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What’s The Buzz ?

Hello friends!

It’s already been over a month since we’ve been in the UK and
it’s been an incredible tour so far. We are setting off tomorrow
to head to Amsterdam and then onwards to Germany later this week.
Below is a youtube link, a snap shot of what we’ve been up to
since being on tour.

We hope you enjoy! Andrea, Goba and James x

Visit Andrea at www.andreasoler.com and www.reverbnation.com/andreasolermusic

What’s The Buzz ?

Hello friends!

So after six months of planning and preparing for our UK/ Europe tour we are finally here, sitting in our friend’s loungeroom in Bristol! Before we left our home shores we launched Daydreamer at The Bush Theatre and The Beach Hotel. If you haven’t seen our Official film clip for Daydreamer, you can check it out here – http://www.youtube.com/user/andreasoler17

It’s good to be back in the UK. We’ve spent the last two weeks catching up with friends, sight seeing and also playing some shows. We played our first gig at The Dolphin Inn in Blandford Forum with Dan Baker and Jim Allen. The kind of old pub where you have to duck to get in the door, and where a crowd of fifty make it a full house! You can have a look at our acoustic version of Better In The Sunshine!

After the Dolphin Inn gig, Jim, Laura, Jimmy, Gobs and myself hung about til about 2am drinking, laughing and chatting. It has pretty much set the precedent for every night since. How do I keep this up for another 3 months?

After the Dolphin Inn gig, Jim, Laura, Jimmy, Gobs and myself hung about til about 2am drinking, laughing and chatting. It has pretty much set the precedent for every night since. How do I keep this up for another 3 months?


We played The Sunrise Festival (which could have been renamed Mudfest!). The rain bucketed down, wind howled and mud sloshed around our wellies, but it did not manage to dampen the good vibes.

The Chai Wallahs stage is made up of a great crew of people who are passionate about helping independent musicians get their music out there. Not only did we play their stage, we got the chance to interview some of the key people involved in Chai Wallahs and they will be featured in our grass roots touring doco.

Chai Wallahs Program

 The Chai Wallahs Stage Line Up at the Sunrise Celebration Festival was fantastic!

The Chai Wallahs Stage Line Up at the Sunrise Celebration Festival was fantastic!

 We had a lovely Saturday afternoon set, and youtube clips will be coming very soon!

We had a lovely Saturday afternoon set, and youtube clips will be coming very soon!

Pic by Kyleigh

Played a gig at The Town Mills, and enjoyed catching up with James's family in Andover!

Played a gig at The Town Mills, and enjoyed catching up with James's family in Andover!

This is going to be a really special night! We’ve got some very special guests coming down to play The Winchester with us including Dan Baker, James Jim Allen, Omer Makesa and more! Hope you can come down and celebrate our official UK Daydreamer EP launch on Tuesday 17th July!

There’s just one person missing from this trip so far and that’s Big Al. Somehow being in the UK and not being able to head on down to the Sonic Kitchen Studios seems so strange to me. It’s like I keep expecting to see him in a festival crowd or down at a Costas Coffee shop. This amazing man who brought so much to my life and my music isn’t here anymore. Since he passed away two years ago, I think about him nearlly every day and I can still hear words of wisdom ringing true, (mainly his jokes about life, love and bass players!). So much of who I am today as a musician was formed from spending time and working with this incredible man – Big Al. Daydreamer was made in loving memory of him, and I hope it does him proud.

See you all very soon,

Andrea, Goba and James!

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Visit Andrea at www.andreasoler.com and www.reverbnation.com/andreasolermusic

What’s The Buzz ?

Andrea Soler is a genuine gypsy. Music is her life and she lives it with a nod to the cultural tradition of the troubadour, travelling the world, singing songs, telling tales and lifting spirits with a beguiling, bohemian flare and an authentic joie de vivre. Her music is nomadic too, wandering the realms of indie folk, jazz, roots and world music. With touches of calypso, flamenco, reggae and more, Andrea intuitively blends a myriad of global influences to create music with universal appeal.

Hey there friends!

