Today we’re talking with Lucy-May. Lucy-May is a fast-rising British country-pop singer widely heard on radio performing her debut single “Paper Heart” produced by Greg Fitzgerald.

We had the pleasure of meeting Lucy-May at the 2013 CMA Summit just last month. Lucy-May took her influences from the 60s – following the Motown Sound and The Beatles. She was surrounded by music at home and pursued the performing arts at the Brit School where she grew evermore attached to country music with it’s melodies and simple, heartfelt storylines. She’s been active in London on the live scene at both public and private events, and she’s currently working on her album scheduled for release the is year!

Lucy-May , thanks so much for joining us. You’ve had a good amount of success around the U.K. and in London and your single “Paper Heart” has gotten great airplay especially on BBC2. Is there anything we missed in our intro that you’d like to share with us?

L-M: I think just that although I was brought up on 60’s music, and do have a love for it, I have always enjoyed listening to all kinds of music and like a wide range of genres.

We know you’ve been drawn to country, and the stories the music tells, but how did you evolve from Motown and The Beatles to where you are today? What do you like about the music? The beat?

L-M: Over the last couple of years I have gigged in restaurants and bars, singing a wide range of covers. One of those was “Crazy” by Patsy Cline and every time I sang this song I felt I had a connection with the lyrics and the emotion I could put in to my performance. Other people also noticed this and would request more Patsy Cline songs. This was the start of my love of country music.

Besides Motown greats and The Beatles are there any particular influencers or mentors that have left a lasting impression on you?

L-M:As stated before, my biggest country influence is Patsy Cline but I have always loved the sound of Dusty Springfield and her style. More recently, I have listened to the likes of Leanne Rimes.

You’ve been working with producer Greg Fitzgerald. Are there any particular musicians you’ve been working with either live and/or on your album you would like to mention?

L-M: Greg has been amazing to work with on “Paper Heart” and the album. There have been musicians that have played on my tracks and are all very talented but Mike Gazzard has done an outstanding job on “Paper Heart”. I have been fortunate to have Bruce Bouton from Nashville play guitar on one of my tracks for the album. He has also played for Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift.

Okay, let’s have a look and listen to Lucy-May and “Paper Heart”!

Super! HorizonVU Music follows and works with a good number of female artists and many our Blog followers are young women looking to a career in music. Can you pass along insights as concerns getting to where you’d like to go in the business as a woman – does gender make a difference?

L-M: I would say that whatever gender you are in this industry it is tough. There are a lot of ups and downs and it is a lot of hard work. Never give up!

Looking out onto the horizon, what’s next for Lucy-May? The album release is schedulled for later this year. Any special projects you’d like to work on beyond the album?

L-M: I would love to go on tour and perform the songs from my album so that more people get to hear them and hopefully connect to them.

My final question – just can’t resist – do you have any superheroes? Who and why (or why not)?

L-M: I wouldn’t say that I have a superhero as such, but definitely would say my biggest hero is my dad! He has supported me from day one.

That’s great! I would say that dad counts as a superhero! Lucy-May, thanks so very much. All the very best of luck to you, and we hope to see you in Paris!

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