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What’s The Buzz ?

Manthan Award

Sagarika is among the finalists nominated for the Manthan Award for Social Media & Empowerment.

The Grand Jury followed by Award Gala of the Manthan Award for Social Media & Empowerment 2013 will held at the Indian Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, Delhi, on the 5 – 6th December, 2013.

Manthan Award Asia Pacific is one of its own kind of initiative to explore & recognize the best ICT innovation across various countries from past 10 years. This year, while we celebrate the 10th year of digital inclusiveness, a new initiative Manthan Award for Social Media and Empowerment has been launched under the patronage of “Manthan Award Asia Pacific” with an aim to explore the innovations & practices in Social Media domain.

Find out more at http://manthanaward.org/other_full_story.asp?id=36

Visit Women of Substance Radio at www.wosradio.com and listen in live on the HorizonVU Music Blog!

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in India has launched a new saftety campaign (Two Wheeler Nuisance to Pedestrian/Lane Crossing). The campaign, featuring Wild Blossoms member Sagarika Deb is being aired on all the major TV Channels, National as well as Regional. Sag recorded in 11 languages (Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi, Assamese, Kannada, Telugu, Gujrati, Tamil, Oriya, Marathi). Have a look at this very important campaign presented in two languages, Hindi and Bengali!

What’s The Buzz ?

Many thanks to Women Of Substance Radio and UK-based lyricist Melsi for calling our attention to Sagarika Deb (Sag) of India and the all girls internet band, the Wild Blossoms.

Sagarika Deb

Sagarika Deb

Sagarika Deb makes it perfectly clear – “Coming from a musical family, singing has always played a BIG part of my life.” The band she founded and represents, the Wild Blossoms, is the the world’s first all girls internet music band. An internet music sensation, it is the largest online collaboration of world musicians making and publishing music over the internet.

Wild Blossoms has been inducted in the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS 2012 for outstanding achievement in the field of music and the band has been recognised by the ASSIST WORLD RECORD RESEARCH FOUNDATION as part of their research on the outstanding achievers.

Wild Blossoms Band was founded by Sag in December 2010. Lovelyn Onojah from Philippines joined Sagarika soon after, and together, they have embarked on this very exciting journey to achieve what very few young talented musicians have been able to do so today.

Wild Blossoms Band is working with 25 musicians from across the world, making and publishing music over the internet. Moving out of the traditional model of making and publishing music, the Wild Blossoms Band has been able to successfully launch two popular music albums within the first 8 months of 2012 on internet music stores – iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD Baby, SongDew, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, LastFM just to name a few.

Sag tell us “I started performing on stage at two and half years of age, and through the years I have won

Lovelyn Onojah and Sagarika Deb

Lovelyn Onojah and Sagarika Deb

numerous certificates and Awards. I have always been very passionate about mixing the styles and sounds of Western music with Indian music, a fusion.”

As she grew older she was told that the only way to go forward in the music industry was to have top quality studio recordings and very expensive videos. Sag was also told that a tiny part of any success was down to sheer luck. Being an indie artist she felt pulled towards other indie artists, musicians and songwriters who like herself could not afford to spend huge amounts of money to fulfill their musical dreams. That was why she formed Wild Blossoms, the World’s First Internet Girl Band.

Today, Wild Blossoms is now an important part of her life. It is fulfilling her dream of singing and performing, but she also feels that in a small way she is bringing like minded people together. Through Wild Blossoms we are showing the world that if you have passion for something, the boundaries can be crossed.

Of Wild Blossoms, Sagarika says, “We collaborate with songwriters from all over the world. Our ‘team’ includes Lyricists, Composers/Songwriters and Vocalists. We also have our own Design Consultant, Sound Engineer and Video Editor. Each person brings different skills. Our Vocalists record in their own Countries; the songs are then mixed and released via the internet. All these people make up the Wild Blossoms.”

Interestingly, none of the members have ever met, yet everyone works as a team through the wonders of the internet. Sag is always amazed that despite the fact that the members have never met face-to-face, they are like one big family now, supporting each other emotionally and professionally.

Among other awards, she has been recognized in the ‘Young Achiever/Top 10 Shining Faces of Delhi/NCR 2012’. Due to these successes she has appeared in numerous newspaper and magazine publications. Of all her great achievements, but she stands particularly proud to be featured in the ‘International Women’s Day Festival’…”inspiring all the women of her Country to aim and think high.”

