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What Is Singing? Seriously. What Do You Think?
by Sally

Singers all hold ideas in mind about what singing is and what it isn’t. I was leading a MythBusters for Singers workshop for the NY Singing Teachers Association, a workshop dedicated to examining those untrue thoughts we all have about singing, when the following exchange happened. It was the perfect teachable moment!

The singer had skipped a few measures of the song while singing the first 16 bars or so and I asked him to start again. This is the conversation that followed.

He was upset and said:
“Darn, I didn’t even start singing yet.”

“Really? What were you doing then?”

“I was just telling a story.”

“So what’s singing then?”

“Well… it’s certainly more than telling a story!”

“Is it? Were you telling a story with music?”

“Yes I was.”

“So what is singing then if it’s not telling a story through song?”

I could not have had a better set up to demystify one of the myths of singing. Myth: singing is something extraordinary – outside the norm of communication.

Truth: Singing is the most natural form of communication and the more real and natural and normal it is, the more engaging and amazing it is.

Minutes after this conversation with a redirect from me on how sing the song this man brought the audience to tears with his emotional honesty by simply telling a story through his song.

As he continued to sing the song, his simple honesty allowed him up to really wail and it was thrilling to hear! The audience told me they got goose bumps from his performance. The singer felt empowered.

It is amazing how simple, honest communication through song communicates volumes to your audience.

Is it time for you to examine what you think singing is? Let me know! I’ll help you change your mind about singing. With Sing Like You Speak™ singing is as simple and natural as talking to your best friend.

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