Chetti is a pop-soul singer and songwriter based in NY. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Chetti’s music reflects her upbringing, her values as a person and an artist, and of course, her hometown. She recently released her debut EP “In The City.”

Chetti: Our Responsibility As Artists

Things have changed so much for women in the music industry over the years. A business that was once dominated by a male force has now become a business in which there is a balance of power. Some of the highest paid entertainers are women and many have broken the mold even further by becoming female rappers.

As a female pop artist, I feel we have to keep in mind that we are making music for the masses, and that being said, we are molding the minds of so many. Not very many female artists are considering that young people are listening to their music and mimicking their every move. For that, I feel that female artists should really take into account how their own actions may translate to a person that might not have enough experience or knowledge to make the right decisions for him or herself.

I think Taylor Swift is doing a beautiful job of this. She’s been super creative and artistic and she talks about adult subject matter in a classy way. She’s an artist for all ears, and that’s huge for women. It’s easy to fall into the groove of being overtly sexual, mainly because it corrals easy attention. Disclaimer: I am not mother Mary. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being sexy, but I do think everything is best in moderation.

I feel that it’s our responsibility to promote being the best versions of ourselves we can be – to encourage women to continuously better themselves, to learn, to experience, to dream, to adventure, to love and to always remember that we can be as many things as we please. We are limitless. That is what I feel will bring about longevity and respect and inspire people who listen to our music.

I want to be the type of woman and artist that mothers encourage their daughters to look up to and their sons to marry, and from there set an example for the women that will come after me. I believe the presence of women in music should represent an indistinguishable force, one of complete substance. We have an immense power and we need to apply as much positivity and light as we can – we hold the future in our hands.

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