Many of her songs have received success and exceptionally good reviews. The beautiful Pop ballad, “My First Broken Heart”, lyrics by Mellina Barnett and composed by Billy Playle, both from the UK, was number one on the ‘Indian Online Music Charts’ for six consecutive weeks. This song had also received BBC Radio Airplay on the Paul Moss Show. Let’s have a look and listen to “My First Broken Heart.”

Country song “Wake Up Little One”, by songwriter Susan Simonson from the USA has received equally good reviews. Many of the band’s other songs have received number one positions on the online charts. At present the band is is searching for a Manager and a Publicist for the Wild Blossoms. Someone who would be able to share our work around the World and help to promote us and someone who understands who we are, our ethos, and what we aspire to.

In her own words, “I feel that my future is in singing and performing. I am where I feel most happy when I am singing, it is everything to me and I hope one day to be able to perform and record internationally.”

Alongside her singing, Sagarika dreams one day of opening her own (NGO), animal sanctuary and rescue where she can offer safe homes and love and care to animals. She became a vegetarian at the age of seven, and this was purely down to her connection with animals. She also wants to create a separate section of the NGO for old people and orphaned children, somewhere these people can call home.

These charities are close to her heart and if she can help because of my own success in music, then how wonderful that would be. Music can touch people, and with Wild Blossoms she can only hope that this is a dream I can achieve. Some of our songs were written specifically for these causes. In music, Sag hopes that she can bring awareness to the needs of others in some small way.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Sagarika Deb for sharing her fascinating story and that of the Wild Blossoms. All of us at HorizonVU Music wish Sagarika all the very best and we know we’ll be hearing more from her in the future.

Visit the Wild Blossoms at blog.wildblossomsband.com and http://www.reverbnation.com/wildblossomsband. Music is also available on Amazon and iTunes.

This week we want to report back to you on the latest word from our good friend Blackjack! From a personal point of view, he has a heart-of-gold. Giving some “space” to up-and-comers is one of his major contributions to the business today, but his actions go beyond that. You know those days where you’re just a little off-center – maybe a disagreement with a colleague or you didn’t sleep last night? Blackjack always has words of wisdom and peace.

A Disc Jockey for over 20 years and a niche entertainer… Apart from making Blackjack! a brand that is associated with his chosen genre Classic Rock and the Blues, he also plays Smooth Jazz, Golden Oldies (Pre 60s), Classic Retro (60s-70s), retro 80s/90s) and his all time favourite chill-out genre – Reggae!

Blackjack is going back to his roots, which is performing as front man for a band that would do music that he plays…Classic Rock and the Blues. An acoustic jammer, flautist and percussionist this revival is eagerly awaited in his home city of Hyderabad.

Says Blackjack!…”I wish there were more people doing what I do but then it is unlikely because most entertainers are in it for the money… I am into this niche genre because I love music and enjoy what I do. I am proud to be a one of a kind Classic Rock & Blues DJ in the country, someone has to keep the good stuff rolling… that someone just happens to be me :))”

Probably India’s most widely travelled Classic Rock and Blues DJ… Blackjack has hosted India’s longest running show Blackjack’s Thunderin’ Tuesdays at 10 Downing Street, Hyderabad for 288 weeks. As well as numerous long standing performances at the Taj properties in Hyderabad. Also Blackjack! is the only DJ in Hyderabad who at one time did week nights at 5 outlets simultaneously presenting a different genre at each place. He has also done repeat performances at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai launching PLAYBACK and being the only outstation DJ to perform for 10 months.


He has also played at Hard Rock Cafe Bengaluru as well as a two month stint at Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad. He has done shows at Pune, Chennai, Vizag, Panvel and Vikramgadh. Repeat shows at OPUS, Bangalore Kyra Bangalore and rocked Cafe Morrison on 9th of May 2010 at their 5th anniversary and now heads on to Bangalore and OPUS for a Hardcore Classic Rock Night at OPUS, Palace Cross Road, Bangalore..

A biker’s rocker he has performed for 4 Rider Manias where Royal Enfield enthusiasts from all over India congregate every year, entertaining 400-600 bikers in a must have session during two days of rock, bikes and beer!

Blackjack! also hosts a online radio channel BLACKJACK 24×7 on www.myopusradio.com. Apart from playing absolute Classic Rock, Blues, Covers. He also promotes artists from India and from all over the planet on his channel Listen in.


Excerpted from myfavdj.in with permission of David  Masilamani

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