Survey Logo_ECUFilm, or « the movies » accounts for a significant level of economic activity around the world. Film is an important part of our lives and lifestyles influencing trends across the arts, including for example, music and fashion. While there has been a growing amount of interest and research related to film audiences and audience behavior, there is relatively little research focused specifically on independent film audiences.

The European Independent Film Festival , HorizonVU Music and ESG Management School are engaged in a large-scale project focused on the study of “why, where, what and how” people follow independent film. The study is also aligned with the Paris-based group Women-In-Film-In-Music (WIFIM).

The study is leading off with a broad based survey designed to collect demographic motivation-related information on the independent film audience. The survey is planned to take place between December 2013 and the Festival in April. Preliminary results of the survey will be made available at the Festival. This is potentially a large contribution to the entertainment industry in general, and independent film, specifically.

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