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Here is somle great news. I have to say one word: Excellent! I’m of course talking about the concert in France by the family trio, The Band Perry, who performed their first concert in Paris as part of their world tour through the production company Very Show.

The small venue, Le Divan du Monde was packed and the atmosphere encouraged a very reactive and public! The group offered a unique and dynamic show, country rock tinged with a hint of pop. Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry, were able to set fire to Le Divan with the powerful voice of Kimberly with her two brothers and great musicians!

We have experienced their great joy to finally play in France after 15-year career and two visits to the French capital as tourists! They interpreted their finest tracks. We like the song “If I Die Young”, as well as the “Postcard From Paris”, “Better Dig Too”, their first hit “Hip To My Heart”, and their superb single “Do not Let Me Be Lonely”!

TBP_If I Die Young

The Band Perry was preceded by the young Canadian native from Calgary. Lindsay Ell gave us an intimate acoustic show, which allowed us to appreciate her vocal potential and talent on the guitar. A wonderful evening not be missed!

Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell

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