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Born in Brunswick Maine USA, Hannah Judson began performing in alt-rock bands in Chicago USA in the 90s. She played in major clubs, performing original music, and recorded with various groups. These years were loud and electric.

In the late 90s while expecting her daughter, she pulled out her acoustic guitar and wrote an album, much more pensive, quiet, & lush. She recorded this album “Apollo” with Brian Burkhart and together they formed Kite Club. This was a turning point in her writing, away from louder, more loaded songs, to a slower beat and more pensive exploration of the world around her. She has been in France since 2005.

Hannah Judson

Hannah Judson

Can you describe Hannah ?

HJ: Dumb blonde does not apply. Optimistic, creative, resourceful. Likes periwinkle, cowboy boots, wikipedia. I really like making things, and working with what I have. I keep a notebook, and collect words, ideas, metaphors, and images. I also have a digital mp3 recorder on my iphone, and I collect song ideas while I am jogging, and running errands. I am always working on new songs. Not all of them make it to a live performance, but the process is a lot like gardening. Ideas are planted, and you watch each one to see how it grows.  And you do a lot of weeding.

Your last project?

HJ: This year has been busy. This spring I released my first CD in 7 years. I supported the release with a 16 concert series at Les Décharguers in the first arrondissement in Paris. I worked with 2 other musicians, Serge Bencissou and Michel Esquelin. We performed the songs from the CD, and also wrote a couple new ones along the way. We met a lot of people during the shows, and our set and working style evolved. I look forward to playing with the band again soon.

Why Underbelly?

HJ: “Underbelly” is a series of songs I wrote in France, but many of them are looking back across the Atlantic. “Underbelly” meansthe dark, underside of something. I like the word because is also sort of feminine in a gritty way. The songs on “Underbelly” are both critical and romantic. They tell stories of places and events, both personal and in the news. Writing “Underbelly” was part of the process of understanding and letting go of my former life in the U.S.

Next project?

HJ: I am writing another CD now. It is much more grounded in France. It is about love and food. Well, I haven’t written the food songs yet, so maybe it is just about love.

Outside of music, what does Hannah do?

HJ: I always have a book I am reading. I look at maps and plan trips. I grew tomatoes this summer, and now I prepare a tomato dish with every meal. I try to run a marathon every year. I have run 6 marathons so far. Although recently I decided I should run less and drink more. Life is short.

Where can we find you?

HJ: You can keep track of me at You can buy my record at, and on amazon, itunes, and many other digital distributors. Of course,  you can find me at SHOP HorizonVU Music

See Hannah Judson on 17 November
O’Sullivan’s Rebel Bar, Rebel Bar
10 rue des Lombards
Paris, 75004