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Actress Georgia Holt whose real name is Jannie Jean Crouch is known to be the mother of the queen of pop music Cher, and she has decided to sing about it in the country style. At the age of 86 years, there is no right age, you say?

Her first country album, entitled “Honky Tonk Woman”, finds her daughter Cher on a track called “I’m Just Your Yesterday”. For the record, this album was not recorded recently. According to the press in Nashville, the disc was recorded in Los Angeles studios in 1980 and was recorded with the oustanding musicians who worked with the “King of Rock’n’Roll”, Elivis Presley, but never released. The decision to release the album has taken 30 years. It will definitely arouse your curiosity. Remember her name, Georgia Holt, and the album is called “Honky Tonk Woman.”