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Maria001_smallMaria Zubova, Media Writer, Music

Maria Zubova and “Maria’s Sound Space…” is a regular column for HorizonVU Music. Maria has a passion for music and she likes to communicate about it. Maria is herself a trained musician. She is follows photography, arts, fashion, and travel. Of course, she frequently attends different concerts and rock festivals.

HorizonVU Music, Women Of Substance Radio, Photography@ Sue Rynski and Café OZ invite you to a night of music for everyone Andrea Soler with guitarist James Ross and Paris-based folk-rocker Hannah Judson head up a double bill 9 and 10 September!

Sunday 9th September 2012 – Café OZ, Paris
Café OZ Grand Boulevards
75009 Paris
8, Boulevard Montmartre
75009 Paris
Entrance Free – Donation to Christina Noble Foundation

Monday 10th September 2012 – The Bombardier, Paris
The Bombardier
2 place du Pantheon
75005 Paris
Entrance Free

Hot summer days in Paris! Welcome to everyone who never forgets music – even while having a sunstrocke) Let’s take a listen and look to a great artist discovering some of her best songs – Andrea Soler!

Andrea is an Australian singer-songwriter with a spicy blood-mix of Spanich and French roots. She is an experienced artist having two albums and numerous concerts and festivals to her name. Her band has performed at last year’s renowned Woodford Folk Festival, Dorrigo Folk Festival, Mullum Music Festival and has also won ABC North Coast Artist of The Week, ‘Female Vocals’ and ‘World Music’ categories at The 2010 North Coast Music Industry Awards in Australia. More recently, she became a 2012 Music Oz Awards Finalist. “Her music evokes the tradition of the troubadour with a beguiling joie de vivre taking the listener on a journey through the realms of indie folk, jazz, roots and world music.”

Andrea has a unique mix of various music styles and streams with a velvet voice that turns out to be a ‘cherry on the cake’. She is very passionate on the stage, so never lose any opportunity to see her live concert! The audience is always covered by her calm, rhythmic music tracks as well as her sunny smile and charming presence. Andrea manages to hold a crowd without being loud: real music from a true artist can attract people with a high level of professionalism, its clarity and beauty.

“My passion is to share my joy of music and life!” – she says and proves it through her own songs. One of the most positive examples is “Daydreamer” which comes with a recently created video clip. It tells a story of a girl whose biggest talent is to dream! Listeners can relate – the track parallels with self-reflection – while listening to this sunny and warm melody. The video suits the lyrics of the song. It’s very creative and exciting at the same time: lots of balloons, smiles, lights, surprises -everything that one might, well, dream about!

Andrea’s first album, the fourteen track, “Earth On An Axis” shouldn’t be missed. “Waiting For The Moon” is a romantic song with very beautiful melody, catchy rhythm, and marvelous vocals. It’s a calm and pleasant track showing another side of Andrea’s soul. One of the most interesting songs for me turned out to be “The Flowers”. It has its own very many-sided and peculiar character. The guitar solo and long pauses makes it unique, reticent and penetrating. The lyrics are structured so to create a picture in our mind. “I leaved the flowers on the table with a lonely chair in the

Andrea Soler with James Ross

Andrea Soler with James Ross

corner”. This first line instantly brings listeners into her world. “Earth On An Axis” the namesake track is rhythmic in the spirit of her minimalist folk-roots base, and it’s an active song with some gentle jazz accents. Here you’ll also find some melancholy in Andrea’s words about her home country, Australia.

People of so various music preferences and tastes can find something interesting and pleasant for themselves in her music, different tracks. She has been on her European “Daydreamer” tour with guitarist James Ross all summer. If your in Paris, I advise you to use an opportunity and visit at least one of Andea’s upcoming concerts!

Thursday 6th September -Le Bistrot 82, Montmatre, Paris
Sunday 9th September – Oz Cafe, Grand Boulevards, Paris
(Benefit Concert for Association Christina Nobel)
Monday 10th September – Bombardier, Latin Quater, Paris

“Do not miss any opportunity to see Andrea Soler play live.This Australian singer-songwriter has brought a much needed helping of antipodean warmth and manages to blend so many rhythms and ideas, emotions and moods into her music. A brilliant, imaginative original artist.” Ian Peterson – LIVE WIRE, UK.

Maria Zubova

What’s The Buzz ?

Welcome to my first blog for the year, and thank you to all my
new friends who have joined this cyberspace connection!

Daydreamer EP Coming Soon…

It’s been two years since recording Earth On An Axis at the
wonderful Sonic Kitchen Studios (UK) and I’m currently recording
a brand new EP at Love Street Studios in Currumbin. It’s been a
really fun process and I am so excited to be launching
‘Daydreamer’ very soon. (May in fact!) Daydreamer has five
tracks and they are a collection of songs I’ve written on the
ukulele. It’s a sort of snap shot in time of how much fun this
lil’ instrument is and how the uke has inspired my song writing.
I love the way ukes are so portable and playable pretty much
anywhere. No wonder there’s an apparent shortage of em around
the globe.

We’re planning an east coast tour during May before jetting off
to tour in the UK and Europe in June-September. I’ve got some
dates already up on www.andreasoler.com so hopefully we’ll be
coming to a town near you! More dates and projects to be


Me, James Ross, Shay Henderson, Elvis Callaghan, and Alex Elfes

I had the delight of playing the 2011/12 Woodford Folk Festival.

It was my first time performing with my own band, and I literally
had to pinch myself before heading on stage at The Duck (one of
my fave venues too!) We played live on ABC radio and also
featured on 4zzz’s Woodford program.

-Song writers on Song writing at Woodford-

One of my other highlights was to conduct a workshop on song
writing. I roped the whole band into this one because we all have
different backgrounds in song writing and music and we could all
bring something to the workshop. After an hour and a half, the
end product was an awesome song that we wrote all together –
melody & lyrics (with more that sixty people!). Luckily Goba
filmed it and it will be uploaded onto youtube .. Might be the
next big hit!

-Sewing, Bunting and a Film Clip-

It’s nice to have those days where you don’t have to be anywhere
in particular, the kettle is on, and the creative juices are
flowing. This happened for me and my mum a few weeks ago. We had
a brainwave to make some bunting for the upcoming Daydreamer film
clip. What better way to give a party-fiesta feel? Somehow this
bunting takes me back to childhood. Strawberry Shortcake,
climbing trees & sunny afternoon daydreams! Hope you like it!

Mum working her magic

I love the red with spots!

I think that was my 10th cup of tea for the day!

Until next time…feel free to share this email with your
friends, and if you want us to play a house concert in the month
of May in Australia, or June in the UK/Europe let us know!

Much love,

Andrea x

Visit Andrea at http://andreasoler.com/ and http://www.reverbnation.com/andreasolermusic

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