September is finishing, and so is summer apparently. We’ve had an amazingly warm month where Parisians haven’t had their notorious cranky attitude, but they’ve actually seemed to enjoy their life, taking their “apéros” near the canals and lying down on the beautiful parks.

ÉCU team has had a busy but exciting month; we received loads of cool indie film submissions and we made new festival partners from all around the world! We feel that joining the forces with other festivals could help the very best talents to screen their fresh and innovative films to as many international audiences and industry representatives as possible.

Indeed this month our beloved partner Naperville Independent Film Festival in the US has shown 14 films from the 2014 edition of ÉCU to the American audiences. We are very happy and proud of this long-lasting collaboration and we cannot wait for October, when other two European festivals will showcase our films: Tyrolean Independent Film Festival in Austria and Aarhus Independent Pixels in Denmark.

Being surrounded by the long and naked legged fashion week models, Paris is surrounded by beauty and charm. If you are a filmmaker there is no more excuse for procrastinating… Send us your films; we would love to see what the indie world has to offer this autumn!

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First published on 25 September 2014