What’s The Buzz ?

Happy June everyone. I’m home in Nashville for an extended period of time after having been on and off the road since March with the CD Release Tour. Thank you to every single one of you who came out to the shows. We had a blast from Nashville to Boston to London to Austin and many places in between.

This summer, I have a few shows, a few festivals, and a few weeks of teaching songwriting and performing. Check the tour schedule to the left to see where you can find me.

Big News: The Vinyl of “That Kind Of Girl” arrived and it’s now for sale on my WEBSITE STORE. All of my merch, including old design T Shirts, and some new things like Poster Art and Songbooks (in limited quantities) will be added over the coming week. The bonus of ordering straight from me is that everything is $5.00 shipping (Domestic US orders only for now- if you’re from out of the US, you can order vinyl via paypal for now. Email me about this). You can also order digital downloads directly from me, rather than going to ITunes.

I’m going to be spending this summer writing. If you follow my blog or my blogette-postings on Facebook, you’ll know I’ve been writing stories and musings about life, the road, characters I meet. Well, this summer I hope to gather them all in between covers and create something longer than a 3.5 minute song. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I’d like to ask something of you. Well, those of you who stick with me long enough to read to the end of my newsletter. I’d like to know a few things about you to better serve you guys with my music. Write me directly. Write an email telling me a few things:

1. Where do you live and where are you most likely to come see a show of mine? What club? What town? Where haven’t I played near you that you’d like to see me?

2. What is your age?

3. How did you find out about me?

4. What do you like most about what I do and what have you always wished I might have done? (example: you like my live show best solo, you’d like to see me do a totally acoustic record)

I’m serious. Send me an email. Not a long one but there are more than 4,000 of you and I’m really curious about where you all come from and how you got here and what makes you stay (or not). The music business isn’t what it was. Most artists are independent. Even ones on small labels. The major commercial music industry is about selling fast food. Those of us who are working in the margins have the luxury of a direct connection to our community. I have made my last 2 records with your help, your financial help. If I am to make another record, which I do hope to, I’ll have to ask again as there are no record deals anymore. I’d like to know who I’m asking. I’d like to know what you like. I’ve been pondering this kind of shift in my career, that we all start out wanting the brass ring and when we get within sniffing distance of it, we see that the brass ring is really still just a trick of light. And that’s when the really good stuff happens. I can’t do this without an audience. And you guys seem to stay with me and I really appreciate it. So, write me. Let me know. And maybe I’ll post some interesting results and responses in my July newsletter.

ps. as always, if you are interested in hosting a house concert, please email me at and we can talk about it! Especially anywhere near Asheville, NC for Friday & Saturday 7/24-25