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What’s The Buzz ?

Hello lovely people!

Well, this year is already shaping up to be a busy one…

After such a wonderful time in Europe last year, I’ve decided it
would be great to go back and do some more shows. So July and
August will see James and I setting off on a two month acoustic
tour throughout Germany, Scotland, England and Holland. We’ve
already been confirmed for Germany’s biggest folk festival –
Rudolstadt, The Edinburgh Fringe, Belladrum Festival and
Broadstairs Folk Week!

Before we jet off, we’re also heading down the East Coast in May
for some acoustic duo shows, so hopefully we’re coming to a town
near you. (See dates below.)

I watched an interview with Paul Kelly the other day and he was
talking about songwriting inspiration. He used the analogy that
songs are like fish in the ocean you have to catch. Sometimes you
get a big one, sometimes you get a small one! For me, songwriting
is about being inspired and letting words and music express
thoughts & emotions. I’m really excited about sharing some of my
new songs with you soon.

The House Concert Revival

I am happy to be part of a worldwide, grassroots movement which
aims to bring acoustic and folk music to intimate settings such
as in people’s homes (Just like in the good old days!). In my
experience, house concerts are a wonderful way of sharing stories
and song and it’s a great opportunity for music lovers to get up
close and personal with artists and musicians.


‘Do not fear mistakes. There are none.’ Miles Davis

What’s The Buzz ?

Hello wonderful people….

Well this year has started off pretty rainy where I live in northern NSW, Australia. As I write this, my local town has just escaped from major flooding with rivers rising and more rain on the way. (Great weather for songwriting!) It reminds me of our time in the UK last summer. One of the festivals we were booked to play at was cancelled at the last minute due to flooding, which then led us to going to Amsterdam spontaneously. One of the many things I learnt on tour was how important it is to make the best of any situation, to improvise when life doesn’t go as planned (and quite often it doesn’t!).

Andrea Soler’s “Daydreamer” Tour – Paris

Our tour in Europe had ups and downs, and sometimes I just wanted to pack up and go home. When we had nowhere to sleep, being lost in a foreign country, our car boot not locking (with all our music gear inside), getting stuck in traffic for hours and hours, and of course dealing with mud and rain. In retrospect, I can see how these chellenges also helped me to grow and understand more about myself.

It also makes the good times SO darn good!

There is some exciting plans for 2013. I’ll be heading back into the studio to finish off my forthcoming album, and planning another tour to the UK and also a national tour in Australia. Thanks for the support! If you are interested in hearing more music, or to check out my tour dates, you can head to


‘Do not fear mistakes. There are none.’ Miles Davis

What’s The Buzz ?

So here we are….

Andrea Soler and James Ross

Andrea Soler and James Ross

It’s been more than two months since we returned from our European adventure, but do you think we could find time to actually edit more footage? Well, not until last week. We now have all the episodes ready to give to you one week at a time. This episode is part three and we are in Amsterdam, Holland. It was a last minute addition to our tour as one of the UK festivals we were booked to play at had to cancel due to bad weather and flooding. But, we made the most of our week here. Walking and riding bikes through this amazing city, eating apple pie for breakfast, visiting hidden gems in the city (thanks to Stan) and getting stopped by the police for busking! Andrea Soler – Daydreamer Tour – Amsterdam

Visit Andrea Soler at http://andreasoler.com/

Andrea Soler is back home in Australia following the summer-fall Daydreamer Tour. This Australian singer songwriter, a true friend of HorizonVU Music, continues to deliver her compelling vocals and insightful lyrics. Musically inspired by the passionate joie de vivre of her French ancestry she exudes a distinctly European influenced sound, yet maintaining her own take on indie folk. Likening herself and her music to the old ways of gypsies and travelers; expect a swathe of moods and emotion from Andrea’s soulful live performances. We recently caught up with Andrea and took the opportunity to join her in reflecting on the tour and finding out what might be coming our way in 2013!

Hi Andrea! I think it goes without saying that it’s great this opportunity to do this interview. Give us a little bit of background. When did you start thinking about a tour across Europe and how did it come together?

