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Lauren Diamond who has worked with artists such as: Willie Nelson, Joan Baez, Jackson Browne, Crosby & Nash, Ani Difranco and many others is releasing her debut LP, entitled “Perseverance”.

This singer/songwriter has been working with a band for years called “LaurenDiamond & The South Paw Specials”. This Diamond in the rough sounds like is a mix between Nora Jones and Mazzy Star with a raspy edge. The 11-trackalbum, which was produced mainly by Aaron Nevezie at Bunker Studios (Williamsburg, BK), is a raw and soulful experience which will leave you hooked with the melodic sounds and catchy lyrics.

Lauren Diamond’s album release party will be held on February 23rd of next month at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1. The venue is located at: 196 Allen Street, New York, NY in the lower east side. The musicians booked for the evening are: Dave Dawson, Even Steven, Frosty Lawson, Kevin Hunter, Eric Finland, Jenna Marotta, Mary Mettias and a special guest Lew Soloff to kick off the magical evening. This is going to be a great turn-out and the event is absolutely free.

A bit about Lauren is she recently took a year long journey andmoved to Nashville in 2010-2011 without knowing a soul and made it her hometo build her songwriting skills and networking experiences as an artist. When she returned to New York City she was asked to write a song for the compilation album “Occupy this Album” with major A-list celebrities.

After this project, Diamond put all of her energy into building the band and after this venture, the EP release of “In the Rough” was born into the world. The debut of Lauren’s LP “Perseverance” is a huge accomplishment for Diamond as she personally funded the project while pursuing and completing her master’s degree in education. Diamond is a go-getter and this is just
the beginning of her journey as this singer/songwriter is excited about the unknown challenges and growing experiences up ahead of her…

Visit Lauren at www.laurendiamondmusic.com and www.facebook.com/laurendiamondmusic

Every once in a while an artist comes down the ‘pike that merits serious attention from fans of popular music. American singer/songwriter, Justyna Kelley, is one such artist whose radio friendly folk-influenced pop fits comfortably along the lines of Sheryl Crow and Colbie Caillat”-Seattle Intelligencer

Justyna Kelley

Justyna Kelley

A champion of modern pop and contemporary folk, singer/songwriter Justyna Kelley brings boundless energy and joyful strength to her music in both her many original compositions and in covers of universal favorites. Her musical prowess calls on the spirit of some of her greatest influences: Joni Mitchell, Sheryl Crowe, Led Zeppelin, Kings of Leon and Fleetwood Mac. It’s modern pop/folk with with the passion of rock.

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, as the daughter of songwriter and recording artist, Irene Kelley, Justyna was steeped in music and creativity from the beginning. While growing up in Music City, impromptu jam sessions were the norm at the Kelley household, and the rich musical surroundings ensured that this calling would come naturally for Justyna. She was singing before she could talk and has been writing songs, plays and poetry ever since she learned to put pen to paper!

One fateful evening in New York City, Charles Koppelman overheard Justyna singing while leaving a dance class that was located in the same office building. He immediately took her into the studio to record four songs, including two that she had written. She was quickly thereafter signed to publishing and development with Huge American Music. While composing and co-writing on a regular basis was something that Justyna had become familiar with by the age 18, it was at this point that she began building the bulk of her expansive repertoire. By age 21, she was writing full-time with hit-writers and taste-makers such as: Phil Galdston, Danny Kortchmar, Rand Bishop, Allie Willis, Irene Kelley and others.

After touring around the world with her mother and opening for such luminaries as: Jackson Browne and Emmy Lou Harris during her more formative years, she split her time between New York, Los Angeles and Nashville to carve out her own career as a pop artist. Following tours across the US and Europe, opening for artists like Gary Morris, Reba McEntyre and David Hallyday she spends her time between Nashville and Paris, France.

Her song, “Come In Closer,” composed with Nashville rock group, The CO, was featured on the Season Finale of the hit MTV show, “16 and Pregnant,” and she made her debut TV performance on Planet Green’s new reality series, “Dresscue Me.” Look for Justyna as the original face and voice of the new Television Network, Ovation, and listen for the song that she wrote, sang and produced, “Fall Into You,” in the new film, “Never Back Down 2.” Her songs have recorded by up-and-coming pop/rock artists Paul Freeman, Mando Saenz (Carnival Nashville) and Nils Krake (Sony Holland). Today, Justyna has settled down in Paris to work on her upcoming album project with her French band, consisting of: Jerome Ceva, Fabien Mornet, Benoit Billard and fellow Nashville cat, Carlton Moody.

In short, Justyna carries the richness and depth of a deep musical heritage, while bringing forward and a unique, yet universal pop/folk appeal. She is continually composing both lyrics and music for her own projects, including her upcoming EP with Z Factory Records (Paris, France). She also brings her talent to the performances of other artist byway of her writing and many other and projects, including TV, film and soundtracks. A self-proclaimed “student of the world,” Justyna constantly pulls inspiration from her surroundings and finds ways to incorporate her Southern heartland roots into her undying love for uncharted lands and travels. Her melodies are soaring, catchy and sophisticated and her meaningful lyrics a true testament to an artist with something to say.

Visit Justyna at www.justynakelley.com

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