaka Ponk. With their animal rock tinted with a furious electro music, they set the stage on fire last Saturday!

For Day3: Two Door Cinema Club, Clara Luciani, The Kills, L’impératrice, Thérapie Taxi

Between pop, rock and electro music, The Two Door Cinema Club band has been created in 2007. The trio knows a success in 2012 with their album Beacon. In 2015, they try a different track: ’80s nostalgia with Gameshow. It is Irish a new indie pop outfit. The band curiously venturing into new genres, what make us travel through their songs.

Clara Luciani “uses poetry as a weapon and music as a fig” according to the Soliday official website. She was in the French rock band La Femme before becoming a solo artist. She is a composer-songwriter-player. In 2018, she published her first album Sainte-Victoire, which knows a positive reception from the press. With all her knowledge and collaborations Clara Luciani steps in the good direction in the music industry.

To announce the publication of their lastest album last year, Ash & Ice, The Kills went to perform at the Solidays. They are bringing in boombox beats with Brazilian and Afro-pop influences. This duo, thanks to this album is at its peak.

L’impératrice is a French pop and disco band created in 2012 in Paris. Their first EP is a homonym and has been published in 2012. This band is composed of 6 musicians who bring the “heat of the 70s, the sweetness of the synth and a tropical rhythm” according to the Solidays official website.

Thérapie Taxi (sometimes called Therapie TAXI) is a French band who mixes many musical styles such as pop, rock and rap. They are inspired by groups such as La Femme and Fauve. In March 2017, Thérapie Taxi publish an EP, then they perform in famous festivals, for instance Rock en Seine. In February 2018, the band releases their first album Hit Sale. Since this date, Thérapie Taxi is one of the nineteen artists to register a register a cover in Deezer.

Snail Mail

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Lindsey Jordan has released her second recording as Snail Mail. Following on 2016s EP, “Lush” features astonishing guitar work and confident vocals that really work and are undoubtedly going to place her on the charts now and going forward.

Review by Clara Zicaro

Modern Studies
Welcome Strangers
Fire Records

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Modern Studies band suits well its name, uniting pastoral chamber pop and folk, their approach is experimental. Pooled of creativity, this group of multi-instrumentalists first appeared in 2016. This Scottish chamber pop quartet is composed by the Glaswegian singer/songwriter and doublebassist Emily Scott, the singer/guitarist Rob St. John, the cellist Pete Harvey and the drummer Joe Smillie. Their gentle blend of sounds and harmonies could be inspired by some Britain visionaries such as Fairport Convention, Kate Bush, Pentangle, Nick Drake, Richard & Linda Thompson, Alasdair Roberts. Modern Studies just released last 18th, ten tracks in their second record “Welcome Strangers” led by the nagging and hypnotic voice of Emily Scott. The first song called Get Back Down, begins as a tuning instrument time before concert, then a complex jazzy rhythm is installed where string and brass flourishes. Airy vocals made by Emily are then joined by Rob St John. Progressively, the orchestra opener is transformed into a real concert. The lead single “Mud and Flame” demonstrates a rich vocal presence. Inventive techniques have been established with analogue synths, tube organs, drum machines and mellotrons, this exposes how Emily creates the stuttering rhythm at the beginning of the song.

This second album is a big leap for Modern Studies, showing a promising future in the music industry. See you to their next concert, on Wednesday, May 25 in Edinburg!

Carla Bozulich

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Recognizing that time moves on and artists evolve (a least the very goods ones), “Quieter” is Carla Bozulich’s fifth album, and perhaps, it is her best. The list of collaborators include Marc Ribot, Shahzad Ismaily, Ches Smith, Freddy Ruppert, Andrea Belfi, JHNO and our friend Sarah Lipstate. Not that her earlier work should be overlooked, but “Quieter” seems more mature. If you are into music-color pairing, you might think about Bozulich’s earier work as red with the kind of tense, scary vibe you get by using diminished 7th chords.

