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September is coming to an end and here at ÉCU we’ve been extremely busy getting back into the swing of things. While our summer interns may have gone off back to their studies, off to live with monks or eskimos or have just gone off to pursue the usual other things that humans do, a wave of fresh blood has flooded into the office bringing in with them even more exciting ideas that we will be bringing to you over the following months! Say hello to Tommaso, Georgia, Habiba, Christian and Geidre and Mathilde!

As well as our amazing new interns, ÉCU are very happy to announce that we have established two new partnerships this month with two great European festivals, the Sgaurdi Altrove Film Festival in Milan and Arouca Film Festival in Arouca, Portugal. Both are very exciting and promote creativity and innovation through independent film. We are glad to have them on board and look forward to working with them with our ÉCU-ON-THE-ROAD events.

ÉCU-ON-THE-ROAD reached far and wide this month with both ÉCU-in-NAPPERVILLE and ÉCU-in-INNSTRASSE screening films from our collection. Twenty award winning films from ÉCU’s 2015 edition were screened at the Naperville Film Festival in Illinois, USA from 12th to 19th September 2015. Two films from ÉCU’s 2015 Official Selection, Border Trafficking and One Thousand and One Teardrops were screened at the Sommernachtskino open air cinema in Walther’s park in Innsbruck, Austria as part of the Tyrolean Independent Film Festival on September 18th. The adventure doesn’t stop there, as our films will be making their way to Egypt for the Qabila Film Festival from 8th to 10th October, Denmark for the Aarhus Independent Pixels from 16th to 18th October and Morocco for the 8th Tangier International Film Festival from 20th to 24th October.

This month we are also very pleased to announce the launch of our ÉCU movie review, with an article each week dedicated to one of the latest releases of indie films. The first film we have chosen to review is La Vanité by Lionel Baier. Keep checking our website to say up to date with the films we have been creeping into the cinemas late at night to see.

Whilst you are doing that also have a look at our spotlight articles. We are constantly searching for interesting characters in the film world to write about and this month an eclectic mix of Tippi Hedren, Quentin Dupieux (also known as Mr Oizo), David Lynch and the wonderful Bill Murray have made it onto our list.

Submissions keep rolling in and we have had a lot of interest this month so you will have a lot of films to look forward to during our festival from 8th -10th April 2016. In the mean time you can keep up to date through our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) and watch the latest submission trailers on our Youtube page. October is approaching and we are sure there is a lot more to come, so keep your eyes peeled for our latest escapades!


What’s The Buzz ?

The holiday fever is already halfway through. Paris seems to be more relaxed than ever, though things never stop buzzling around. There are many exciting activities to indulge yourself into – all the culture events, or simply drinks and sun at the Paris Plage. This year fireworks on the National Bastille Day were spectacular as always, but don’t forget- on chilly and quieter nights you can always choose to cosy up and watch some cool indie films on our channel euroifc.com. So as it‘s been said, summer is a perfect time to visit.

Seeing everyone taking it a little bit easier, ÉCU team also sneaks out sometimes into the streets of Paris. Still, we always keep our eyes wide open, look for inspiration, try to be creative and involved, all for making the upcoming XI edition of the ÉCU Film Festival happen again on April 8-9-10, 2016.

parrot droneThe month of July was hectic but exciting; we received loads of new and cool indie film submissions, also our partner’s network keep on expanding; festivals from all around the world are welcome to join and unite the forces! We feel that it is one of best way to help talented filmmakers, screenwriters to show their work to as many innovative and international audiences as possible. This is what we all work towards! For the same reason we are always excited to reward the hardest working- we recently sent out the Parrot Drone for the winner of the Best Director award at ÉCU 2015 – Tannaz Hazemi. Hope it is flying high and making some great shots! Thus it is a small reminder to you all that even on holidays amazing ideas can be born and award-winning movies can be made. Submit them early and stay calm; ÉCU team will handle it from on-wards.

Lastly, don’t forget to stay in touch with ÉCU through our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more… We will make sure to keep you updated with the latest cinema news and events in Paris and other interesting and amusing stuff: interviews with filmmakers, spotlight articles about directors and movie-makers, as well as all the short videos our interns have been creating.

Have a great summer,

ÉCU team.

Our team has been enjoying the spring sunshine and preparing for the next edition of ÉCU. Couple of really exciting news here: firstly, the new dates for our XI edition have been announced – mark your calendars for April 8-9-10, 2016 for the coolest indie fun ever. Secondly, ÉCU is now opened for submissions, so all independent filmmakers, send in your works now, you do not want to miss out on the chance to screen your work before a global audience at the most significant indie film event in Europe. Be sure to submit early!

