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What’s The Buzz ?

Just got back from a wonderful tour in The Netherlands with Cara Luft and BJ Baartsman. We snuck into a studio and recorded 6 songs which I hope to get out to you guys very soon. Cara was amazing – a founder of The Wailing Jenny’s, she was a huge inspiration and she’s got me hooked on clawhammer banjo.

The URGENT news is that my PLEDGE CAMPAIGN for the new record is holding at 54% of my goal with only 16 days left. If everyone on this list simply PRE-ORDERED a record, I’d make my goal and more. I realize that crowdfunding is a complicated issue. Here’s the nutshell of why I and so many other artists are doing it. For me, I have put out a few records on Record Labels through the “old” system. The labels paid for the recording, paid for the promotion, made all the decisions, and when the record was done and being sold on line or at stores, the labels got the money, which they deserved in order to pay back their investment. But sometimes, to be honest, they didn’t make decisions that perhaps I would have made. I might have chosen a different PR firm. Or I would have pushed a different “focus” track. Or maybe they just dropped the ball entirely, got excited about another artist, and my record got lost. This has all happened to me. So when I made my last record, Stormy Boat, I decided to create my own independent record label, Windbone Records. I have distribution in the US through Tone Tree (a great company that has worked with The Civil Wars, Mindy Smith, Angel Snow and Nora Jane Struthers). I have distribution in the UK through Proper/CRS and in Europe through CRS. But now that I’m my own label, I have to pay for EVERYTHING. The recording itself is the cheapest part. What costs money is PR, Radio, manufacturing and shipping, and then getting all this stuff out to the world. It costs over $25,000 to do all of this at even a good independent level and make any kind of dent. I make a decent living as a musician and for that I’m blessed. I don’t have (nor have the time) for a ‘day job’. My job is touring and making music. I get paid by ticket sales. You come to the shows and I get to pay my rent. You buy my CDs and I pay my rent. You stream my songs on Spotify and…. ha ha…well, I don’t pay my rent and that’s a whole other conversation, but maybe another person is turned onto my songs and goes to Amazon or ITunes or even my website and downloads my record. At the end of the day, I make enough to cover my basic expenses and save a teensy bit for little things. But making a living as a folk musician ain’t the high roller life. Again: I’m blessed and I’m grateful. But this is exactly why I am doing a Pledge Campaign. To ask my fanbase to PARTNER with me in this enterprise. This isn’t asking for Charity or a hand-out. And I know some folks have an issue with Pledge and Kickstarter and the like, thinking “well, if you can’t pay for it yourself, get a dayjob or get out…” which I totally understand, but the music business model is really in flux. There IS NO MODEL anymore. The model is this connection between the creators and the consumers. I write it. You hear it. I hope we are both changed by the experience for the better and our lives are made better. And if you can pre-order the record, man, I would be so grateful because then I can release this little puppy into the world by March 2nd.

Thanks for taking the time to read that. Back to the tour…I have a moment to catch my breath here in Nashville and then I head out next week with KENNY WHITE, my friend from NYC, great songwriter, and fellow once-Wildflower Records recording artist. This is my first time in the Pacific Northwest and San Fran, CA area in many years so I hope y’all come out and say hi. Tourdates to the left and full details here TOURPAGE. Buy tickets in advance if you can.

As always, if you are interested in hosting a house concert in 2015, please email me at amy@amyspeace.com and we can talk about it! All you need is a good cat-free space, at least 30-40 friends who’d come hear the music, and I can come over to play. For reals.

Stay warm!

What’s The Buzz ?


So much stuff going on this month I’m very excited to share with you. First of all, I hit the road this week with my yearly Holiday Show, now in it’s 4th year, called DECEMBERSONGS. This year, we bring you the East Nashville version, starring Rod Picott, Doug & Telisha Williams (now known as Wild Ponies) and myself. Our tour begins on Friday in Ashland, VA and winds its way north and midwest, landing at The Bluebird Cafe on Dec. 18, then down to Georgia and North Carolina and ending up at a lovely house concert in Columbia, TN. We have a brand spanking new CD for you to purchase as well (here at ITUNES TOO!!), produced by Neilson Hubbard and recorded on one fine summer day. It includes 3 holiday favorites (“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” etc.) and 3 originals including Rod’s soon-to-be-classic “Dad’s Drunk Again On Christmas”. A definite stocking stuffer (and our apologies to our non-Christmas celebrating friends, but we couldn’t find a good Hannukah or Kwanzaa song to record this time around).

