What’s The Buzz ?

Hey everyone! Just back from an amazing tour in Holland and a few days in London. Can’t wait to get back there (July UK and October the Netherlands). But for now, I’m in Nashville where it’s been about 7 degrees. Today it’s hovering in the low 50’s, so I’m gonna make this really quick so I can get outside into this sunshine. So just the important stuff.

Firstly, I’ve had to cancel the Pacific NW tour I was about to embark upon with Kenny White and I apologize profusely. We are rescheduling those dates for the Fall so Portland, Seattle, Eugene and Sisters, we will be back. Thanks for understanding. Life comes up and sometimes you just have to deal with life first. I miss y’all out there, though, so I can’t wait to get to you.

Second, the companion EP to “How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat” called “Same Old Storm” has only been available as a set with the full record. UP TILL NOW! We are releasing the EP on it’s own digitally later this month all over the place from my website to Amazon to I Tunes. So check in with the news page on my website for the exact date. It includes a few unreleased songs and a solo version of “The Sea & The Shore”. Can’t wait for you to have it!

This month I’m heading to Kansas for a few dates with my buddy http://www.ryanculwell.comhttp://www.ryanculwell.com who is amazeballs. Then we head to Kansas City for the International Folk Alliance Conference where I’m showcasing on Friday night. See some of you there…

So let’s cross our fingers that Punxatawny Phil sees his shadow. Or doesn’t…I can never remember which it is. I just want a not-so-extreme winter. Pipes bursting, high heat bills, long down coats in a southern town…it’s not right.

Stay warm,