It is with great pleasure that we present to you our brand new
film clip for Daydreamer! Created on a $20 budget, this is our
first home made clip, and it couldn’t have happened without so
many people involved!

Directed by Nora Savona
Lighting and Effects – Tim Tonkin
Extra Lighting – Jim Spriggs
Edited by James Ross, Goba and Andrea Soler
Special Thanks to – The Nimbin Bush Theatre, NORPA, Tropical
Fruits, Vinnies, James Ross, Shay Henderson, Elvis Callaghan,
Angus Graham, and all our friends, family and fans who came along
to help make this clip so special!

Hope you enjoy it, and we’d love to hear what you think!

Much love,

Andrea x x

Daydreamer is now on iTunes!

You can visit Andrea at www.andreasoler.com

What’s The Buzz ?

James Ross - Guitar, Angus Graham - Bass, Me on Uke, Shay Henderson - Drums, Elvis Callaghan - Violin

James Ross - Guitar, Angus Graham - Bass, Andrea on Uke, Shay Henderson - Drums, Elvis Callaghan - Violin

Hello Friends!

It’s an exciting few months coming up, and it’s all starting off this Thursday. I will be going in to chat with Jo Shoebridge on ABC North Coast 94.5 FM at 10 am, then over to Bay FM 99.9 in Byron to have a with Rich Bell at about 3pm, then off to play an intimate house concert in Ocean Shores from 7pm (Tom’s House Concert).

We are launching my brand new single ‘Daydreamer’ here in Australia on Friday 1st June at The Nimbin Bush Theatre where we will be world premiering the Daydreamer film clip on the cinema screen! Then on Sunday 3rd June we will be playing at The Beach Hotel in Byron Bay with some very special guests including Steve Russell on keys, and Scott French (A French Butler Called Smith) on trumpet. It’s going to be so much fun and I hope you can come along and celebrate with us! And for everyone who has been asking – The Daydreamer film clip will be on youtube/vimeo on Saturday 2nd June!

Friday 1st June – The Nimbin Bush TheatreNimbin.
(With film clip premiere) Tickets $15/$10 Conc 7pm

Sunday 3rd June – The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay 4pm

Goba, James and myself say a BIG THANK YOU!!! x x

Goba, James and myself say a BIG THANK YOU!!! x x

Friday 1st June also marks a wonderful day because it’s the last date of our Pozible fundraising project! Over 100 friends, family and fans supported our project and pledged from $20 to $550! With your help it has enabled us to really make our tour to the UK & Europe possible! Thank you so much for your generosity and excitement about what we are doing. If you still want to take part in Pozible, you can still pledge until Friday and pick your rewards. Just click on this link here – http://www.pozible.com.au/index.php/archive/index/5646/description/0/0

We also made a few videos on Youtube that you can check out if you would like more information on our project – Just click here: http://www.youtube.com/user/andreasoler17

Ten days after our launch here in Australia, James Ross, Goba and myself set off on a three month tour throughout the UK and Europe. We’ve managed to hop onto the UK festival circuit and includes the lovely Sunrise Celebration, A Lost Weekend, Larmer Tree Festival, and Tonefest! I honestly can’t wait and am so excited that I have already packed my bags… (nearly). We are booking more dates all the time and if you see that we are coming to a town or festival near you, we would love come and do a house concert/ party for you! So far we have dates for Germany, France, England, Switzerland and working on Prague, Paris and Denmark at the moment.

All our tour dates so far can be viewed here – www.andreasoler.com/gigs

So dear friends, we will be seeing you very soon! Much love, Andrea x

You can visit Andrea at www.andreasoler.com

What’s The Buzz ?

Hi there Friends!

Some exciting news this week. ‘Daydreamer’ has got into the 2012 MusicOz Awards Finals for ‘Acoustic / Singersongwriter’ category. Although I won’t be heading to the ceremony at the Sydney Opera House, I am sure it’ will be a fantastic night full of wonderful Aussie talent.


