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2 September 2015

Reposted from The Deli Magazine San Francisco

Music Video Premiere: Katie Garibaldi – Lock The Door, Lose The Key

We’re excited to premiere a new music from the San Francisco based country artist, Katie Garibaldi. Garibaldi is another local artist who chooses to express herself in a more traditional music genre. With her beautiful voice and talent for musical arrangement, we always respect Katie for her hard work and well written country ballads.

I’ve kind of nicknamed “Lock The Door, Lose The Key” the ‘newlywed song’ because it’s basically about newlywed business. When I go through big life moments, including falling in love and getting married, those subjects infuse themselves into my creative mind and are reflected in my songwriting. I wrote a lot of the songs on my album, Follow Your Heart during the period of my life when I was engaged and newly married. “Lock The Door, Lose The Key” is about that honeymoon phase my husband and I were in when we basically just wanted to lock ourselves away in a blissful nest and forget the rest of the world. It’s become one of my favorite songs to perform live from the album because I’ve noticed how happy it makes people who are listening. It’s a really fun story and a staple song off Follow Your Heart that contributes to the record’s signature sound, so I chose this song for my first official music video to celebrate the album’s one-year anniversary as a celebration of what an absolute blast this past year has been touring with these songs, and as a personal thank you to my supporters. – Katie Garibaldi on writing Lock the Door, Lose the Key

Check out Katie’s “newlywed song”, Lock the Door, Lose the Key exclusively on The Deli Magazine San Francisco!

What’s The Buzz ?

You can keep the holidays a live with 2012 EP “All The Wonders Of This Holiday” is a 5 song collection that is nothing short of sensational! Patty Mattson can write songs, and with the expert production and mixing team headed by Grammy Winner Rob Chiarelli of ffinalmix.com, it’s just, honestly, magical. Don’t miss this!

No stranger to recording, Mattson, a gifted songwriter, invited us to share her undeniably well written and performed debut release “The Road” Late Oct 2011. Completed again with the expert production and mixing of Rob Chiarelli, Mattson takes us on a moving personal journey from the powerfully rockin, soulful and sexy, to the pristine and still manages to deliver amazing surprises along the way. This record keeps you interested in listening with well written, moving original songs and impressive vocals. “The Road” is a sure add to your music collection.

And, when Mattson’s impressive range is stunningly aligned to commercials, say, for BMW, Showtime, the Discovery Channel, or the many hilarious parody songs she does for Clear Channel and Premiere Radio Network, (including the late Howard Stern Show), she is the magnificent essential which makes each performance fly. Her wondrous imitation of Celine Dion’s Theme from Titanic with its hilariously re-written lyrics is nothing short of inspiring! You can see video’s she’s done to some of them at YouTube/pattymattson.

Visit Patty at http://pattymattson.com/

Today we’re joined by Jenna Epkey! Jenna’s no stranger to HorizonVU Music. Her cross-genre, emotion driven pop and country first caught our ears a couple of years ago. Jenna’s a singer/songwriter from Indiana, and when it comes to talking about the heartland – we look to the Midwest and think Jenna. What sets Jenna apart is the passion and emotion that goes into her music – emotions that we all know from our daily lives – the ups and the downs.

Jenna Epkey

Jenna Epkey

Hi Jenna! It’s a real pleasure to have this opportunity to get together. I think you’ve been pretty busy lately. Our followers might remember that we first got to know you when you were working out of Nashville. You’ve relocated to Indiana. Tell us a little bit about where you’ve been and where you are now.

JE: Thanks so much Phil for taking time to interview me! I’m excited to share what’s been going on in my little world since I moved back to Indiana in 2010.

Since then, I released an unplugged acoustic record (Change) and my single “Steel Heart” with friend and producer, Billy Smiley (from the band Whiteheart).

We don’t know much about your musical background. How did you find the path to a music career and do you have any teachers or mentors that really motivated you from the beginning?

JE: I started to sing around eight years old. It was around that time when my family, friends, and people at church started to notice I could sing as well. Growing up I always knew I wanted to do something in the entertainment world. This may sound funny, but from the moment I was introduced to Michael Jackson and his music I knew I wanted to be a performer/entertainer of some sort.

We want to get the full picture in our minds. You obviously collaborate with Tony Epke on your recordings. We note that while your on vocals, guitar and piano, Tony’s with you on guitar. Tell us about the collaboration and how the two of you work together.

JE: Tony Epkey is my husband and we play out all the time together. This wasn’t always the case, but for the last couple years we’ve found a unique bond and sound all our own. He plays on the “Steel Heart” track too. We play a nice acoustic show!