The tension is still there, but maybe the album takes on a sort-of-purple-blue color. It’s hard to say. In any case, with this new release Bozulich demonstrates her continued willingness to experiment, which makes the album particularly important. The opening track “Let It Roll”, a collaboration with John Eichenseer (JHNO) and Andrea Belfi, is eerily seductive in it’s lyrics and instrumentation/effects. “Written in Smoke” is a collaboration with Sarah Lipstate gives exceptional expression to a hazy or murky atmosphere. The final track, “End of the World,”is a jazz-blues piece co-written by Marc Ribot leaves us with the uncomfortable proposition that the end will come in its own time and fostering the kind of pain that parallels the sound of shutters on rusted hinges whipping in the wind. The album is intelligent and deserves acclaim.

Tess Roby
Italians Do It Better

“Beacon” is Tess Roby’s debut release. Roby is a classically trained musician who has deployed her skills moreso in her compositions and in the arrangements. There’s nothing particularly complex going on here. In fact, the songs themselves are quite straightforward, but that is not a criticism as the album is entirely in line with her musically set reminisciences.

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Laura Veirs
The Lookout
Raven Marching Band Records

This is Laura Veirs’ tenth album and her exquisite, smooth vocals are blended with excellent musicianship from guests like Sufjan Stevens and Jim James. Her husband, Tucker Martine, can claim high recognition for the production. The tracks on this album lend themselves to feeling a sense of naturalness or freedom and given solidly based musical foundations it’s an album deserving of attention.

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Goat Girl
Goat Girl
Rough Trade

Rough Trade always seems to be on the cutting edge whether it be rock, post-punk, garage, alternative…and now we have London-based Goat Girl, aka Clottie Cream, Naima Jelly, L.E.D., and Rosy Bones. The band’s debut album is hard to pigeonhole as there’s some post-punk mixed in with twists from the dark side (Siouxsie and the Banshees) and even a twinge of country. Goat Girl’s debut release has guts and it’s certain that they’re just beginning.

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Frankie Cosmos
Sub Pop

Frankie Cosmos (Greta Kline) has released “Vessel”. While the album follows on previous recordings (“Zentropy”, 2014; “Fit Me In”, 2015; and “Next Thing”, 2016), this is the first full-band release. Frankie is joined by bassist Alex Bailey, who joined after recording; the keyboardist and vocalist Lauren Martin; and the drummer Luke Pyenson. The album is just plain great indie pop. Songs are not too complex, often short and they always hace an idea; something to say. Now, your new to Frankie Cosmos , you might start with “Next Thing”, but in any case, “Vessel” hits the mark.

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Review by Clara Zicaro

Sunflower Bean
Twentytwo in Blue
Mom + Pop Music

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Meet the 22-Year-Old Brooklyn Rockers of Sunflower Bean. With lead singer Julia Cumming, guitarist Nick Kivlen, and drummer Jacob Faber, this alternative rock band released their much clearer second album “Twentytwo in Blue” exposing a new identity of twenty-two year olds from their younger 2013 selves. These young millennials chose their band name out of their two favorite things: sunflower seeds and coffee beans.

Derived from some albums of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or The Doors, their music is psychedelic rock. Newly inspired by the current political turmoil under Trump’s presidency, songs in their album, specifically “Burn it” and “Human for,” expresses honest emotions of life as they have evolved into twenty-two year olds dealing with rising challenges of growing up. This hypnotic and repetitive rhythm communicates a pleasant, yet rebellious attitude. The melodic sound, much more defined than before, has eighties rock vibes connected with deep lyrics supported by strong emotions. Critically acclaimed by many as their “most complete” song, “Twentytwo”, incorporates elements of Dylan Thomas’ poetry backed by Julia Cumming’s solid songwriting. They also pay homage to their roots in “I Was a Fool” and “Memoria” as they refer back to “Human Ceremony” on their first album.

The Sunflower seeds have sprouted, and they are shining brighter than ever. Look for Sunflower Bean to enjoy an extended life.

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