As you might know, in about four weeks I’ll be heading over to tour in the UK and Europe for three months. It’s going to be such an incredible adventure, with shows booked in England, Scotland, France, Germany and more. We’ve been running a little fundraising project and have had over seventy friends, family and fans pledge their support and in return they will be receiving lovely rewards. I’ve got a new video for you to watch here to find out more – Come and join us on the tour of a lifetime. I’ve got a new video for you to watch here to find out more – Come and join us on the tour of a lifetime. (Well… my lifetime anyway!)

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us in getting over to the UK/ Europe.
(It is after all halfway round the world…)

Andrea x x

You can visit Andrea at www.andreasoler.com

Andrea Soler is an Australian singer songwriter with compelling vocals and insightful lyrics who has just recently toured the UK summer festivals including Isle Of Wight, Larmer Tree and the Sunrise Festival. Musically inspired by the passionate joie de vivre of her French ancestry she exudes a distinctly European influenced sound, yet maintaining her own take on indie folk. Likening herself and her music to the old ways of gypsies and travelers; expect a swathe of moods and emotion from Andrea’s soulful live performances.

Andrea, it’s really a pleasure to meet you and to be part of your journey! We know a bit about you from earlier talks and your bio, but tell us a bit about your musical path and how has your career has developed.

AS: When I was 18, I went to the Woodford Folk Festival here in Australia. I’ll never forget the feeling I had watching band after band blow me away. I knew then, one day I would play that festival, all I wanted was to be a musician! So, I then bought a guitar and started playing and writing songs. I went busking on the streets with my sister. After recording a home made demo, I decided to try my luck overseas and bought a one way ticket to Paris. I ended up living there for over a year and played in bars in Montmatre and even Fete De La Musique in 2007! I then went to the UK where I was then sponsored to record my first EP ‘Better in The Sunshine’ at The Sonic Kitchen Studios. I played festivals such as the Larmer Tree, Isle of Wight and Sunrise Festival, UK. I got on so well with my producer that I went on to record my debut album ‘Earth On An Axis’ with him as well. Since coming back to Australia I achieved my dream of performing at many festivals and lastyear I played at the Woodford Folk Festival, the place that kick started my musical career!

Is there anybody who has really helped you along you path, Do you have a mentor?

AS: I am very lucky to say that I have had so many people help me along the way. My biggest mentor is Alan ‘Big Al’ Hill. He was the incredibly brilliant man who produced my first two records. He believed in me and taught me so much about the recording process, about music and about life. He truly was an incredible man, a world class musician (played bass for Jack Dejonette – Miles Davis’s drummer, produced for Shirley Bassey & many more). Sadly, Al passed away a couple of years ago, is greatly missed today by so many people around the world. I still count him as my biggest mentor. I always think – what would make Al proud?

What’s next for you? What’s coming up for you live and recorded?

AS: I have just finished recording my brand new EP called Daydreamer. I’m going to be launching it here in Australia at the beginning of June, and then embarking on a twelve week tour through the UK and Europe! I’ve booked 18 shows already which includes four festivals in the UK. We’ll also be making a documentary about this tour to inspire independent musicians to manage themselves and book their own international tours. I am very excitied about this trip, especially to return to Paris!

Do tells us a bit about your latest album.

AS: Daydreamer is a five track EP. It’s a collection of songs I’ve written on the ukulele. A lady once said to me that you can’t write a sad song on the ukulele. Well, one day I was sitting at home and wrote a song called ‘Heart Break Floor’. It’s about my first heart break. At least I can prove to the lady you can write a sad song on the ukuele! Then there’s ‘Love at First Sight’ which is a true story about a guy who was lost, walked into a cafe to ask for directions and fell in love with the girl behind the counter, and there’s Daydreamer which is the title track. It’s a song to remind people how important it is to believe in their dreams. Lonesome Traveller is a haunting tune, and The Palmreader is a song about.. well, I guess you’ll just have to hear it and find out!

It’s hard to believe that anyone would have the nerve to break your heart! Let’s take a few minutes out to let everybody in on what’s going on as we watch “Daydreamer EP”

We work with a lot of young emerging artists. Can you share a certain moment in your career – good or bad – that’s kept you moving on?