In March 2011, you released you EP, “A Little at a Time”. First, give us some background behind the release. How did it come to be?

JE: A Little at a Time is where it all began for me. In 2008, I decided I wanted to take my career to the next level, so I recorded a fully produced, top quality country EP that I still sell to this day. Some of the best musicians in Nashville played on it, and it has opened many doors for me in the music industry. I took a big leap of faith recording that record, and I am still trying to figure out how to market it…and how to get more people to hear it.

Second, reading the titles to the tracks (there are six of them) and having a listen, it’s had not to feel something’s going on with Jenna….”Miserable Girl”, “A Little At A Time”, “The Verge”…What’s going on there…what’s the storyline?

JE: Well…some of the tracks on the record aren’t my originals. I chose them because they are good songs and I could sing them well. But I can assure you as an artist there is always something going on with me internally, 🙂 I’m terribly deep and sensitive… One thing is for certain: when you get a Jenna Epkey record you’re going to get a smorgasbord of emotion! haha

On a light note, you put together a really great jingle for Folger’s. Tell us about that.

JE: My good friend (Vance Lambert) and I did the jingle in 2011. Vance wrote the tune, and we recorded it in Indianapolis where I’m from. It was a lot of fun! I think we should have won:)

Yeah, we think you should have won! Today’s a very special day. You’re releasing your video, “Steel Heart”. It’s an original single and Winner of the 2012 Blooming-Tunes Songwriter Competition. Pretty catchy song with a heavy title, tell us about the song and the video. What went into writing the song and how has it translated to video?

We’re going to take a look and listen to the video in just a second, but first, can you give us an introduction to the how it came about – production, direction and storyline?

JE: Yes. I wrote “Steel Heart” early -mid 2012. I knew it needed to be recorded right away. I believe the song really captures my voice, influences, and everything I’ve learned up to this point about writing.

The song itself is about being vulnerable with your needs and desires as a human being. We all want to be seen, heard, and loved for who we “really” are. “Steel Heart” is about realizing what you want, and the video helps reveal your role in discovering it.

In the music video I’m on a quest in the woods with a key literally around my neck searching for a treasure. The whole concept is based around finding this treasure and knowing I have the key (within) to find it.

The video was directed by Tyler Holbein. He is a young photographer from New York and this was our first project together. Tyler and a few students from Huntington University helped make this video come alive. We had great fun filming in the woods that day.

Alright, let’s have a look and listen!

Wow! That’s really fantastic! You deserve to be very happy and congrats to Tyler. So, what’s next for Jenna? Do you have some projets underway? Where are you heading in the months ahead?

JE: I’m currently writing my new record. I have a new song I’ll hopefully be releasing early 2013. It should be a very eventful and fun year ahead!

I Have to ask you my favorite question…no one gets away…Do you have a particular superhero that keeps you going or gives you inspiration?

JE: Oh jeez- favorite superhero? I don’t really have one. I do think Spiderman is really inspiring and cool though. I like the quote: “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Thanks so much, Jenna. We’ve really enjoyed talking with you and we know you’re on a roll. We’re looking forward to hearing a lot more from you in 2013, so we hope you’ll stay in touch. Let us know how the new record is comining along! That’s the latest from our friend Jenna Epskey.

You can visit Jenna at http://www.jennaepkey.com. Download the mp3 version of “Steel Heart” at http://www.jennaepkey.com/fr_home.cfm or click on the Amazon.com link on this HorizonVU Music page!

A native of Calgary, Lindsay’s list of collaborations is impressive for someone who has just turned 20 Randy Bachman (who produced her first album), Danny Michel, Russell Broom, Bill Bell, CJ Vanston; in addition to sharing the stage with Buddy Guy, Serena Ryder, and Shawn Mullins.

“Aint she something…”
Buddy Guy Blues Legend

Lindsay, thanks so much for taking time with us. It’s such a pleasure to meet up. We have a lot of HorizonVU Music friends in Alberta, but you are our first feature interview from the Calgary scene! We know a little bit about you – you’re Canadian, studied at the University of Calgary, you love country music and you have the voice and performances to prove it – and okay – can’t help it – you’ve got a really cool purple Gibson…

LE: My pleasure! Thanks for having me!

Help us fill in the blanks…who is Lindsay? How do you describe your country sound? What makes your sound stand out?
LE:  I would describe my country sound as being unique. Because I’ve gotten the opportunity to play with a bunch of artists over the last few years, it’s helped me develop my vocabulary as a guitar player. I’d say I’m like a female Keith Urban, but with my own twist.. I’m working on some new music, and can’t wait to show it to you! Country, guitar driven… something different. 🙂

Tell us a bit about your musical journey – how has your career developed?

