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Sophie_banjoSophie Tapie is known for her work in music, film and television. On 9 April, she takes center stage at The European Independent Film Festival presenting her experience-based views on barriers and keys to success for women in film and music.

The purpose of this workshop is to further understanding of the barriers and keys to success through the personal experiences and observations of featured speaker, Sophie Tapie. In addition, the program is intended to facilitate the networking among people interested in issues related to participation of women in film and music and to suggest action points.

Sophie Tapie was born in Paris in 1988. At 17, she went to London in order to attend classes in music, dance, and comedy at “The Arts Educational School.” Following two years of study, she graduated and returned to France with the certainty that music will govern her life. She has met with and worked with different authors / composers / French interpreters, she seeks her style, her voice …

Passionate and hard working, in parallel to her music, she has performed in theater (Oscar) and made a film (24 days Alexandre Arcady), a TV series (Commissioner Valencia), and she hosts a TV show (Equidia TV).

In 2012, she participated in The Voice. Noticed by the Canadian label Vega Music, Sophie moved to Montreal for a few months to work with Steve Marino and a successful director from Montreal, Steve Marino. In 2015 she released her album, “Sauvage”: 12 tracks that make us look and travel in a world full of humor and lucidity, ideals and freedom.

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ECU_2015HVUM_logo_150x150The European Independent Film Festival is just weeks away! HorizonVU Music is sponsoring “Innovation and the Cinema in the 21st Century” a workshop directed and facilitated by Philippe Philippe Duvivier, a Business Developer involved today with Parrot drones and Sennheiser Streaming Technologies. Philippe will be joined by Juliette Valsamidis representing HorizonVU

“Innovation and the Cinema in the 21st Century”

Date: 12 April 2015
Time: 10h30
Place: Les 7 Parnessiens Cinema, Salle 4
98 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris

This is a workshop not to be missed! Why?

Philippe Duvivier

Philippe Duvivier

Juliette Valsamidis

Juliette Valsamidis

Think about it…What if spectators could use their smartphone at the cinema ? What if movie cameras could fly ? What if birds could help ? What if sound could be layered ? What if everyone could adjust content to his/her wishes and needs ? What if spectators could decide on the framing ? What if sound could be as directive as a laser ? What if movies could be immersive ? What if everyone could get a personalised experience ?

Would all of this be possible, what would it mean for each one of us, as a scenarist, a director, a producer, a cinema owner or a spectator ?

Come and see amazing live demos, and discuss with us innovation and potential disruptions in the movie and sound businesses.

What’s The Buzz ?

Women-In-Film-In-Music is a network and blog for persons interested in film, music and the role of women in the business of entertainment. This includes producers, directors, technical specialists and performing artists in the film and music industries. The key objective of the blog is to be a source for networking, understanding and acting on issues and barriers to the success of women participating in film and music.

This blog is a part of an initiative of HorizonVU Music and Global Paris Arts to sponsor a proactive session at the European Independent Film Festival in April, 2014. It is hoped that open participation in this blog by all persons, irrespective of gender, will be a source for an exciting and constructive program.

Visit Women-In-Film-In-Music at http://blog.women-in-film-in-music.com/


Jed here, checking in from the South by Southwest Film festival. We participated in a successful film panel yesterday that discussed new fundraising methods for filmmakers. Here are the three take-aways from discussion:

1. Make a plan before launching your project:

a. Start by priming the pump by motivating your closest supporters to Fuel early.

b. Research influencers in your project space: bloggers, press contacts, etc, and compile their contact info before-hand so that you can contact them once you have some momentum.

c. Plan a series of reasons to contact people: events, milestones, promotions, etc.

2. Be wary of “crowd funding myths.” Common mistakes are assuming that “if you build it they will come,” and expecting “Internet Angels” to give you large sums of money. Set a reasonable financial goal, and publicize your project.

3. It’s not necessary to raise your entire budget via crowdfunding all at one time! Raise the money you need now via your crowdfunding project. Continue to pursue producers and/or grants as appropriate. Crowdfunding is a tool, not a silver bullet.


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