AS: The preparations for the tour were at least a year in the making. From nonchalantly talking about it one night while driving home after a gig, to actually buying the plane tickets and booking the shows, I worked full time for six months in preparations for this tour. I have always felt a calling to do a tour in Europe, I was just waiting for the right team and the right time.

You didn’t go alone…tell us about “team Daydreamer”?

AS: There were three of us on tour – Goba, James and myself. Leading up to jetting off, we met up once a week to finalise plans, make clips on youtube, fundraise through Pozible.com, and organise ourselves!

My husband, Goba, has been with me on my musical journey from the beginning, and has always supported and believed in what I do. He was a crucial part of the Daydreamer Team because he was not only the man with the camera in his hand capturing all the moments on tour, he was also interviewing people, helping to drive from country to country, and most importantly he was the rock!

James is my guitarist, and is a very talented guy! He is a real people person and loves making connections and new friends. James helped us to raise

Andrea Soler and James Ross

Andrea Soler and James Ross

funds for our trip as well, which enabled us to purchase camera and sound equipment for our doco. He also helped to get sponsorship from AER Acoustic Amps.

For most of us going on the road takes a special measure of courage – it’s tough for a lot of us to leave our own backyard and play elsewhere. Did you have any real hesitations about coming to Europe?

AS: I did have my hesitations, and of course fears came up for me – What if they don’t like my music, what if the car breaks down, what if we don’t find a place to stay, etc. Those fears are totally normal. In a way I was lucky to have lived in Paris and the UK and performed over there so I wasn’t going over with no idea of what to expect.

What were your initial objectives in setting out on the road…did you accomplish everything? Where do you give the tour high marks? What would you do to try to improve next time?

AS: The initial objective of the Daydreamer tour was to expand my musical horizons. As you can imagine the music industry in Australia is very small and isolated compared to say Europe or the US. I wanted to test the waters to see if in a three month time frame I could gather up a grass roots fan base to be able to return and tour independently and sustainably the following years.

We also set out to make a documentary about our trip, to inspire fellow independent musicians on self-management and booking tours overseas themselves. We interviewed festival directors, radio announcers, musicians, and music lovers in the UK and Europe to gain insight. This doco will hopefully be completed in 2013.

It was hard combining those two projects together as it increased our work load to almost unmanageable. Not only were we heading to countries we’ve never been to, finding our way around, performing in front of crowds that didn’t know us, we also had to have the camera with us to capture it all, and also edit clips for youtube and blog along the way. I think we achieved more than what we set out to do and we proved to ourselves that we are a good team.

Okay, so you were in a number of countries and cities over the summer to fall, how exactly did you get from place to place? Did you find moving around difficult at all?

Yes, and no, to that question! First we went and bought a car in the UK so we would have our own transport, which was a great way to get around. It was a bit scary when driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road in Europe, and also sitting in traffic jams for hours and the lack of parking was definitely a challenge.

We had so much gear in the back of the car and every time we had a gig, or stayed somewhere we pretty much had to unpack and repack it, which was tiring! We ended up doing about 12 000km’s in the car and I think that was too much driving.

We know that you have some great videos of the tour…do you have a video we can show readers…you know, give them a taste of the Daydreamer Tour 2012?

AS: We are actually in the process of finalising the edits of our European part of the tour right now. At the moment there are clips of our time in England and Scotland and one music clip we recorded in the south of France. All clips can be accessed via www.andreasoler.com.

We’d like to share a clip with our readers…Andrea Soler and “No Ordinary Love Song”!

Reflecting back, tell us, was there a real highlight of the tour? We’re there any moments you care not to relive – honestly now….?

AS: When I have people ask me that question I find it hard to answer because there were so many highlights! I felt very honoured to be able share my music, and be on the road touring in Europe!

My first day in Germany is quite memorable. We landed at the Mobile Blues Club in the back streets of Hamburg, where we were playing that night. From the outside it looked like a semi trailer from a circus, and on the inside it was a cabaret bar. By the end of the night we had so many people crammed inside watching, listening, and clapping along. It was an incredible atmosphere I’ll never forget.

