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Prepare for some great news! Yes Sir Boss has recently announced the release of “Mrs #1” (on April 15th) featuring label owner Joss Stone. This is the second single taken from their debut album “Desperation State”, that I reviewed a while back. As you know, YSB is well-known for their original and very distinct sound, catchy melodies, the front mans’ (Matt Sellors) husky voice and on-stage delivery. In this particular track we see the unique mix of this exceptional band and Joss Stone – successful soul singer, songwriter and actress with very melodic, beautiful and strong voice. Let’s check out the video.

Mrs#1 is a potion of energetic rhythm, guitar riffs and the YSB jazz horns. Vocals of both artists work very well together and that gives a great pleasure to all their fans. Matt said that he “had never intended for the song to be a duet but the addition of female vocals seemed to add clarity to the lyrics, and in a way, make the song complete.” And that is so true! The official video is an exceptional pill of enthusiasm, energy, creativity and positivism. It contains some backstage shots as well as the ones from their live show. The video is so playful and sincere that you start to feel that it was made BY friends and FOR friends. You can see that these people love what they are doing and they really enjoy singing this song. Their performance is catchy and it leaves one feeling totally happy. That seems to be the best proof of success for artists, so I advise you to see them live during this year when they’ll have a tour. Enjoy!

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