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HorizonVU Music, Women Of Substance Radio, Photography@ Sue Rynski and Café OZ invite you to a night of music for everyone…proceeds donated to the Association Christina Noble!

Acclaimed Australian singer/songwriter Andrea Soler with guitarist James Ross and Paris-based folk-rocker Hannah Judson head up a double bill! 9 September 2012, Café OZ (Grands Boulevards), Paris, France

The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation is an International Partnership of people dedicated to serving underprivileged children with the hope of helping each child maximize their life potential.

6€ Donation (Suggested)

Association Christina NobleOnce again, HorizonVU Music is organizing a benefit event on behalf of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF).

Christina Noble is the founder and driving force behind the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. Her passion for children’s rights is rooted in her own upbringing of homelessness and desperation. Since 1989, the foundation has been protecting children at risk of economic and sexual exploitation and providing education and basic care in both Vietnam and Mongolia. CNCF’s programs seeks to protect children at risk of economic and sexual exploitation, while ensuring these and other children in need have access to basic care and educational opportunities. This includes emergency and long-term medical care, nutritional rehabilitation, educational and vocational training and job placement.

Christina has been recognized and saluted in over thirty countries and has received over a hundred humanitarian and lifetime awards, battling tirelessly for the recognition and respect of the rights of every child. In December 2010, in recognition of her twenty years of work in Vietnam, Christina was the first Irish woman to receive the Order of Friendship Medal. This award is the highest honor given by President and the people of Vietnam to foreigners.
CNCF is an international network of people and companies such Horizon VU dedicated to serving underprivileged children. Thanks to the help of all our sponsors CNCF is the most highly awarded non-profit organizations in Vietnam and Mongolia?

Horizon VU et l’Association Christina Noble renouvelle leur initiative et offriront un concert placé sous le signe de la solidarité avec la participation exceptionnelle de cette soirée festive : Andrea Solers, jeune chanteuse australienne, des plus prometteuses, sera à l’affiche.
En vingt ans, cette ONG internationale, dont la mission est de protégé les enfants des rues en danger d’exploitation économique et sexuelle soutien les enfants des rues en leur offrant une éducation, une formation professionnelle, des soins médicaux en leur permettre une réadaptation nutritionnelle en vu d’assurer leur avenir.

Christina a été reconnue et saluée dans une trentaine de pays par des distinctions marquant son engagement humanitaire. Luttant inlassablement pour la reconnaissance et le respect des droits de chaque enfant. En décembre 2010, au Vietnam, Christina était la première femme irlandaise à recevoir l’Ordre de Médaille d’Amitié en reconnaissance de ses vingt ans de travail. Cette récompense est la distinction les plus hautes données par le Président aux étrangers. Les fonds collectés à l’issue du concert aideront l’ONG à poursuivre ses actions humanitaires en faveur des enfants défavorisés.

Visit Association Christina Noble at http://www.asso-christina-noble.fr/

by Lei Guo for HorizonVU Music

March 1 and the Benefit Concert for the Association Christina Noble! The night was staged at at Mc Bride’s Irish Pub in Paris’ 1st arrondissement and featured Hannah Judson, Etienne Rosas & Band, and Tarah Who? Proceeds went to benefit children in Vietnam andposter_CNCF_1_3_small Mongolia.

It was a great day, perfect for my first go at organizing a concert. From sun-up, I was pretty stressed and excited all at the same time. Stressed because I was worried sick about not being late, how it will go,what should I do to make it as good as possible, even what should I wear… And obviously excited because I knew everything will be awesome!

Amandine Boubennec and Caroline Faraud, Association Christina Noble

Amandine Boubennec and Caroline Faraud, Association Christina Noble

After making final arrangements and a quick set-up, the night kiched off with Hannah Judson. Hannah’s music and mellow voice guides you among her travels, her life and experiences. As evening moved to night, people gathered around – obviously delighted and charmed by her charisma. With Hannah you fly away as high and as far as her ballads can take you.
Then the change-over to Etienne Rosas & Band. The room was filled with their good cover vibes. From Richy Valens to The Beatles, you already knew the songs, just a matter of letting yourself go and roll with the rock. Etienne and his band are young, young but very talented and they

Lei Guo with  Claude Guillaumin and Kim Naef

Lei Guo with Claude Guillaumin and Kim Naef

Hannah Judson

Hannah Judson

Etienne Rosas & Band

Etienne Rosas & Band

know how to put on a show. They really wet their shirts, OMG is that me or is the temperature rising?

Finally, a black haired girl goes on stage with her band. She plugs in her guitar and…the rock is on! Tarah Who? Tarah G. is the lead singer and guitarist of the band. Tarah G. is incredibly talented, experienced and full of energy. You feel THE pulse , so bang your head. Tarah G., Pilal and Sam…they really rock and just for that – a big thank you guys!

Last call came to fast…unplug the mics…ok. But not to worry…we’ll do it again, sooner than later.

Tarah G.

Tarah G.

Big up to everyone who participated to the event. A special thanks to Keiran who welcomed us to McBride’s, to HorizonVU Music for the

Desmond Mcgetrick, PSB and Phil Cartwright

Desmond Mcgetrick, PSB and Phil Cartwright

production, to IESA http://www.iesa.info/spip.php?page=home&couleur=violet, Paris School of Business http://www.psbedu.com/and to all the donors who gave to a terrific cause – the Association Christina Noble.

Visit the Association Christina Noble at  http://www.asso-christina-noble.fr/

You can find Etienne Rosas at http://www.reverbnation.com/therevies

Hannah Judson at www.hannahjudson.com

and Tarah Who? at www.tarahwho.com

Of course, you can find Hannah Judson and Tarah Who? at www.horizonvumusic.com

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