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Lively tunes for a worthy cause

Dec 22, 2014 – Saumya Bhatia

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Pop singer Sagarika Deb is in news for right reasons. She will be honoured with the International Women Achievers Awards (IWAA) in Canada in March 2015 for her contributions to music and her humanitarian works. What makes this achievement special is that Sagarika is the first Indian to be honoured with this award in the IWAA Role Model category.

Sagarika will perform her song Shine a light, which was inspired by the brutal gang rape of 2012 at the awards ceremony. Upon asking what does this recognition means to her, Sagarika says, “To know that I am the first ever Indian to receive this award feels on top of the world. I started my career with an experiment with no idea where I will lead. It was only a strong will to put the music in me in front of people. From an amateur in the music business to now receiving an international award in less than three years means a lot to me.”
Sagarika is recipient of several awards such as, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Indian Women Role Model Award, Young Achiever Award and many more. Talking about how the 2012 incident inspired the song and how situation remains grim even today, Sagarika says, “Each and every girl not only in India but in the entire world would like to stop the tragic incidences happening against them. My team members and I wanted to do our part and it was only through music we could show what we felt. We started discussing the idea and coincidentally, at that moment, I received a message from Dr Kiran Bedi’s NGO Navjyoti India Foundation to be a part of their women empowerment campaign against eve teasing. Navjyoti ki oar (the Hindi version of Shine a light)) was written specifically for them to be used as the anthem for the campaign. We made the song in Hindi and English so that it can touch the hearts of not only people living in India but the English speaking countries as well. Mellina Barnett and Mellina Barnett both from the UK wrote the lyrics and composed music respectively for the project.”

She adds, “It’s a pity that even today women don’t feel safe. As a young girl residing in Delhi, my parents are scared to let me go out alone. Just with the hope of throwing some light on the plight of women not only in India but everywhere, we have composed the song. It was a pleasant surprise when two French filmmakers Casandra Prerost and Bruno Acard contacted my manager to make a music video of the songs. It proves the desire for a change was burning in the hearts of people across the world. We shot the music video extensively in many parts of Delhi. It was showcased in European Independent Film Festival with much appreciation. Shine a light is an expression of hope and change. It is about kindness and peace, and not rage and anger. President of IWAA, Blair Brown asked me to perform the song during the award ceremony so that more people can join hands in bringing a change in their countries.”

Sagarika belongs to a musical family. Her mother and sister are brilliant singers, she points out and rightly so, her mother is her inspiration. “Ever since I was growing up I saw my mother performing on stage and singing and then I started joining both my mother and sister on stage. My connection with music started at around two and half years of age. Since then there was no looking back. I always knew I will be a performer and stage is where I belong.”

Sagarika is also the creator of world’s first Internet girl band Wild Blossoms, upon asking how did it come together, she replies, “I have always had immense interest in Internet and social media, and I am using these channels to share not only my music, but also talk about women’s empowerment and animal rights. Wild Blossoms was an experiment which will always be very close to my heart, although now I am concentrating on evolving as a solo artist.”

Sagarika will soon be seen in a Punjabi music video and a short film One Wrong Step. “It is a short film produced and directed by the Anhad Studios. It is made under the direction of Ravindra Rajawat and is made for spreading a message and show the world how the young girls are manipulated, even at the hands of their known people and elders. As for the Punjabi video, I am acting and not singing in the video.”

She is presently working on her first solo album and collaborating with songwriters and lyricists from Europe and USA. “One of the songs from the album is already recorded and I am excited for its release, as this may be the first time anyone is making a solo album with people from so many different parts of the world, without even meeting any of them in person. It’s a lengthy process since all of us live in a different time zone and meet only on the Internet.”

February 07, 2014

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By Vikram Dutta

Coming from a musical family, singing has always played a big part of Sagarika Deb’s life. She first stepped on the stage at the tender age of two and a half years. Passionate about mixing the styles and sounds of Western music with Indian music, a fusion, she started a musical project which introduced her to some of the best talents from different parts of the world, taking her to a completely different level in music. Since then there was no looking back.

