Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor is Director Industry and Artist Relations, HorizonVU Music. Tony has been involved with the music scene internationally since his teenage years. He has written for several music publications, most notably the Country Rock and American Lifestyle magazine, Dreamwest, for which he spent five years as the International Artistic Director. His ambition now is to help to bring together the Music, Film, and Fashion scenes in order to spread the message about the dangers of Climate Change.

She learned the guitar at 13. In 1999, back from a trip to the United States, she met Michel Giovanetti, and co-founded with him the group Superbus, with Jennifer becoming the lead singer and songwriter.

TT: Jenn, thanks so much for taking time out to join us here at HorizonVU Music. It has been documented that your fondness for the US stems from the time you spent there as a teenager. This being said, which American artists would you say influenced you the most with regard to the style you later developed with Superbus?

JA: I’ve always been influenced by female leaders, as far as I remember, the first person who stood out in my mind when I was a child

Superbus Photo: François Berthier for Lizmag

Superbus Photo: François Berthier for Lizmag

was German!

It was Nina Hagen! after that, the French duo Les Rita Mitsouko, and then I discovered lots of American or English bands such as Sublime, Nirvana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madness, The Specials, and bands with female lead singers like No Doubt, Blondie, Texas, Garbage. I was impressed to see all those women behaving like men, with a very girly side. it’s the kind of mix that I like.

TT: You announced the launch of your first solo album last November, subsequently followed by the release of the tracks Si J’essaye and L’Américain. What were the circumstances that led up to you producing your first solo album under the pseudonym Jenn Ayache?

Jenn Ayache_003JA: After almost 15 years in a band, writing and imagining things for a band, and touring a lot, I needed to change something, and re-invent myself. Superbus is my family, this “solo” album is just a kind of new movie for me,in which I play a new caracter, the person I am today. And I needed to prove myself that I was ready to be more alone, that I was not a child anymore, that I could manage everything by myself. Jenn Ayache is my real name, so I’m not hiding myself behind 4 tall guys, or behind the name of a band.

TT: The single and video for L’Américain have received critical acclaim around the globe. What in particular made you decide to film the video for this single in the US rather than in France or elsewhere?

JA: L’Americain is a song written for someone that I know, who makes me think about all those cliché that girls have about the real American guy. The way he smokes, the way he combs his hair backwards, like James Dean, or all those American actors from the 50’s. So for the video I needed to see this guy in his own element, the U.S.A , the desert, the sun. We have lots of beautiful things in France, but I needed to see the landscape I’m talking about in the song.

TT: Let’s have a look and listen to “L’Americain”.

TT: Besides your successful career in the music industry, you have also been involved in films both in front of and behind the camera. How would you say your passion for Cinema has complemented your work as a singer/songwriter?

JA: I often start to write a song because of images, or a detail on someone, or something, it’s always visual first. So for me it’s natural, ears and eyes go together. The music in a movie is really important, and when it’s really matching, you feel the perfect sensation. I like to write my own video scripts to be sure I will show what was on my mind when I was writing the song and then work with different directors to get more ideas, as I love to share ideas!

TT: HorizonVuMusic is currently involved in a campaign to unite the Music, Film, and Fashion worlds behind the ‘Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network’ (WECAN) Climate Change Declaration. What are your personal views on the Climate Change Debate, and, do you find that this is a topic often discussed by french artists?

I’m trying to take care of my planet every time I can, because it’s our home. And I think we should definitely discuss more about all the things we could still change to try to arrange the situation.

TT: What other projects do you have in the pipeline for the remainder of 2014?

JA: More videos, more music and a tour that will start this Fall. Let’s be creative!

Okay! Again, Jenn all of us at HorizonVU Music thank you for taking time out to join us. We know you and the band are going to continue to enjoy success going forward.

Be sure to visit Jenn Ayache on Facebook and Twitter and at the Superbus site.