After a four-year hiatus in the electro genre, Emily Zuzik returns with the release of her downtempo single, “The Only Moment in the World”, on Feb. 25, 2014. Zuzik co-produced and mixed the song with Jimmy La Valle (The Album Leaf). The song was created as part of a digital pop-up book project, A Picture is Worth…, published by Proseed Books, which paired musicians and photographers together to create a work based on the imagery provided. Drawing on images of industrial French river towns at the break of day, the song follows a couple as they wind their way along the water and through a history of their affair.

Emily Zuzik with Moby

Emily Zuzik with Moby

In 2011, Emily was a featured singer and cowriter of “The Low Hum” on Moby’s “Destroyed” album. She has worked with a number of other downtempo artists over the years including South London’s Sizzlax and Los Angeles’ Acacia Downs. Additionally, she and bassist/producer Tim Lefebvre released an eclectic electronic pop album, Domestic Blitz, in 2010.

She has toured extensively across the US and UK. Zuzik is an Epiphone/Gibson Guitars Endorsed Artist, a commissioned musical artist for Esopus Magazine and a vocalist in Erie Insurance jingles and the Blue Man Group Production Saturday Morning Puppet Club. Her songs have been licensed for the CW show Smallville, The Nate Berkus Show, BRAVO’s Flipping Out, the National Geographic documentary Slammed: Inside Indie Wrestling, Amsale Girls, the Cuba Gooding Jr. film Ticking Clock and the indie film Fifth Form.

HVUM: Emily, we’re very glad to be back in touch. …..Since the last time we talked, you’ve moved on from “Domestic Blitz” (2010). You’re releasing “The Only Moment in the World” a downtempo track. Tell us what’s behind your affinity with downtempo.

EZ: Well, actually, I released an Americana rock album, The Wild Joys of Living, with my NYC band in 2011 too. I have a tendency to go back and forth between the genres – downtempo and songwriter/Americana. I like downtempo electronica because it allows me to work with a different instrumentation as well as to dive a bit into areas like Classical music, where composing plays a bigger role. I listen to quite a bit of Classical in my car these days. I have to say it’s definitely been an influence on me. The songs grow into more than just songs. They become soundtracks of a sort. I love the possibilities that inspires. There’s also a big amount of electronic music played on stations like KCRW that has caught my ear. I also love (because keys are not my first instrument) that I can be whoever I want to be as a singer. It allows a bit of character play that guitar songs don’t for me.

HVUM: In between “Domestic Blitz” and “The Only Moment in the World”, there was “Motels” (2011), which was plugged in acoustic – rock. Does “Motels” hold a place in your musical progression?

EZ: “Motels” was off the Americana album, The Wild Joys of Living, which was a lively rocking collection of songs. Very guitar-based. Bigger production. It’s a song I love, maybe because it’s a character song in the middle of an album of deeply personal songs. We played with that idea in the video we made for that song. I played several characters who visit a motel to hide in their obsessions. I have always loved playing dress up and that video allowed me to do that and use a ton of my vintage clothing collection at the same time.

HVUM: You co-produced the track with Jimmy La Valle. We remember Jimmy La Valle as guitarist with Tristeza as well as the driving force behind Album Leaf. Tell us about your collaboration with Jimmy.

EZ: Funny thing about meeting Jimmy, I met him and his wife Kate at a restaurant in Highland Park in Northeast Los Angeles a few years back. We turned out to be neighbors. Over time, we’d hung out a few times and shared some family resources. I was working on the single and came to a point where I could no longer work in my studio. I needed additional help with recording and mixing and thought I’d ask Jimmy if he was interested since he’d offered it in the past. Luckily, he said yes and we spent a day in his studio doing some vocal retakes, initial mixes and drum ideas. He then went to town and put some magic in the track and we had the song. He’s such a talented guy and so nice and easy to work with. I’d love to do more collaboration with him and who knows what the future holds.

HVUM: Ok. Let’s take time out to listen to Emily Zuzik and “The Only Moment in the World”.

HVUM: Taking “The Only Moment in the World” as a point of departure, where are you heading with your music?

EZ: There will be more electronic stuff. I’m doing a bunch of collaborating with other artists in this area, as well as writing more downtempo stuff on my own. I mentioned the newness of keys earlier and that foreign terrain of sound really excites me. It feels both incredibly modern and very disconnected at the same time. Maybe that’s the current day conundrum—being plugged in and totally separated from humanity through technology. Whatever the root of it, I like what I’m getting when I sit down to write, whether on my own or with others. For that reason alone, I am looking to continue down this path.

HVUM: Should we be looking for a collaborative album on the horizon?

EZ: There will likely be some kind of collaborative album in the future. I haven’t put deadlines on myself with this. I have another single ready to go later this year. Also downtempo, but it’s different in mood and feel. It’s a Burning Man song, I like to say. I will probably release it before the next Burn and try to get it out to some DJs I know going to the festival. Maybe it will end up in a chill lounge on the playa.

Emily, thanks so much for bringing us an update. You’re always welcome at HorizonVU Music. Everyone should check out “The Only Moment in the World” at you can visit Emily online at at