Elizabeth & the Catapult

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New Yorker Elizabeth Ziman’s (Elizabeth & the Catapult) “Keepsake”, produced by Dan Molad and featuring collaborations with Richard Swift, is our Pick of the Week for three reasons. First, in the big scheme of things, thinking about pop music and a continuum from great pop (Carole King) to undistinguished pop (no names, please), “Keepsake” clearly falls toward the upper end. Second, Elizabeth Ziman’s controlled vocals deserve recognition from the outset. The vocals stand out among singer-songwriters. Further, Ziman’s classical training shines through and her mastery of piano plays a big part in making this album a success (“Magic Chaser”, “Mea Culpa”). Third, technically, the album deserves kudos for the fact that form is consistently well-matched to melody. Dan Molad deserves credit for his role in the production process. This is an album you’ll be able to enjoy, and enjoy again.