Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan wrote the book on contemporary vocal technique – literally. Sing Like You Speak™: Simply and Naturally. SLYS™ is specifically designed to restore the effortless vocal production that is natural to the human instrument making your singing powerful, joyful and free. Sally has been successfully training singers for more than 30 years.

Sally has helped her clients heal vocal damage, expand vocal range, land a Broadway show, record their own music and tour internationally without vocal fatigue or strain.

Time to smile at a success story in the music biz where success is scarce and hard-won.

Women in Music is a terrific networking/support group that I have been privileged to be a member of for about a year now. I’ve been building relationships in this organization for that year. To meet more of these wonderful women I am always jumping in to help out where and when it’s needed and I also gave a Sing Like You Speak Master Class for the group.

At a recent WIM event I met two lovely young ladies who just started Gold Standard Collective, a management firm. These ladies had terrific energy and a real passion for good music. Two of my favorite qualities in people.

In the follow up emails after the event, we got to know each other better: I asked how I might help them grow their business. And they are actually looking for talent! She wanted to know if I had any students that were great performers. It just so happens…

I’ve been teaching a very talented young man for about 4 yrs now. Raw talent is what he had when we first met. And talent is a necessary component of any successful artist. But it takes more – a lot more.

Edmerald and I worked to find the sweet spot for his voice, to release the best part of his voice that was “trapped

Emerald Gan

Emerald Gan

inside” of him just bursting to get out. We got his phrasing, stage presence, connection with the audience, connection to the lyric and other aspects of professional singing to a high level.

At their request I sent a couple of Edmerald’s mp3’s to Gold Standard Collective. They love the tracks and met with him and love him as a person. They have a plan to market him here in the NY metropolitan area first and then begin to spread out regionally and then nationally. How cool is that?

Luck must be defined as, “being prepared when the opportunity opens up to you.” I had spent many years teaching and developing my vocal method, Sing Like You Speak when Edmerald came to me for lessons. I also had put in my time networking and making a good name for myself in the music biz.

Edmerald put in years of practice and study to polish his raw talent. He was open and ready to take it to the stage when opportunity knocked. He will continue to practice and study and grow as a performer, singer, musician as his career blossoms.

Nothing makes me happier than helping my students find the success they deserve. Well, maybe actually helping them develop their raw talent comes first, but only by a sliver.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Edmerald Gan. Click here to listen.

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