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What’s The Buzz ?

Sweet Soubrette's Front Woman Ellia Bisker Photo: Darren Mayhem

Sweet Soubrette's Front Woman Ellia Bisker Photo: Darren Mayhem

Glittering glamour meets bad communication in Sweet Soubrette’s soul-inspired disco-pop number “Be My Man,” which takes on love, longing, light bondage, and the things we just can’t talk about.

“Be My Man” shows off the lush sound of Brooklyn indie rockers Sweet Soubrette, featuring front woman Ellia Bisker’s smoldering vocals backed by a horn section, an infectious bass line, and a Sharon Jones-inspired vibe. The music video features backup dancers in matching sequins, Busby Berkley-inspired choreography, and the kind of bad relationship you just don’t want to end. This glittery, disco-pop/soul-inspired track was previewed on last year’s “What’s My Desire” EP, and will be on Sweet Soubrette’s new album, “Burning City,” releasing in November.

“Be My Man” is available as a free download via Bandamp http://sweetsoubrette.us4.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=964cc6f1226406a4b1e8b276b&id=178436ffa1&e=c29937ddac

What’s The Buzz ?

Music blog New York Music Daily describes Charming Disaster as “dangerously torchy noir cabaret and gypsy rock,” and reviewed a recent show as “menacingly charming.” Inspirations for their songs include books, films…and the East River Ferry. This two-person supergroup writes and performs duets about love, crime, and the supernatural, exploring in song the different kinds of trouble a couple of people can get into – from auto theft to paranormal romance to con artists and carnival performers.

When Brooklyn duo Charming Disaster was formed by Ellia Bisker and Jeff Morris last summer, they needed an easy way to meet for rehearsals. Morris was working in Long Island City and Bisker in Midtown Manhattan, so Bisker would ride the 7 train to Hunters Point, where they would board the East River Ferry together to practice in South Williamsburg. The ferry ride quickly became an extension of their rehearsal, where they would rework lyrics and discuss new song ideas as they traveled.

Although it began as a convenience, it didn’t take long for them to fall in love with the ferry ride itself. The majestic view of the city skyline, the exhilarating river breeze, and the rhythmic swaying of the boat inspired the band’s tribute: the East River Ferry Waltz.

Just a few weeks after Charming Disaster self-released a studio recording of their song, the East River Ferry took notice, sharing it on their official website. The ferry service’s online presence is often a forum for angry riders, so a love song was likely a welcome change of pace. The band hopes the East River Ferry will use it as their theme song.

Charming Disaster has begun recording their first album. A free download of East River Ferry Waltz is available at charmingdisaster.bandcamp.com. They will perform live at Dixon Place on Wednesday August 7.

Visit Charming Disaster at www.charmingdisaster.com

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