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It seems to be high time for me to spread some mystery all around: Jenn Vix and Reeves Gabrels have recently released a new track “Speed of Light” and I cannot wait to review it. But first of all, let me present you Jenn Vix and Reeves Gabrels. Jenn Vix is an artist from Providence, Rhode Island, who has managed to master practically all roles possible in a band: vocals, songwriting, bass guitar, synths, drums, lead guitar and even some programming. The music genres associated with her work are electronic, independent. Jenn released her self-titled debut album on her own label, Umbrella, in 1995 and it was reviewed in Rolling Stone magazine. Since then she has found her niche and her loyal fans. Vix’s third album, “3”, was very successful.

Reeves Gabrels – “one of the most daring rock-guitar improvisers since Jimi Hendrix”. He is famous and respected for his long partnership with David Bowie, but he has worked with many other known bands and artists from all over the world. “He is recognized for virtuosity and versatility, a guitar player who can explore sonic extremes with a great, adaptive intuition for what each song needs most.” Since 2012, he performs with The Cure. This duet creates pieces of art like the track “Speed of Light”.

The song “Speed of Light” is rather long and develops slowly and softly. It is very moody: putting the listeners into the mystic atmosphere of the space. Like other works by Jenn Vix, it is a somewhat gothic, but at the same time the guitar passages in the major scale help to create very pleasant and cosmic feelings. Some people believe that these kinds of instrumental tracks can be boring, but I can insist that it is not the case withe “Speed of Light”. It has interesting effects and back vocals, as well as the very beautiful and distinct voice of Jenn supporting the spirit of the song and making it special. I personally can put it on a replay mode and enjoy it for hours.

To sum up, I recommend that you to listen carefully to the “Speed of Light” track as it is high quality music performed by professional and respected musicians; furthermore, it is an unusual partnership so don’t miss this opportunity. Who knows, maybe it will go to the top song of your playlist.

Download “Speed of Light” from iTunes.

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