Her song ‘Teacher’ became semi-finalist in the ‘UK Songwriting Contest’. She is getting Air Plays in BBC Radio, Radio Warwickshire, UK, NewUSB Radio and many more. A beautiful pop ballad, ‘My First Broken Heart’ was number one on the ‘Indian Online Music Charts’ for six consecutive weeks which got her a lot of appreciation and recognition.

Apart from music, Sagarika’s other interest lie in helping the voiceless. She is extremely attached to animals, especially the ones on the streets. “My principle motto in life is, not to tolerate any sort of cruelty, be it on people or on voiceless animals. I must thank my parents for my heart and for the person who I am today”, says Sagarika.

In an exclusive and extensive conversation with LifeBeyondNumbers, Sagarika Shares her heart with us talking about her journey, experiences, achievements, challenges and lots more…


The Person

My entire life juggles around music, my family and my stray dogs. I am blessed to have an exceptionally supportive family and team who understand me as a person and supports me in every move of my life. At present me and my team are preparing for my first Solo EP. We are finalizing the songs and hopefully will be able to release it within this year. It will be a Pop Album and the songs are written and composed by songwriters from Europe and America.

Mostly my day ends after I feed my beloved stray dogs. I have spoiled them well enough to damage my outfits even when I am going out for a video shoot or an event. They have the liberty to approach me anytime with their tantrums and I feel more than happy to oblige to their demands.

The Singer

I started singing professionally after my collaboration with France based music firm, HorizonVU Music. HorizonVU Music is created to promote best emerging female musicians and industry professionals in rock, alternate and folk. I was spotted by them I very strongly believe everything starts with your self confidence.when my lyricist and a very close friend Mellina Barnett saw their post asking for life stories of exceptional female achievers in the field of music. They loved my story and more than that loved my music and together we collaborated to achieve more success in the field of music.

My first musical venture with them was to record my single ‘Shine A Light’ in 2013. The song is really special, not only for me and the women and young girls in India, but for women all over the world. It is written in the hope of bringing light and awareness to those who struggle and suffer with hardship. The lyrics were written with great sensitivity by Mellina Barnett and the music was composed by Billy Playle, both from the UK. I have recorded the song in English and Hindi. The Hindi version was composed for Dr. Kiran Bedi’s NGO, Navjyoti India Foundation, which is used for their Women Empowerment campaign against eve teasing called ‘Bigul’. And I am delighted that we have dedicated the video for “Nirbhaya/Jyoti”.

The song is written in a hope to bring awareness about the brutality which young girls go through in their lives. It’s about hope for a new light for women not only in India but all around the world.

The Achievements

I have been inducted in the prestigious Limca Book of Records in their music special addition 2012. In late 2012 I was awarded with “Assist World Records” by the Honorable Chief Minister of Pondicherry Mr.Thiru N.Rangasamy and was added in their world records book as a part of their research on outstanding achievers.

My hard work was also then noticed by “Delhi Desire” by Dainik Jagran Group and I was honored as the Young Achiever/Top 10 Shining Faces of Delhi/NCR for the Year 2012.

Finalist in the prestigious ‘mBillionth South Asia Awards 2013’ under ‘m-Entertainment’ Category. I had been a speaker for my project at a parallel session on ‘Mobile solution for Entertainment Services’ at the “mBillionth South Asia Awards”. Finalist in the prestigious ‘Manthan Awards Asia Pacific 2013’ under ‘Social Media Excellence and Empowerment’ category. Has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition for the same.

The Humanitarian

I am very closely associated with Dr.Kiran Bedi’s NGO, Navjyoti India Foundation (NIF) by spreading awareness through music. I was first approached by them to compose the theme song for their Women Empowerment campaign called ‘Bigul’ against eve teasing.

