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Hello everyone, it’s been long that I haven’t written to all of you so I thought I should inform you about what I have been doing all these days, in my music and also other works.

It’s been quite a busy time for me, filled with some really good performances. In the past few months I have given out many performances on Bollywood and English songs for various events. Now I can proudly say I am as proficient in Bollywood item numbers as much as English songs 😉 I still don’t believe how many songs I have learned in the last few months, and now my mind is full of lyrics and seems the other stuffs have been erased…lol, kidding.

In Dec 2014, I got the opportunity to perform on my first ever award show, Zoom Delhi’s Endorsement Award. I got the award for the ‘Best Pop Singer’. My performances were highly appreciated by everyone and most of them danced with me as well, while I was singing. It was the start of a new performance era for me. Then again the same month I got the opportunity to perform for ‘Delhi International Film Festival’ (DIFF) in association with ‘International Institute of Fashion Technology’ (IIFT), celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema. It was such an honor to be performing for DIFF and IIFT and to share the stage with so many special people related to films and music. These are some performances I will never forget.

Well my year also started with a BANG . I performed for DLF in their New Year’s Celebration and I ended up repeating all the songs the second time. People refused to go for the DJ and asked me to sing again. That was the moment I felt so blessed. A performer needs nothing else but appreciation for his/her work, and audiences not letting you get down from the stage is something that every performer dreams of experiencing. Well mine was fulfilled, that too at the starting of the New Year. What a good omen to start my year with.

Since then I had a lot of performances. Few more for DLF (DLF now feels like my second home with wonderful families who come and sing with me on stage  I always look forward to meet them). I have had few performances in Barrels, Vasant Vihar and Club Hell 2Heaven, Rajauri Garden, New Delhi and all were wonderfully accepted. I feel my performances have improved in the past few months.

Then came one of the MOST important times of the year, International Women’s Day. This year was even more special because of couple of reasons. Firstly, I got awarded ‘Women Role Model 2015’ by International Women Achievers Awards based in Canada. I couldn’t believe I was selected to receive that honor out of so many outstanding women achievers of the world.

On the International Women’s Day I also got the opportunity to perform in ‘Shakseeyat Awards’ an award show focusing on “Saving the girl child and abolishing female feticide“. I performed at the start and end of the award show and my rendition of the song ‘O Ri Chiraiya‘, theme song of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ based on saving a girl child was highly appreciated by everyone. I was also one of the awardees of the Shakseeyat Awards. I feel highly honored to be considered one of the ‘Diamonds’ of the society. Well, this award show became even more special because it was my darling mum’s birthday and we all celebrated at the end of the award show in her honor. Love my family so much <3

Then again I got the opportunity to celebrate the International Women’s Day with the lovely ladies and gentlemen of DLF. After that I also went to ‘Chalk Tree Pre School’ to attend their Annual Day Celebration as a Guest of Honor. How cute the kids look on stage…totally adorable. Next week I will be in Gurgaon for the ribbon cutting of a new centre of VLCC Gurgaon, as their Chief Guest.

I have a feeling this will be the BEST years in my life till now  And not to forget my first single from my album will be coming out very soon. I have put a lot of hard work on the song and I hope it will be accepted well. I can’t wait for all of you to listen to it 

Well pretty much everything that I have done so far, Professionally. Personally, I spend as much time with my family as possible and play with my kids (my street Dogs). My kids are extremely naughty. My parents say I have spoiled them with excessive love :O But then I can’t hold my feelings when they are around and keep cuddling & hugging them. Well I lost one of them few weeks ago . I hope people will be more attentive & compassionate while they drive.

Feel free to write to me anytime on my FB Page, comment, give your valuable suggestions and keep pouring your love on me, like all of you have been doing till now.

With Loads of LOVE,
Sagarika xx


What’s The Buzz ?


14 February 2014

Hey Friends!

Yesterday was one of the best nights for me. I was in attendence at a “Page 3” Party, with major socialites of Delhi! There were a lot of media and photographers present. The calendar of Ashish Sahu was launched by one of the biggest beauticians of India, Shehnaz Husain and Sandeep Marwah.

I gave interviews to magazines regarding the calendar launch. I certainly met many nice people and have made more great contacts. Ashish Sahu said he wants to do a shoot with me, for which I have agreed!!! One blog has written “Ace photographer Ashish Sahu is all set to launch the latest fashion calendar for his brand OUTFITS for the year 2014. The calendar is being launched at Zebaa in Greater Kailash II at an event being attended by all the major figures of the fashion world and glitterati.”

Everyone said they would like to invite me for their other events as well. They all want to attend my music shows, so now I am working hard to produce my stage show. It’s quite unbelievable and encouraging that in just few months people are getting to know me and they have started calling me to attend their prestigious events. I have given a really long interview to Dainik Jagaran Newspaper today morning for their ‘International Women’s Day’ celebration. It will be out on March 5th.

All of this is thanks to all of you who follow me and encourage me to continue with my work.

Many thanks and warm wishes,

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