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Alison and Ryman Auditorium

Alison and Ryman Auditorium

This information concerns all Nashville and its temple of Country Music. Last week the Nashville announced terrible news, which could have been tragic!

On August 18, a disturbed resident, known as 52-year-old Jeffrey Parsley, tried to set fire to one of the emblems of Music City, «The Mother Church of Country Music», legendary Ryman Auditorium» for still unknown reasons.

Jeff Parsley

The arsonist piled newspapers at the entrance of Ryman and set them on fire, quickly harming the door. Fortunately, the security service viewed the act on the cameras of Ryman. The police and fire depepartment reacted right away.

Burned Doors

Reassure yourselves. Thanks to the quick intervention of the firemen, the fire was very quickly stopped and there were no injuries. The security service was supported and the arsonist warned in view on 27 August with a$20 000 fine. Nashville without Ryman Auditorium wouldn’t really be Nashville. Doors harmed by the fire were immediately replaced and concerts are going to resume from September 8th.

Ryman Auditorium