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Jed here, checking in from the South by Southwest Film festival. We participated in a successful film panel yesterday that discussed new fundraising methods for filmmakers. Here are the three take-aways from discussion:

1. Make a plan before launching your project:

a. Start by priming the pump by motivating your closest supporters to Fuel early.

b. Research influencers in your project space: bloggers, press contacts, etc, and compile their contact info before-hand so that you can contact them once you have some momentum.

c. Plan a series of reasons to contact people: events, milestones, promotions, etc.

2. Be wary of “crowd funding myths.” Common mistakes are assuming that “if you build it they will come,” and expecting “Internet Angels” to give you large sums of money. Set a reasonable financial goal, and publicize your project.

3. It’s not necessary to raise your entire budget via crowdfunding all at one time! Raise the money you need now via your crowdfunding project. Continue to pursue producers and/or grants as appropriate. Crowdfunding is a tool, not a silver bullet.


HorizonVU Music has a new Friend in RocketHub http://www.rockethub.com. We recently had the opportunity to meet and speak Brian Meece at RocketHub. Brian was born and raised on The Gulf of Mexico – that odd and magic little pocket of the American South where country and beach mingle, Jimmy Buffet blares, and hunting trucks have surfboards on the roof. Brian plays a mean ukulele and lives in upper Manhattan with his wife Kana and their wiener dog, Bongo.

In brief, RocketHub is a community for Creatives and Fuelers. RocketHub offers two distinct services:

1. An innovative way to raise funds and awareness for creative ventures (Crowdfunding)

2. The ability to submit your work to be selected for tangible creative opportunities (LaunchPad Opportunities)

Rockethub  provides the credibility and infrastructure necessary to successfully leverage the financial power of your community, and offer the ability to discover and apply for curated opportunities. If you have a creative project, worthwhile endeavor, or are looking to discover valuable opportunities.

We’re pleased to be Friends with Brian and the RocketHub team. You can link to RocketHub directly from the HorizonVU Music Blog! We’ll be announcing exciting activities in the near future, so stay tuned!

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