It’s with a big thanks to Tony Taylor at Dreamwest Magazine that we came to know Taylor Heard and her Manager, Amy Fish. Taylor is an award winning singer-songwriter from a small town in East Texas. She recently won the prestigious John Ritter Showcase in Carthage, Texas which earned her the title, “Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Representative for 2013”. She won the People’s Choice award at the showcase.

Taylor has a unique style and sound all of her own with her sultry, alto voice. She follows her heart when writing songs with captivating and entertaining results! Taylor has worked with some of the best in the industry including Dan Rollins and Doug Drake. She is involved in several charitable organizations such as Sally’s Hope, Night of Superstars and The Boot Campaign.

HVUM: Taylor! Thanks for meeting us. We know a little bit about you from email and online bios, but tell us the story of Taylor…Give us a look into the personal side of Taylor Heard.

TH: Well I come from a town that’s about an hour from any big city. Omaha, Texas. A place where you can’t get away with anything. Because EVERYBODY knows your momma and they sure don’t mind telling her about you in church Sunday morning! (Not that I ever did anything of course! Haha) But hey, I love it. I love the people there and how supportive they are of me in my musical journey. Growing up there was a blessing in my eyes, because I’ve seen how hard people work to provide for their families. I’ve seen the ups and downs of running your own business. I’ve seen a community come together and be there for one another when death hits. I’ve seen good deeds done when they thought no one was looking. I’ve seen people stay there all their lives while others choose to go off. So in the end I know it was the right place for me to grow up. My family is a big part of what I do as well. I have two lovely parents who support me all the way in this and a best friend/younger brother that I absolutely love to death!! I don’t know what I would do without them!

HVUM: Taylor, before we go on I’d like to take a few minutes out and let our readers in on your music. Let’s have a look and listen to “Tennessee Waltz”.

HVUM: All right! Okay…let’s go on with your story. We know you’ve been focused on your music. How did your interest in music come about and how have you pursued developing your career. In building your career, what has worked well and what hasn’t been so successful?

TH: My interest of singing has always been in me. We actually have recordings of a three year old me singing what was supposed to be Hank Williams Sr.’s hit song “Hey Good Lookin'”, but instead came out “Hey Good Wookin'”! And over my years of having a career in the music industry, God has blessed me with so many opportunities it’s unreal to me sometimes. Now don’t get me wrong there have been ups and downs for sure, but I am blessed beyond measure. I can’t really say what things have been “non successful” in my journey. I believe that God opens the doors He wants you to walk through, and that He shuts the ones not meant for you. Because honestly who are we to say what success is or isn’t in the first place?

HVUM: What do you like to do other than music? What does Taylor Heard do to relax and have fun?

In the life of me when I’m not singing sonewhere on a gig or writing songs, I love getting up early in the morning with my neighbors and going “junkin”. Now this consists of mapping out all of the yard sales in an area and hitting them before everyone else gets the good stuff! I really do enjoy it though, I am a person who is all about finding unique and different items for hardly nothing. Its almost like an accomplishment when I can take $25 and bring home a car load of stuff! Haha. Another thing I love is animals! Especially pigs. When I was apart of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) organization, I would raise my pig from a piglet to about 300lbs, then show it at a livestock show. If I was lucky, I would get someone to bid on the pig and sell it. Then I would use that money to go buy guitars or some type music equipment.

HVUM: Of all the musicians that might have inspired you, are there just a few that come to mind as inspiring? Are there any artists, past or present, that you hold up as giving you foundations for building?

TH: My number one inspiration would have to be Victoria Shaw. Not only as an artist, but as a songwriter, performer, and a music industry great. Working with her has drastically changed my outlook on the business in so many wonderful ways. She is honorable, hard working, and classy. All the the things I aspire to be. She definitely has a lot to do with the artist I am today.

HVUM: Think about your singing and songwriting thus far. What do you consider to be the greatest moment of your career and tell us about the worst. Be honest now!

TH: I would say so far my greatest accomplishment would be doing a show with Don Williams. He has been one of my favorite artists since I was little, so having that honor was absolutely breathtaking! It is for sure one of the memories I will never forget. Now, the worst memory…….is singing at a rodeo in front of a huge crowd and starting off in the wrong key that was WAY too high! So needless to say the “for the land of the free” line was so off pitch due to the note being too high. I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was super embarrassed!!

HVUM: Bring us up to date on your music. Where are you now and where to you plan to go with work underway?

TH: I actually just finished my new EP, “Southland”, and we are in the process of getting it released very soon. My fans have been waiting on this CD for about a year now so they are chopping at the bit just as much as I am! My goal for this project is to express the new stage in my music I am stepping into, as well as show my writing skills. I am hoping that this EP will send the listener to the places I want them to go, the moments I want them to experience, and the destination I want them to seek. All through the sound of music and the entertainment of words.

HVUM: We know that you are involved in charity work and organizations. Is there anything you’d like to tell us about your efforts on behalf of charity organizations?

TH: The charities I have worked with have been so lovely letting me be apart of their activities. One that I was glad to attend was Neal McCoy’s East Texas Angel Network (ETAN). He puts on an awesome concert with a golf tournament the day before and all proceeds go to the ETAN organization that helps local children with illnesses. Neal is such a great person on stage and off stage. I remember the very first time I met him and him talking to me like he had known me for years. He has such a heart for the kids and it is fantastic to see that up close.

HVUM: Okay, finally, I have to ask you my favorite question. Do you have any superheroes? Who and why?

TH: I have many heroes in the musical world, from singers to songwriters to industry legends. But my number one hero is my Meme. Meme is my great grandma who passed away from breast cancer a couple of years ago. She is a hero to me because of the fight she fought against the cancer and how big of a support she was to me in my music. I love to tell the story of a few days before she died, my mom asked her what she thought I would become in my life. And her response was a singer. She then asked Meme where would I play, and her response was at the Grand Ole Opry. So that just gives you a little insight of how she felt about my music. She was an amazing woman who I loved dearly, and I know that one day what she said will come true and she will be right there with me on that stage.

Taylor, thanks so much for joining us here at HorizonVU Music. We wish you all the best for a successful and fulfilling future and we hope that you’ll stay in touch!

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