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Future Loves Past’s “Grow Up tall” Video Debuts on Paste

Future Loves Past – Grow Up Tall (Official Video) from Common Wall on Vimeo.

Future Loves Past is Eric Palmer (vocals/bass/guitar), Tristan DeDe (guitar/keys/vocals), Sean Wintrow (keys/bass/vocals), Sarah Hibner (vocals/keys/percussion), and Enrique Naranjo (drums).

Future Loves Past is a psychedelic soul-pop band from Tempe, Arizona. They are well established in their hometown and are known for their energetic, dance-inspiring shows and their eclectic, rich aural creations. The band formed in 2010 out of the ashes of founding members Palmer and DeDe’s previous project, Indias.

Future Loves Past’s debut full-length album, All the Luscious Plants will be released September 24th, 2013. Phoenix Arizona indie label, Common Wall Media (Gospel Claws, Bogan Via, Snake! Snake! Snakes!) added the band to its roster earlier this year and released the first single from the record “Grow Up Tall” on a split 7″ in June (co-released with President Gator Records). “Pretty Things”, another song from the album was premiered by Consequence of Sound in July. The band recorded the ten songs that are All the Luscious Plants this spring with producer, Bob Hoag, at Flying Blanket Recording. It was during the recording process that the band caught the ear of Chuckie Duff, owner of Common Wall Media, when Hoag sent over a track to get Duff’s opinion on a mix.

The artwork for All the Luscious Plants is as meticulously crafted as the music. It is a 2ft by 2.5ft diorama built by band member Palmer made from sand, rocks, foam, paper mache, clay, and static grass. It took him three weeks to build. Palmer and his bandmates personally create all aspects of Future Loves Past’s visual presence from poster and album art to the forthcoming animated music video for “Grow Up Tall”, which will premiere later this month. Bandmate, Dede, used stop-motion software, Dragonframe, along with a hand-built multi-plane system to photograph Palmer’s hand-drawn set pieces frame-by-frame.

To celebrate the release of All the Luscious Plants, the band will be hosting a two-day music festival called Lushfest on September 13th & 14th at The Sail Inn in Tempe, AZ. The event will feature more than 20 of Arizona’s best local bands including Vial of Sound, Banana Gun, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Wooden Indian and many more. The album will be released in-stores and online on September 24th, 2013. Also, plans are in the works with President Gator Records to release the album on vinyl with an exclusive new song later this fall.

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