It’s a pity that even in today’s world women don’t feel safe even in their own countries. We always wanted to do something about this, since it may be a cause for others but – especially for me, this cause is life. As a young girl residing in Delhi, my parents are scared to let me go out alone because of the fear of losing me forever. Just with the hope of throwing some light on the plight of women not only in India but everywhere, we have composed the song and the video has been shot in Delhi by two French Film Makers, Casandra Prerost and Bruno Acard. We will continue our fight along with NIF by our side, hoping one day we will be able to bring some change.

It’s a pity that even in today’s world women don’t feel safe even in their own countries. My association with Animal Rights has been by birth. Me and my family are very fond of animals, especially the strays. I was filled with horror and revulsion when I found out the ways the voiceless creatures are tortured by humans. That forced me to give up eating meat and fight for animal rights.

Today apart from feeding the stray dogs, me and my friend, Abhishek Kachhawaha run a facebook community and blog with the name of ‘We Feel The Pain For Animals’ educating people about the cruelties on animals and trying to bring some positive change in the world.

I am also a “Colony Care Taker” for the stray animals and hold the ‘Government ID Card’ for the same. It states very well in Article 51-A(g) of the Indian Constitution that – “It shall be duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife and to have compassion for living creatures.”

I don’t see why anyone will have to be heartless towards the creatures that do not have their own voices to speak about their plight. I and people like me proudly says, we are “voices for the voiceless”. Perhaps I can give jobs of taking care of the animals to the jobless people and give them an opportunity to earn their own living respectfully and also compassionately.

The Challenges

My journey so far has been like a roller coaster ride, full of ups and down. Starting the venture with an internet based project was not easy at all. At the starting of my career people thought I was out of my mind when I said I had no money but I wanted to make my project a reality. There were hardships and challenges, but who hasn’t faced hardships when starting something new?

The biggest challenge I have faced is sitting on the computer to communicate with my team mates. What people don’t know about me is – I am a person who likes to be active, up on my toes. Sitting on the same spot, answering emails the entire day was like a personal challenge. Because of this I am unable to watch a movie which is longer than one and half hour (laughs…).

Professionally, at the early stages there were communication gaps, cultural differences and one of the most important factors and time differences making the working process difficult. But slowly we are able to overcome all of these issues. Now me and my current team of HorizonVU Music are working brilliantly together. I have learned thoroughly to work as a team and my biggest learning has been it’s always ‘WE’ not me. Whatever I have been able to achieve today is due to a team effort. The support that I got from all of the members and of course from my family was unbelievable. A successful artist only wants a team on whom they can rely on, without the fear of losing anything and luckily I am at that stage now.

The Way Forward

Five years down the lane I see myself as a successful music artist as well as a social worker for the causes. I also see myself setting up an NGO for animals which will not be restricted to animals but for many other as well. I have a very dedicated management and creative team and I see myself growing fully as a music artist under their guidance and influence. I am already working on my solo EP, waiting for my first video release and preparing for my second video shoot. Everyone will be surprised to know that I haven’t met any of my team mates in person yet, and just after knowing me virtually and over the phone they have managed to arrange for the video shoot and had sent film directors, all the way from Paris.

I very strongly believe everything starts with your self confidence, so all of this makes me want to think I have a bright future as musical artist ahead and this is just the beginning of my journey…



Navjyoti Ki Oar is about the hope of a new light for all the women suffering in the world, especially the women in India. The song is written specifically for Dr.Kiran Bedi, ‘The Women of Substance’s NGO, Navjyoti India Foundation. Help fight this evil with us, let our fingers unite and show your support with the form of donations. Even one penny donated by each person will make a huge effort when united. So, come let our small effort help wipe someone’s tears.

You can download Navjyoti Ki Oar free and please consider a donation to the Navjyoti India Foundation.

With many thanks, Sagarika

What’s The Buzz ?

