What’s The Buzz ?

From the stinkin’ heat of Nashville, TN…

This mid-July posting will be brief, I promise, as I have been off the road most of this month, writing and training my new dog Flo how to sit, stay and leave me a tiny bit of room in my own bed. She’s a Redbone Coonhound rescue from the woods of East Tennessee and already thinks she owns the place. I’m heading out this weekend to Salt Lake City, Utah to play a few shows, teach a few classes and if you’re in the area, I’d love to see you. If you’re not, please check in on my TOURDATES on my website, as chances are I’m heading your way soon. Here’s the lowdown on what’s coming up!

August: Indiana, Rocky Mountain Folks Fest and Music City Roots in Nashville!
September: Sisters Folk Festival, OR, Americana Music Fest in Nashville, then off to Europe with John Fullbright
October: Europe
November: Northeast
December: Decembersongs ’13!

Buy the new record. Also, t shirts are coming very soon to the STORE on my website!

Tourdates to the left…jokers to the right…here I am