What’s The Buzz ?

Hello wonderful people….

Well this year has started off pretty rainy where I live in northern NSW, Australia. As I write this, my local town has just escaped from major flooding with rivers rising and more rain on the way. (Great weather for songwriting!) It reminds me of our time in the UK last summer. One of the festivals we were booked to play at was cancelled at the last minute due to flooding, which then led us to going to Amsterdam spontaneously. One of the many things I learnt on tour was how important it is to make the best of any situation, to improvise when life doesn’t go as planned (and quite often it doesn’t!).

Andrea Soler’s “Daydreamer” Tour – Paris

Our tour in Europe had ups and downs, and sometimes I just wanted to pack up and go home. When we had nowhere to sleep, being lost in a foreign country, our car boot not locking (with all our music gear inside), getting stuck in traffic for hours and hours, and of course dealing with mud and rain. In retrospect, I can see how these chellenges also helped me to grow and understand more about myself.

It also makes the good times SO darn good!

There is some exciting plans for 2013. I’ll be heading back into the studio to finish off my forthcoming album, and planning another tour to the UK and also a national tour in Australia. Thanks for the support! If you are interested in hearing more music, or to check out my tour dates, you can head to


‘Do not fear mistakes. There are none.’ Miles Davis