Also, I’m proud to be a part of a new release called Nashville Indie Spotlight which releases tomorrow Dec. 3rd on ITunes. It includes unreleased tracks by other indie Nashvillians, including Peter Bradley Adams, Katie Herzig, Ruby Amanfu, Angel Snow, Matthew Perryman Jones, Butterfly Boucher and more. My solo version of “The Sea & The Shore” is on there. Look for more info as I get it on my website home page.

Lastly, a holiday special for you. All CD’s and T Shirts bought directly from me are at a 20% discount through the month of December (check out the mercy at my website merch page). That means, “How To Sleep In a Stormy Boat” which is usually $25 is now $20. Shipping domestic is $3 for 1 CD, and adjusts with each order depending on weight. International CD shipping will depend on where it’s going so I’ll email you with that cost. But let me know ASAP by emailing me directly here with HOLIDAY SPECIAL in the subject line. Note: This special is NOT available if you order through the website store. Only direct! I’ll even sign them if you’d like!

What’s up in January? Well, a European tour of my own, that’s what…stay tuned. And be good, boys and girls…


What’s The Buzz ?

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m so excited about the coming year. A new record. New places to tour. New things to write and read. New friends. Etc. I don’t make resolutions, so you won’t hear me babble about going gluten-free or taking up kick-boxing. I’m just going to resolve to be the best version of me I can be, from one day to the next.
I’m gonna get to the tourdates quickly, cause there’s only a few, and I want you all to come out! But a few things first…

HOUSE CONCERT OPENINGS: I’m touring my way to Toronto in mid February with Angel Snow, an extraordinary songwriter. You may have heard her songs if you own Allison Krauss’ latest record. Allison recorded a few of Angel’s songs. She’s really something and I’m so happy to be sharing the ride and the shows with her. We have ONE date open and we’ll be somewhere near Pittsburgh on Monday February 18th. I realize it’s an ‘off night’ for house concerts, but you never know. If you are interested in hosting a concert with me and Angel, and you are within a reasonable drive of the Pittsburgh/Cleveland area (we will be in Montclair, NJ on Sunday and have to be in Ann Arbor, MI the next late morning), email me: amy@amyspeace.com with “HOUSE CONCERT 2/18” in the subject line (responding to this email does not come to me).

And again, thanks to the many of you who pre-ordered the new record via Kickstarter. I really appreciate your support. The campaign is over, but if you missed the boat and you still want on, please contact me directly at amy@amyspeace.com. The music is recorded. We’re doing the photos and art right now and getting the tour ready to go. Keep an eye on the Tourdates page and it really really helps us here at Team Speace if you make advance reservations for the CD Release Shows, that being April 4th at The Blue Door in Oklahoma, City, OK and continue to Texas, NYC, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc etc. We’re posting dates on the website as the contracts come in and I’d love all of you to come out. The show is going to be great! The Sea, The Sea are opening many of the NorthEast and Midwest Tourdates and they are amazing.

Lastly, I’ve got Land LIke A Bird Earrings for sale. You can see them HERE. Order them directly through me!

Saturday 1/12 @ 8pm
700 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami FL
A concert sponsored by folks heading out the next day on the Cayamo Cruise!

Friday 1/18 @ 8pm
Asheville, NC
Info at website!
Saturday 1/19 @ 8pm
209 Spruce Street No.
Winston-Salem, NC
Buy Tickets in advance (336) 747-1414

Sunday 1/20 @ 6pm (doors at 4:30)
Atlanta, GA area
Please email Frank Hunt at Hunthut@aol.com for rsvp and details!


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