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What’s The Buzz ?

In like a lion? We shall see…

Hey kids. Winter’s bite is still here. But I have hope…I just got back from the International Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City, KS where I got to play music and listen and be a part of the tribe. I’ve been Tweeting and Facebooking about my favorites. Do you follow me there? You should!

So there’s loads of stuff this month coming up. Just one Florida tour so that I can rest a bit and write some songs (that’s what I do, or at least it’s what I’m supposed to be doing, although sometimes it feels like I pack, drive, unpack, do laundry, rinse, repeat). But soon I’ll be announcing a very special WEB CONCERT from my Living Room which will take place at the end of March here in Nashville. Keep posted on all the right channels.

What else? Well, The Same Old Storm EP has been released on it’s own now, so you can buy it digitally from ITunes and Amazon etc. Previously, it was only available as part of the Deluxe Stormy Boat package of 2 CD’s. So now you can get it on it’s very own! Whoo hoo. CLICK HERE!

The BBC’s Bob Harris recently began a web series with his son Miles called “Under The Apple Tree” on their WhisperingBob.tv site and I was their first guest! You can check out the three songs I recorded and a neato interview with Miles

And lastly, I was asked to be a part of a PSA campaign to spread the word about the Affordable Healthcare Act. You can see the ad they shot with me, which will air throughout the Southeast, on the HHS website. I know there’s all sorts of controversy about this, but finally there’s affordable healthcare for everyone. Full disclosure: my insurance is THAT cheap because I was able to offset the monthly premium with my Student Loan Interest each month. And yes, 20 years out, I’m still paying off my Student Loans. I’m a musician, remember… my parents are just happy I can pay rent! 🙂

Tourdates for March are to the left.

HOUSE CONCERT OPENING FOR 4/19 ALBANY/SARATOGA SPRINGS. Email me amy@amyspeace.com if you’re interested. All you need is a good space for it, at least 30 people you can get into that space, and we can put on a show!


What’s The Buzz ?

Hey everyone! Just back from an amazing tour in Holland and a few days in London. Can’t wait to get back there (July UK and October the Netherlands). But for now, I’m in Nashville where it’s been about 7 degrees. Today it’s hovering in the low 50’s, so I’m gonna make this really quick so I can get outside into this sunshine. So just the important stuff.

Firstly, I’ve had to cancel the Pacific NW tour I was about to embark upon with Kenny White and I apologize profusely. We are rescheduling those dates for the Fall so Portland, Seattle, Eugene and Sisters, we will be back. Thanks for understanding. Life comes up and sometimes you just have to deal with life first. I miss y’all out there, though, so I can’t wait to get to you.

Second, the companion EP to “How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat” called “Same Old Storm” has only been available as a set with the full record. UP TILL NOW! We are releasing the EP on it’s own digitally later this month all over the place from my website to Amazon to I Tunes. So check in with the news page on my website for the exact date. It includes a few unreleased songs and a solo version of “The Sea & The Shore”. Can’t wait for you to have it!

This month I’m heading to Kansas for a few dates with my buddy http://www.ryanculwell.comhttp://www.ryanculwell.com who is amazeballs. Then we head to Kansas City for the International Folk Alliance Conference where I’m showcasing on Friday night. See some of you there…

So let’s cross our fingers that Punxatawny Phil sees his shadow. Or doesn’t…I can never remember which it is. I just want a not-so-extreme winter. Pipes bursting, high heat bills, long down coats in a southern town…it’s not right.

Stay warm,

What’s The Buzz ?

Happy February all, the month of my birth, my mama’s birth, my grandma’s birth…water signs or water carriers we Irish women…
I’m about to head out into the cold blue to make my way north, very far north, to Toronto, Canada for the International Folk Alliance Conference where I’ll be debuting my new record, “How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat” in my showcases. The record doesn’t release until April 16, but already we are beginning the publicity swing and it’s all very exciting. More news on that soon. On the February tour, I’ll be joined by my friend Angel Snow, one of my favorite singer-songwriters here in Nashville. You might have heard of Alison Krauss? Yeah her. Well, Alison Krauss recorded a few of Angel’s songs and has introduced Angel to her audiences. Not so shabby, huh?
In the meantime, here are the tourdates. I’ll have a new look to my website in the next month, so don’t be a stranger there as we’ll be posting a lot of cool content soon. Next month, I head to South By Southwest, so if anyone in Texas or en route wants to do a house concert March 8/9 I’m headed to Austin for my show on March 12th. Lemme know!!!!

Keep warm!

Tues 2/12 Rockville, MD FOCUS MUSIC @ UU CONGREGATION OF ROCKVILLE w/ Angel Snow opening
Wed 2/13 Philadelphia, PA WORD CAFE LIVE UPSTAIRS (Cobill with Angel Snow) BUY TIX HERE
Thu 2/14 New York, NY ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL. Angel @ 6pm. Me @ 7pm.
Fri 2/15 Cambridge, MA RUTH RYALS HOUSE CONCERT w/ Angel opening. Email rryals@comcast.net for rsvp
Sat 2/16 Sharon, MA SHARON HOUSE CONCERT w/ Angel opening. email lees@resourceful.com
Sun 2/17 Montclair, NJ THE ART GARAGE w/ Angel opening. Tix 973-744-6484
Tues 2/19 Ann Arbor, MI ROSE-MARSHALL HOUSE CONCERT cobill w/ Angel. Email sheryl.rose.marshall@gmail.com for info.
I’ll spare you all the showcases I’m doing, but if your’e there, please come to my official.
Friday 2/22 @ 8:15pm
I’m right between The Milk Carton Kids and Dar Williams, so get there early!!!


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