ÉCU is always on the road and our search for the greatest independent films never ends. From May 17th – 24th ÉCU was hunting the emerging talent at the Cannes Film Festival. From early in the morning in the Palais to very late at night in the after-parties, we quickly learned that networking never ends! Make sure you check out our Cannes section of the website to see what our team was up to.

ÉCU is screening two films from its 2015 Official Selection at Cabriolet Film Festival in Lebanon. BENEATH WATER by Charlie Manton and LAST WILL: IDYLL by Alice von Gwinner will be competing for the prestigious film awards in Beirut City over the weekend of May 29th – 31st. Also we are happy to be part of Clare Valley Film Festival’s special educational project taking place on May 30th, where HUMAN by Brigitte Drodtoff, another Official Selection film from our 2015 edition will be screened. There are many other interesting stops planned, so keep checking our website for all the updates.

Here at the office we continue to organize ÉCU 2016 as we promote all of the films screened in the latest festival, looking forward to celebrating 11 years of incredible indie work. We hope you’re excited as we are for what the next month has in store!

Stay cool. Stay indie!
ÉCU Team

ECU_2015_blog_smallWhether imagined or real, stories are created every day, and the world is always in need of a good story. Character-driven, plot-driven, or just plain-driven ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival continually searches for the most talented storytellers and cinematic visionaries.

Through this dedicated quest and passion for independent cinema, ÉCU prides itself on being one of Europe’s premier events for independent films. This stems from the festival’s unyielding belief in its filmmakers and their artistic efforts.

ÉCU 2016 will take place in Paris, France from April 8th to 10th 2016.

“For the last 11 years, we are honored to have been able to help creativity, innovation and a true independent spirit around the festival. ÉCU has developed into a global 12-month event, combining our 3-day event in Paris with our global ÉCU-on-the-Road tour where we promote our Official Selection films to a worldwide audience. We help filmmakers to share their amazing stories and we look forward to another great year of spreading the word that great indie films are the fabric of our souls.” says Scott Hillier, founder and President of ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival.

The competition focuses on original and independent works that demonstrate quality, creativity and innovation across fourteen categories.

European Categories: – Dramatic Feature – Dramatic Short – Documentary – Animation – Experimental – Music Video – Comedy

Non-European Categories: – Dramatic Feature – Dramatic Short – Documentary

Worldwide (European and Non-European) Categories: – Student Film – Feature Script Competition – Short Script Competition – Arab Special Section

Early Bird Deadline: November 22nd, 2015 Regular Deadline: December 20th, 2015 Late Deadline: January 10th, 2016 Withoutabox Extended Deadline : January 17th, 2016

ÉCU 2016 will also host its 10th annual “Much More Than A Script Competition!” The script competition gives writers the opportunity to shine and be acknowledged for being a central part of the collaborative filmmaking process. The competition focuses on independent screenplays that are not aimed at the mainstream or Hollywood film markets and demonstrate quality, creativity and innovation. Several of the scripts that have competed have been made into films.

Deadline: March 6th, 2016.

Independent filmmakers and scriptwriters may submit their films and/or scripts at via Withoutabox, FilmFreeway or directly from HERE. For information regarding the festival’s rules and regulation for submitting films and screenplays, please visit: Rules-and-Regulations.

ECU_2015_blog_smallThe 10th European Independent Film Festival – ÉCU – is nearly here! The Festival is dedicated to the discovery and advancement of

Tarah Who? with Phil Cartwright

Tarah Who? with HorizonVU's Phil Cartwright

the very best independent filmmakers from around the world and proudly provides a unique platform for risk-taking storytellers to reach the broadest audiences possible.

The annual festival showcases films that demonstrate quality, innovation, and creativity in both form and content. These qualities are judged in 14 categories, 7 of which are open to non-European filmmakers (from the Americas, Australia, Africa, and Asia), and compete for 24 awards. Jury members come from around the globe, have a variety of backgrounds, and are all united in their desire to screen films that will truly impress and inspire attendees.

Excitement builds from the Festival Launch Party on 11 March 2015 at Badaboum! In addition to welcoming remarks by Scott Hillier, President, The European Independent Film Festival and Kädi Lokk, Manager, the party featured music from Nausicaa, Tarah Who? and Milky WAY!