LE: I started music at a really young age. Piano at 6 and guitar at 8. My family was really musical growing up, so I always had instruments around me, and music playing in the house. I started playing in the church when I was really young, and it introduced me into the wonderful world of performing. From there I started songwriting at the age of 10, and performing all around Western Canada. I started working with Randy Bachman at the age of 13. Randy produced my first record, and to this day remains a mentor and good friend.

We know you have a cast of great mentors and friends including Buddy Guy…tell us a bit about your closest mentors – how have they helped you along the way?

LE: Well, obviously Randy Bachman was very important getting me started when I was so young. He introduced me to the world of professional recording, and got me working with my first label. Buddy Guy is a huge inspiration and mentor to me. Being on tour with him and getting to play on stage with him every night was an experience I’ll never forget. His dedication and sheer passion for his art is something I will always look up to. Over the past few years, I’ve been so blessed to work with so many talented producers, artists, and songwriters. I love the music industry for this reason – you get to meet some truly amazing people. It becomes like a second family.

What’s next for you? What’s coming up for you live and recorded?
LE: I’m currently working on my next album down in Nashville. I’m so excited about the music I’m writing and recording, I can’t wait to show it to you all! I should be playing more shows come the summer/fall.

Do tells us a bit about your album “Alone”?

LE: “Alone” was an acoustic project, and was a great opportunity for me to focus on ‘the song’. I wanted to do a record with no autotune, limited processing/effects…just live off the floor. It forced me to really break down what was important in a song, and helped me focus in on getting the message out.

One of our favorites is “All Or Nothing”, let’s take a look and listen…

We work with a lot of young emerging artists. Can you share a certain moment in your career – good or bad – that’s kept you moving on?

LE: When I was working with Randy, I remember he told me, “This is going to be an emotional roller coaster, and it never stops.” To this day his words ring so true. Music is truly an amazing business but it always will have it’s ups and downs. It’s such a personal experience, singing about your feelings, that when you put your whole heart on the line, you feel everything that much more – successes and failures. But I am a strong believer that every curve in the road makes you stronger for your next up. This always keeps me going, helps me stay focused.

Okay, here comers my favorite question…who is your hero? Why?

LE: Wow…where do I start? I don’t know if I could choose one hero! My parents. My family. My friends. As a guitar player, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix, and Tommy Emmanuel have been huge inspirations. As a songwriter, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles. As a performer, Keith Urban, John Mayer. I have many heros in so many different lights. I feel very grateful for the support I have around me, I love them all so much. I would not be the same without them!

Lindsay, can’t thank you enough for your time and for making HorizonVU Music a part of your day. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you better and we’re expecting to stay in touch!!!.

Corinne Chapman – Dirty Pretty Things

Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville

In today’s Country Music world, you need to be able to run the gamut from a stylistic point of view.  California-bred Corinne Chapman definitely has that talent, as evidenced on this mini album.  The six tracks all offer something a little bit different from the previous track, and that is something you don’t hear of much these days.

On the opening cut, “Mine,” she takes somewhat of an outlaw country stance, sounding a little bit like Miranda Lambert.  It’s a sound that works well for her, but she doesn’t stay there.  Instead, she them moves into the romantic side, scoring with the sensual “Be Good To Me,” which is a good fit for her voice.

She strikes a California sound on the Deana Carter-ish “Alone,” which benefits from having one of the most deadly choruses I have heard in some time.  If promoted properly, it should be a hit.  She stays in that vein with the 60s ish philosophy of “Weeds.” She also delves into a little Bluegrass with the title cut, which despite the suggestive title, is a lot more innocent than you might think.  One never knows what is going to make an impact with the listening public, but don’t be surprised if you hear a lot more out of Corinne Chapman.  She’s got the total package, and deserves to be heard!

Chuck Dauphin writes for Music News Nashville http://www.musicnewsnashville.com. This review redistributed by permission of the author. (c) 2005-2010 MNN Enterprises, LLC. Music News Nashville is designed, owned and published by Dan Harr. All rights reserved.

For more about Corrine or to buy this CD, visit http://www.corinnechapman.com or visit SHOP HorizonVU Music  http://blog.horizonvumusic.com/?page_id=2440

It was last June that we first posted a review of Kacey Cubero’s new CD,  Fill Your Cup http://www.kaceycubero.com. The self written and produced album was mixed in Nashville by the Grammy award-winning David Z (Prince, Etta James and Jonny Lang). There’s a little bit of everything: the raw rocking anthems I Want More, It’s Alright, and Reserve the Right; a bucolic Old Cadillac; the folksy Feather in the Wind; organic, soulful ballads, What if I Really Love You and Whatcha Gonna Do; the bluesy Set You Free; the evocative steaminess of Under My Skin; the bluegrass tinge of Two Trains; the plaintive longing of Sunday Mornings; and the love letter that is the title song, Fill Your Cup. The CD hit #18 on the EURO AMERICANA CHART in August  http://www.euroamericanachart.nl/0810.html.

