Sally_newsfeedSally Morgan wrote the book on contemporary vocal technique – literally. Sing Like You Speak™: Simply and Naturally. SLYS™ is specifically designed to restore the effortless vocal production that is natural to the human instrument making your singing powerful, joyful and free. Sally has been successfully training singers for more than 30 years.

Sally has helped her clients heal vocal damage, expand vocal range, land a Broadway show, record their own music and tour internationally without vocal fatigue or strain.

What is Your Vocal Warm Up Warming Up? Sally Morgan and Sing Like You Speak have some answers to that question.

Happy November!

When a friend says to you, I’ve got this amazing voice teacher… you first
question is usually, How much does she charge? The answer on this one is –
It’s A FREE Class! And you are all invited.

Most singers I’ve talked to say their biggest fear about singing lesson
is that they will end you “sounding trained.” No worries, because Sing Like
You Speak™ is the technique that makes singing to simple and natural it’s
like talking to your BFF.

So join us for the Free Sing Like You Speak™ Class happening in about 2
wks. Sing up here and Facebook“>
After you sign up I will be sending a bit of training to prepare you for
what you will learn in the class.

Producers and directors are constantly instructing singers to, “Just sing
it like you’re talking!” The problem is they do not give any instruction as
to *how to sing like you speak*. Join me, Sally Morgan, for a free online
class where you will learn how to sing like you speak. I developed this
technique and wrote the book.

NOW I am excited to share with you the solutions I have developed for
contemporary singers. Sign up NOW to join us

Please share this invitation will all your singing friends! Thank you!


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