This year, HorizonVU Music is proud to sponsor “Innovation and the Cinema in the 21st Century” a workshop directed by Philippe Duvivier (Sennheiser) who will present jointly with Juliette Valsamidis (HorizonVU Music).

Innovation and the Cinema in the 21st Century
Where: Les 7 Parnassiens (Petite Salle)
When: Sunday, April 12th // 10:30 – 11:30

Philippe Duvivier

Philippe Duvivier

Juliette Valsamidis

Juliette Valsamidis



The program will also feature music by singer/songwriter Cam. Come and see amazing live demos, and discuss with us innovation and potential disruptions in the movie and sound businesses. This year the Festival has an added surprise for you… one super SPECIAL award has been added honoring EXCELLENCE IN WOMEN’S FILMMAKING !

All the information you need to enjoy this years festival can be found at the Festival’s site. See you there!!!

ECU_2015HVUM_logo_150x150The European Independent Film Festival is just weeks away! HorizonVU Music is sponsoring “Innovation and the Cinema in the 21st Century” a workshop directed and facilitated by Philippe Philippe Duvivier, a Business Developer involved today with Parrot drones and Sennheiser Streaming Technologies. Philippe will be joined by Juliette Valsamidis representing HorizonVU

“Innovation and the Cinema in the 21st Century”

Date: 12 April 2015
Time: 10h30
Place: Les 7 Parnessiens Cinema, Salle 4
98 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris

This is a workshop not to be missed! Why?

Philippe Duvivier

Philippe Duvivier

Juliette Valsamidis

Juliette Valsamidis

Think about it…What if spectators could use their smartphone at the cinema ? What if movie cameras could fly ? What if birds could help ? What if sound could be layered ? What if everyone could adjust content to his/her wishes and needs ? What if spectators could decide on the framing ? What if sound could be as directive as a laser ? What if movies could be immersive ? What if everyone could get a personalised experience ?

Would all of this be possible, what would it mean for each one of us, as a scenarist, a director, a producer, a cinema owner or a spectator ?

Come and see amazing live demos, and discuss with us innovation and potential disruptions in the movie and sound businesses.

The new year has started, our team is expanding, ÉCU 2015 is approaching and the Official Selection of the Festival is finally out! Yes, dear indie lovers and supporters, we keep working hard for you.

If you need inspiration take a look at the Spotlight section – we have a lot of badass women filmmakers this month. And if you have just completed a cool and original script – why don’t you try to compete at ÉCU 2015 script competition? Look below, you still have time to do it!

Stay updated reading what we have done in Brazil (don’t be too jealous, we didn’t go surfing), and what we are planning to do in Paris during this lovely February: we have a couple of ideas that you can steal from us for sure.

And while you think about all of that, click on euroifc.com and watch the new indie movies we have released this month: procrastinating because of indie binge-watching is OK.

Don’t forget to stay in touch with us, follow / liking / retweeting / stalking us whenever and wherever you want.

And remember: APRIL 10th IS THE DATE.
See you soon in Paris!

/ ÉCU Team /

Love is in the air…February is the shortest and sweetest month with Valentines Day smack bang in the middle. Whether you want some date ideas to dazzle your loved one or some distraction from being on your lonesome, we’ve got things to do for you here:


For the film buff with a conscience, FIFE (International Environmental Film Festival) is offering a huge variety of documentaries and fiction films inspired by our planet’s plight. César award-winning director Martin Provost leads the jury. 3-10th February

Head to Art Ludique to see the concept art and sketches of Studio Ghibli, known for their highly poetic animated films PRINCESS MONONOKE and SPIRITED AWAY. Until March 1st.


Deep in the depths of the Bois de Boulogne is a stark modern building, Foundation Louis Vuitton, and Olafur Eliasson is providing the highly immersive opening exhibition. Come in from the rain and contemplate for a within his magical landscapes. Until February 15th

The Pompidou have rustled this exhibition together in record time after the atrocity that shook the country. For those who want to no more about this infamous paper, come and see their entire history on display. Until February 27th.


Indie folksters Alt-J are rocking Le Zénith with their infectious songs that stand out from the crowd of trendy wannabes. Get a ticket before they inevitably sell out. February 4th

For the older (or retro-loving) indie folk, catchy as hell The Divine Comedy are playing in Paris too. Check out their hilarious classic ‘The National Express’ for a satirical criticism of coach travel. February 11th at Philharmonie de Paris


Where is this? The Amazon? Believe it or not this is in our very own Paris in the lovely park Buttes Chaumont. With waterfalls, caves, an island and lots of grassy slopes, there’s plenty of perfect make-out spots.

