HVUM: LOCK is Gita Langley Harcourt (vocals, guitar, synths), Edie Langley (vocals, guitar) and Gabi Woo (drums). HorizonVU Music has been following LOCK for many months now having first came upon the music, while through videos on YouTube and our team has been hooked on LOCK’s dreamy and ethereal sounds ever since. The compositions are impressive, and the lyrics darkly romantic. Certainly, there are elements of pop, pop-rock, grunge and shoegaze, but it’s probably best not to pigeonhole the group’s music, but rather take in the sensual and unerring realization of music emanating from dazzling vocals and instrumentation. LOCK has certainly received critical praise, but deserves to be far more out front and center.

It’s a real pleasure for HorizonVU Music to have the chance to connect with you for a visit. Let’s talk a bit about your background, what’s been going on with Lock and talk a bit about the future.

We’ve done our homework reading your profile and interviews that you have done. We understand that you are London-based and that, Gita and Edie, you come from quite the musical family.

We have a following of young female emerging musicians and they like to hear about success stories. Can you tell us how your story evolved? What drove you towards the joint project, Lock? How did you meet up with Gabi?

GITA- Edie and I have played in bands together before and we’ve sung together and played along side our siblings since were were really little. A few years ago I was getting more into production and we were both wanting to start a new project that was a little darker, more cinematic with electronic elements but still using live instruments. Our sound is constantly evolving because we are inspired by new music, films and books that we are obsessed with. We were on the hunt for a badass drummer to join our band and a friend hooked us up a meet with Gabi.

EDIE -Gabi just fit perfectly, and she leaves our tummies ripped from laughing.

HVUM: Just an observation, Gita and Edie, I think it’s fair to say that you project different personalities? Is that a reasonable perception? Intentional? How do you connect with one another on and off-stage?

GITA-Yes, Edie’s the baby of the family – out of 8 kids… that’s gotta count for some personality traits ha. I’m in the middle, poor me…. yeh, well I guess we do project different personalities on stage.. And I think it’s cool that way. I feel like behind my synths i can shut my eyes and be the introvert in a way…. Edie has more badass in her blood…. Edie?

EDIE-I think we are both much for confident on stage than we are if you came up to us in the street. At school everyone thought that the Langley girls had a constant resting bitch face so I’ve spent years perfecting a daily happy smile so people don’t hate me when they first meet me. I guess we are kind of different too but we are the most similar out of all of our siblings and we usually turn up to band practice in the same outfit so…great minds…

HVUM: When you look back from where you are today were there any real unexpected challenges along the way? How did you or how do you get over the bumps?

GITA-Unexpected challenges… Yes definitely. I’ve suffered from chronic nerves in the past….when I was studying violin at The Royal Academy Of Music I felt like my world was going to end. It was quite competitive and I don’t think my soul could really handle that sort of an environment. When I left and I began writing and performing my own music I feel like I found my feet and a weight lifted in me.

EDIE- I was never ever nervous about being on stage before being in LOCK. I could sing on any stage in front of anyone and I would just thrive off the buzz, but now I have serious butterflies and panic before most gigs. I think it’s because I really care about this and don’t want anything to go wrong. We’ve had a few gigs that have had horrific sound in the monitors and we haven’t been able to hear a thing so I dread that happening again, but we dealt with it and it makes us more aware of what we need to hear/change.

GABI: I also suffered so badly from nerves. Growing up I was so quiet…. Like Edie and Gita, I studied music from an early age and for most of my childhood I was at home practising piano or flute. There was such a pressure to pass all the grades and that made me even more nervous. I always knew I wanted to do something in music but to be able to do it I needed to find another instrument… something that I guess I wasn’t expected to be good at. I spent years going down the classical route so the only way out of it was to learn the drums. When I play the piano (the instrument I am best at and even teach), I fall to pieces, but when I drum its as if I become possessed and for that 30 mins on stage I turn into an animal.

HVUM: Oh yeah, animal is good! The music market is pretty crowded, especially the market for popular music. What do you thing really gives your work the force of music personality?

GITA- We like to think what we are doing is pretty unique. I wouldn’t say we exactly sound like anyone else at the moment. I think we come from a genuine place and it’s honest so hopefully people will connect with it.

EDIE- Yeah we do what we do and just hope people love it as much as we do. And if they don’t then fuck it.

HVUM: One thing that we’ve noted is that your music can handle diversity, always staying to gripping harmonies whether you’re performing acoustic or electro. How do you see your music as far as cross-genre versatility is concerned?

GITA-Yeah, we love the harmonies.. I think it stems from our classical days – it’s just so damn pleasing!! I think, being sisters, our voices – even though they are quite different – have a familiar tone.

EDIE- I’d say we are pop with some indie/grunge and some Andrew sisters thrown in.

GITA -Are we radio 1 or radio 2? We don’t know… It’s a mind fuck really so we will just carry on making the music we want to make and see how it all pans out.

HVUM: Excuse me a second…For readers who aren’t familiar with the Andrews Sisters, breakout those 78s in your grandparents collection and groove on some great swing and boogie-woogie. Okay, back to LOCK, let’s take a look and listen to how well you can mix it up with «New York vs Paris”. Let’s have a look and listen.

HVUM: What’s the story behind “New York vs Paris”?

GITA- New York Vs Paris is really just a daydream… imagining yourself far away… choosing between two amazing, vibrant and romantic cities. It’s loneliness and heartache all wrapped up in a snow globe.

HVUM: Okay. Just for fun, as far as LOCK is concerned, what is the funniest thing that has happened to you lately? Really funny!

EDIE- Gabi’s face when we busted her sending tit pics

HVUM: Finally, if you had to describe LOCK as an animal, what would it be?

EDIE- We’d be a leopard obviously cause we (i) am obsessed with everything and anything leopard print. And we fierce!!

HVUM: Thanks so very much for taking time to meet with us! Where can we look to see you live? Any new recordings or merchandise coming online?

EDIE- We are headlining a really great night at The Box in Soho on September 28th and we’re supporting the Libertines in Hull and Lowestoft for part of their seaside tour and we literally cannot wait. We’re gunna make the rest of this year ours.

GABI – We are about to film a video for our new song ‘Hey Compadre’, which will be out later on in the year. Stay Tuned!!

HVUM: And that we will! Thanks very much for taking time for us. We thoroughly appreciate the visit and we will be following you on your journey. We wish you total success going forward and…visit us in Paris!
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