AS: I think I’ll share a good and a bad if that’s ok? The bad moment was when I lost one of my best friends and producer Big Al. He means so much to me. He always assured me along the way. Gave me advice, feedback about my songs and made me laugh too! He brought out the best in me, and I’ll never forget all that he did for me.

A good moment – I think it was just recently, when I walked onto the stage to play at last years’ Woodford Folk Festival! It had been myAndrea Soler_010 dream for over ten years to play at this festival. I had to pinch myself a couple of times to realise that I was literally living the dream. It taught me to never give up on my dream, keep working hard, and enjoy the journey!

I always like to ask our guests about personal heros, so here goes…who is your hero? Why?

AS:There are so many people that inspire me. When I read the biography of Edith Piaf, I felt so inspired by her zest for life and for everything she achieved from her humble beginnings as a homeless girl on the streets of Paris. Then there’s Joni MItchell who got Polio at the age of 8 and started singing to get better. She is another woman who overcame obstacles in her life and achieved her dreams. I think another of my heroes would be Sally Dastey. She is an Australian singer and is such a beautiful person and gives her whole heart to her audience. I like artists that give their all.

I have to tell you, that my colleagues here at HorizonVU Music are not to wild about that question (they’ve heard me ask it so many times), but I think you saved me…we’re all Joni Mitchell fans! Andrea, again, thanks so much for your time and we look forward to going live in September. We’ll be posting your gigs!

Visit Andrea Soler at www.andreasoler.com

What’s The Buzz ?

Welcome to my first blog for the year, and thank you to all my
new friends who have joined this cyberspace connection!

Daydreamer EP Coming Soon…

It’s been two years since recording Earth On An Axis at the
wonderful Sonic Kitchen Studios (UK) and I’m currently recording
a brand new EP at Love Street Studios in Currumbin. It’s been a
really fun process and I am so excited to be launching
‘Daydreamer’ very soon. (May in fact!) Daydreamer has five
tracks and they are a collection of songs I’ve written on the
ukulele. It’s a sort of snap shot in time of how much fun this
lil’ instrument is and how the uke has inspired my song writing.
I love the way ukes are so portable and playable pretty much
anywhere. No wonder there’s an apparent shortage of em around
the globe.

We’re planning an east coast tour during May before jetting off
to tour in the UK and Europe in June-September. I’ve got some
dates already up on www.andreasoler.com so hopefully we’ll be
coming to a town near you! More dates and projects to be


Me, James Ross, Shay Henderson, Elvis Callaghan, and Alex Elfes

I had the delight of playing the 2011/12 Woodford Folk Festival.

It was my first time performing with my own band, and I literally
had to pinch myself before heading on stage at The Duck (one of
my fave venues too!) We played live on ABC radio and also
featured on 4zzz’s Woodford program.

-Song writers on Song writing at Woodford-

One of my other highlights was to conduct a workshop on song
writing. I roped the whole band into this one because we all have
different backgrounds in song writing and music and we could all
bring something to the workshop. After an hour and a half, the
end product was an awesome song that we wrote all together –
melody & lyrics (with more that sixty people!). Luckily Goba
filmed it and it will be uploaded onto youtube .. Might be the
next big hit!

-Sewing, Bunting and a Film Clip-

It’s nice to have those days where you don’t have to be anywhere
in particular, the kettle is on, and the creative juices are
flowing. This happened for me and my mum a few weeks ago. We had
a brainwave to make some bunting for the upcoming Daydreamer film
clip. What better way to give a party-fiesta feel? Somehow this
bunting takes me back to childhood. Strawberry Shortcake,
climbing trees & sunny afternoon daydreams! Hope you like it!

Mum working her magic

I love the red with spots!

I think that was my 10th cup of tea for the day!

Until next time…feel free to share this email with your
friends, and if you want us to play a house concert in the month
of May in Australia, or June in the UK/Europe let us know!

Much love,

Andrea x

Visit Andrea at http://andreasoler.com/ and http://www.reverbnation.com/andreasolermusic

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