“Uno-dos-tres, cuatro-cinco-seis” Tango dance on the banks of the Seine for a romantic and inexpensive treat. Head down to Quai St. Bernard and join in the fun or drink wine and watch amazedly.

Published on 2 February 2015

Your pumpkin is starting to rot but it’s still too early to put up the tinsel. What is there to do in November?! Never fear. ÉCU is here to save you from boredom.


Paris International Fantastic Film Festival
Gaumont Opéra
19th-24th November

If you are sick of realist drama films then 6 days of Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction should help you escape the everyday. Created in 2011 by cult magazine Mad Movies, this festival is still young but it might become as big as the UK’s Frightfest or Portugal’s Fantasporto.

Not recommend for the fainthearted.

Portraits of Women in Chinese Cinema
Cinematheque Française
19th – 30th November

From the 1930s before the revolution all the way up to the present day, this comprehensive series of screenings show the changing roles of women in China. Familiar names like Zhang Yimou and Wong Kar-Wai pop up along with a whole host of surprises you would have never heard of. Maggie Cheung, most famous for IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000), will be speaking at the Cinematheque Française so that is a must see.


Salon de la Photo
Parc des Expos de Paris
13th – 17th November

November is officially photography month in Paris and the most important event of all is the Salon de la Photo with every photography service and product under the sun exhibiting, along with the ZOOM award nominations. Sabine Weiss (pictured), a Swiss child-prodigy who went from advertising to reportage to vogue is given a startling retrospective. Through her career she took some of the most defining images of Paris.

David Bailey
Galerie Thierry Marlat
November 3rd to December 6th

British photographer David Bailey spent a great deal of time capturing the big names of 1960s Paris. You can see a range of chic snaps from actress Catherine Deneuve (pictured) to filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard and singer Jane Birkin.


Palais Des Sports
November 1st

Metronomy have come a long way from the small countryside town of Totnes and become one of the catchiest indie-pop bands of the last decade. They will be performing songs from their latest album ‘Love Letters’ at the spectacular Palais des sports. Make sure you bring your Converse Allstars and your skinny jeans ready for some dancing.

Africolor 2014
Across Paris
15th November to 24th December

In its 25th year, Africolor celebrates African culture in all its vibrancy in a series of concerts, film screenings and music workshops. One such concert is the brilliant kora player Chérif Soumano. Taking place on the outskirts of town, all the way from Saint-Ouen to Montreuil, this festival is well worth the trip.


Salon Saveurs des plaisirs gourmands
Porte de Versailles
19th to the 23rd November

For only 10 euros you try the best of the best of French gourmet cooking. There are restaurants, celebrity chefs, tastings and food trucks. Make sure you arrive with a healthy appetite.

Le Grand Tasting
Carroussel du Louvre
28th – 29th November

For those of you who prefer a ‘liquid diet’ you can pay 20 euros for what is effectively a very refined and high-class open wine bar. All the major wine regions of France are represented along with an Italian section and one or two from areas further afield such as Turkey, Lebanon and Chili.

Don’t forget to stay in touch with ÉCU through: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

September is finishing, and so is summer apparently. We’ve had an amazingly warm month where Parisians haven’t had their notorious cranky attitude, but they’ve actually seemed to enjoy their life, taking their “apéros” near the canals and lying down on the beautiful parks.

ÉCU team has had a busy but exciting month; we received loads of cool indie film submissions and we made new festival partners from all around the world! We feel that joining the forces with other festivals could help the very best talents to screen their fresh and innovative films to as many international audiences and industry representatives as possible.

Indeed this month our beloved partner Naperville Independent Film Festival in the US has shown 14 films from the 2014 edition of ÉCU to the American audiences. We are very happy and proud of this long-lasting collaboration and we cannot wait for October, when other two European festivals will showcase our films: Tyrolean Independent Film Festival in Austria and Aarhus Independent Pixels in Denmark.

Being surrounded by the long and naked legged fashion week models, Paris is surrounded by beauty and charm. If you are a filmmaker there is no more excuse for procrastinating… Send us your films; we would love to see what the indie world has to offer this autumn!

Don’t forget to stay in touch with ÉCU through our channels: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more… We will make sure you will keep being updated with the latest news about independent cinema, about autumn events in Paris and other interesting and amusing stuff.

First published on 25 September 2014

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