We also had a show in Lubeck, Germany. We arrived at the venue to be told that a lot of the uni students were on holidays and they didn’t know how many people might come along. We started setting up and a handful of people walked in. We thought that was it, we would play to about seven people that night. Within the next hour, the whole bar was packed. You just never know!

I did have an instance where one guy drove 800km’s from Switzerland to Berlin to see our show, and we also had a couple from Austria drive to our show in Chur, Switzerland, and they knew all the words to my songs! That was amazing! I really enjoyed performing at The Larmer Tree Festival in the UK with the incredible musicians who recorded on my first album –Earth On An Axis.

In regards to moments I’d care not to relive – I think when we arrived to a festival in the UK and I’d forgotten my wellies and umbrella. (The biggest mistake.) It was windy and raining and we had to walk across a muddy field in shoes. We got wet, cold, soggy and muddy and then had to play a show. Not fun at all!

Usually, touring along with the ups and downs provides some maybe unconfortable at the tile, but at the end of the day, funny moments. Did you get some good laughs along the way? Tell us.

AS: We had so many funny moments! In times of stress (there were a few!), we would end up laughing about it in the end.

We did a lot of busking in the streets without permits and I remember a few times being stopped by police. Once in Berlin, the police approached us and we had a crowd of about 50 people who started booing at the cops. There was this tension in the air. He told us we had to stop. So I smiled at him and cheekily said do you think we could do one more song? He let us!

Andrea Soler, James Ross, Hannah Judson and Phil

Andrea Soler, James Ross, Hannah Judson and Phil

When we drove from Berlin to Prague on a heat wave 40 deg day, and got over the border into the Czech Republic our GPS wouldn’t work. The screen went blank. So, not only did we have to find our way to Prague, we had to find the place where we were staying! If you’ve been to Prague then you know how condensed and tiny some of those back streets are. We ended up paying a taxi driver to drive in front and take us there while we followed behind in the car!

When we got to the big cities, we would go and hire bicycles and ride around. It’s a great way to see the city, and we had a lots of fun, and once Goba had the Go Pro in his hand a James accidentally ran into him and they had a crash in the middle of the street. It’s funny because you can see it all on film.

When you gave that last performance, that last night and it was over, how did you feel? Happy to be headed back home, sad to be going off tour? What was that like for Andrea?

Our last show in Paris was, I think, around the 50th show. I was happy and content and ready to come home by then. I didn’t feel sad because well, three months on the road was long enough, but also there was so much to look forward to in coming home. I’ve started working on my new album, and also building a solar powered house in the Northern Rivers with Goba.

Do you have any particular plans in mind for keeping up momentum in Europe?

AS: Definitely. The plan is to return to Europe next year. We will focus on less countries and less driving next time and do more shows! I have already started contacting people and venues to keep the ball rolling.

What’s next for Andrea, James and the team?

AS: I think editing our little grass roots documentary is a priority as it’s still current and relevant. I am really looking forward to getting it out there.

Anything we haven’t touched on that you’d like to mention…errors or omissions on our part ?

Thanks for all your help and support with my music!

You’re entirely welcome. Thanks to you for taking time to talk to us – much appreciated. We look forward to hearing more from you in the weeks and months ahead and we look forward to seeing you back in Europe!

Visit Andrea at www.andreasoler.com and http://www.facebook.com/musicandreasoler?ref=ts

ANDREA SOLER | Sydney, NSW, AU | Folk / World / Roots  Members: Andrea Soler-Vox, Guitar, Uke James Ross-Electric/Acoustic Guitars Elvis Calaghan-Violin Alex Elfes-Double/Electric Bass Shay Henderson-Drums

ANDREA SOLER | Sydney, NSW, AU | Folk / World / Roots Members: Andrea Soler-Vox, Guitar, Uke James Ross-Electric/Acoustic Guitars Elvis Calaghan-Violin Alex Elfes-Double/Electric Bass Shay Henderson-Drums