“A song we created for Dr.Kiran Bedi’s NGO, Navjyoti India Foundations to support Women Empowerment. FOR THE WOMEN ALL OVER THE WORLD SUFFERING!Listen to the song, follow the meaning and act to stop the cruelty. Women have rights to breath and live in free air as much as men do. A small effort from your end can make a huge difference. Lets stop the violence and TOGETHER we can shine a light ”


(Slow Version)Together We Can Shine a Light (ENGLISH) (Lyricist – Melinna Barnett)

VERSE ONE Darkness seems to follow me Even the sun can’t warm my heart Because when I lay down to sleep I fall apart……I fall apart

VERSE TWO I try to fly, with my dreams For just a moment I’m really free To follow my path, feel the wind And life is beautiful, beautiful for me

CHORUS With every breathe I pray That our fingers are linked as one That a river will flow and carry me To where a peace is found Help me find my voice – Pull me from the shadow and let your love be bright And with your hand in mine, we can shine a light We can shine a light

VERSE THREE Do-you-think-of-me, do you care? Across the stars can you feel my pain? Am I a memory, with, yesterday’s news? Am I Just a shadow, without a name

VERSE FOUR Can you be my strength when I’m tired? Will you look beyond today? Will you take a stand and hold me When, when the tears get in the way

CHORUS With every breathe I pray That our fingers are linked as one That a river will flow and carry me To where a peace is found Help me find my voice Pull me from the shadow and let your love be bright And with your hand in mine we can shine a light We can shine a light

BRIDGE And with you we can break these chains that hold us down The world is small when we all unite…..And together we can shine a light Together we can be free and shine a light

CHORUS With every breathe I pray That our fingers are linked as one That a river will flow and carry me To where a peace is found Help me find my voice Pull me from the shadow and let your love be bright And with your hand in mine we can shine a light We can shine a light
HINDI Navjyoti Ki Or (Slow Version) (Lyricist – Mellina Barnett (UK) & Sagarika (India) )

V1 Andhera hai ghere mujhe Suraj na kiya roshan ye dil Kyun apne hi watan me mujhe Toda gaya jhanjhora gaya

V2Udne ki chah thi meri bhi Bas ek hi pal mein ud saki Aazaad hu mein khwabo me To zindagi hansi hai mere liye
CHORUSHar saans me ab ye prarthana hai meri ki ek ho jaye hum sabhi banke ek awaaz, bajake bigulBeh chalo us chaao ki orJo le chale humeNavjyoti ki or Navjyoti ki or

V3Socha hai kabhi, kya mere liye? Sitaro ke paar kiya mehsoor kabhi? Kya hu mein kal ki khatar ki smriti? Ya benam saaye ki ek chhavi?
V4Thamo haath mera jab mein pukaru Nazre na churao mujhse Saath do mera jab aazaadi ka, mein, bigul mein bajau,

CHORUSHar saans me ab ye prarthana hai meri ki ek ho jaye hum sabhi banke ek awaaz, bajake bigulBeh chalo us chaao ki orJo le chale humeNavjyoti Ki orNavjyoti Ki Or

BRIDGEHo saath hum to badiyo ko, tod hum de, Jo ho ekta to ye duniya hai, chhoti si To beh chalo us chaao ki or Sath hum chale navjyoti ki or

CHORUSHar saans me ab ye prarthana hai meri ki ek ho jaye hum sabhi banke ek awaaz, bajake bigul,Beh chalo us chaao ki orJo le chale humeNavjyoti ki or Navjyoti ki or

What’s The Buzz ?

SHE_002Sagarika Deb was awarded the ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ by the Navjyoti India Foundation for support to Skill Upgradation and Community Development Programs. The award was given by Dr.Kiran Bedi and Mr.Manoj Shokeen, MLA, Mundka Constituency. Sagarika was given the award for her dedicated efforts to the cause.

The show ended with Sagarika’s performance of the Gratitude song. Kiran mam liked it so much that Sagarika was asked to sing it a second time. Initially, the audience did not understand that the performance was live. They thought a recorded song was played! Everyone involved in the performance joined together on the stage and sang The song together. Everyone appreciated Sagarika’s performance very much, and they extended invitations to future events. Truly an awesome day for Sagarika.

A member of the Brahma Kumari’s World Spiritual University was awarded in the ceremony too.

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