The range and versatility of her music is evidenced by her winning the MAVRIC Independent Music Award in 2009 for Folk Song of the Year for Feather in the Wind, and for being named 2006 Artist of the Year by the Santa Barbara Blues Society—the oldest blues society in the U.S.—and representing them in the International Blues Competition in Memphis.

Now Kacey’s on her way to Europe, so note the following dates:



KACEY CUBERO – 9:30 pm

Farnham, UK



KACEY CUBERO – doors @ 8

Bedford, UK

Price: £12



KACEY CUBERO – 8:15 pm

Orange Yard
London GB W1D 4JB
GB 020 7734 5547

Price: £13



KACEY CUBERO – 7:30 pm

South Yorks, UK

Price: tba



KACEY CUBERO – 8:00 pm

Oxfordshire UK

Price: tba



KACEY CUBERO – 8:30 pm

Brighton UK

Price: tba



KACEY CUBERO – 8:00 pm

@ The Freeholder
Farncombe, UK

Price: £8




St. Genis l’Argentiere, France

Price: 8 €



KACEY CUBERO – 8:30 pm

93 Lower Richmond Road
London GB SW15 1EU
GB (020) 8780 9383

Price: £7




Rhone, France



KACEY CUBERO – 9:30 pm

Manchester, UK

We are proud that Kacey is a featured HorizonVU Music artist. You can find her CDs and downloads at SHOP HorizonVU Music http://blog.horizonvumusic.com/?page_id=2068

We’ve been in touch with our friend Kacey Cubero. We recommend that you check out her CD, Fill Your Cup www.kaceycubero.com. Kacey plays a unique brand of Americana, incorporating elements of roots, rock, and country, all with a soulful edginess. That edginess and the originality she brings to her music were evident early on. An only child, her guitar was her best friend and music her refuge. Growing up in a home where music was omnipresent, the Washington, DC-native’s musical baptism was as eclectic and authentic as the music she writes. Haunting and thought-provoking, Kacey’s voice and songwriting have been likened to Shelby Lynne and Lucinda Williams.

The range and versatility of her music is evidenced by her winning the MAVRIC Independent Music Award in 2009 for Folk Song of the Year for Feather in the Wind, and for being named 2006 Artist of the Year by the Santa Barbara Blues Society—the oldest blues society in the U.S.—and representing them in the International Blues Competition in Memphis. From childhood, Kacey had always known music would be her life’s work. Pursuing her music was always the plan, but first she got a college degree in business and finance before she left D.C., her family and friends, and headed to California with her guitar and a suitcase. She spent years writing, performing, touring, and honing her distinctive and edgy blend of rock/alt-country. Perhaps it’s not surprising that the title of her second CD, Diamond in the Rough, conveys a mystique and honesty that has defined both her life and her music. Twice named Indie Artist of the Year by Singer Magazine, Kacey is a prolific songwriter.

She wrote and produced her latest CD, Fill Your Cup, which was mixed in Nashville by the Grammy award-winning David Z (Prince, Etta James and Jonny Lang). There’s a little bit of everything here: the raw rocking anthems I Want More, It’s Alright, and Reserve the Right; a bucolic Old Cadillac; the folksy Feather in the Wind; organic, soulful ballads, What if I Really Love You and Whatcha Gonna Do; the bluesy Set You Free; the evocative steaminess of Under My Skin; the bluegrass tinge of Two Trains; the plaintive longing of Sunday Mornings; and the love letter that is the title song, Fill Your Cup. Kacey has collaborated with many artists and musicians, including Jackson Browne, Jimmy Calire (America), Greg Douglass (Steve Miller Band, Van Morrison), Marty Fera (Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey), Bill Flores (Albert Lee, Jim Messina), Joe Molland (Badfinger), Gary Scruggs, Chris Slade (AC/DC, The Firm), David Sutton (Lucinda Williams, Melissa Etheridge), and Kim Wilson. “For me, it’s all about the music,” Kacey says. “As a writer, I’m able to speak my truth; as a listener, music has always been a sanctuary and my salvation. If I can share that same gift with my audience, and connect in a way that nurtures and inspires them, then I’ve honored my gifts. And there is nothing I would rather do.”

Check out Kacey Cubero Fill Your Cup at SHOP HorizonVU Music

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