Ok, so who in their right mind would plan three months on the road, visit ten different countries, drive over 12 000km’s, and perform at over 50 shows? We did! After months of planning, preparation and fundrasing through www.pozible.com, we got the show on the road. If you have just recently joined my mailing list, then you can click here and go to youtube and watch videos from our Daydreamer tour in the UK and bonus film clips. This tour was one of the most wonderful life changing times for me. It opened my heart, showed me faith in this big wide world of ours, the people that live in it, and in music. My passion to create and share music was taken to a whole new level and since coming home I have already started working on the next album, which will include this brand new song which we recorded in the south of France – No Ordinary Love Song.

We made so many new friends, had many laughs and smiles, experienced approx 4 mudded out festivals, 1 gig in the back of a semi trailer, 5 countries I’ve never been to before, radio play all over Europe, approx 2000 photos taken by Goba, a few mid-gig guitar string snaps, lots of German and Beligium beer, bratwurst, coffee, towering infernos, eggs on toast, and apple pie from Amsterdam – best breaky ever! (Did I forget to mention the Swiss chocolate?!)

From Paris With Love x x

I couldn’t think of a better place to end our three month tour than in Paris. This is the city that stole my heart seven years ago when I bought a one way ticket to France to learn to sing in French and follow my dream to make music! I was a regular at lots of the open mic nights and would try out new material in front of audiences that didn’t really understand what I was singing about, but appreciated it just the same. It was so great to be back in my old stomping ground.

James and I performed a few shows in Montmatre, and also did some busking on sunny days. Our clips for the last part of the tour – Amsterdam,Germany, Switzerland, and Paris will be up online very soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos taken by Goba from our time in France. Big thanks to our Paris promotion partner Phil Cartwright from HorizonVU for your help in getting some shows off the ground.

Bistro 82, Montmatre...Where the bar lady sets the bar on fire!

Bistro 82, Montmatre...Where the bar lady sets the bar on fire!

HorizonVU showcase and fundraiser at Le Cafe Oz, Paris

HorizonVU showcase and fundraiser at Le Cafe Oz, Paris

Cafe Oz, Paris

Cafe Oz, Paris

Le Tour Eiffel, Pareeeeeee

Le Tour Eiffel, Pareeeeeee

James and I busking on a sunny hot day at La Butte De Montmatre

James and I busking on a sunny hot day at La Butte De Montmatre

Playing at a bar in Montmatre with a very eclectic audience

Playing at a bar in Montmatre with a very eclectic audience

Our new Parisian friends...after our Montmatre gig

Our new Parisian friends...after our Montmatre gig

Whats the caption for this pic, then, eh?

What's the caption for this pic, then, eh?

Another busking session, right next to Le Sacred Coeur Church, Montmatre

Another busking session, right next to Le Sacred Coeur Church, Montmatre

Family in the south of France…

It was really special for me to take some time off from the tour and get together with some of my French family down in the south of France. Whenever I come back here it always helps me to feel my roots and my ancestry. I believe it’s really important to know where we’ve come from to know where we’re heading. ( I also really enjoy the local vin rouge!)

Tata Anne Marie, Louisette, Me and my cousin Alix

Tata Anne Marie, Louisette, Me and my cousin Alix

Some of my family from the south of France (Laungedoc Rousillion region)

Some of my family from the south of France. (Laungedoc Rousillion region)

Mum, my aunty and me walking along the Canal Du Midi, South of France

Mum, my aunty and me walking along the Canal Du Midi, South of France

Thank you!

Big thanks to a few special people who really made the Daydreamer Europe tour happen – Goba for all your love, kindness, driving and camera skills, James Ross for your fun energy on stage, enthusiam and arm wrestles! Thanks to Merch Muma for helping us on the road in many different ways, and also BIG thanks to all of you for your support.

Andrea x

Visit Andrea Soler at www.andreasoler.com

Maria001_smallMaria Zubova, Media Writer, Music

Maria Zubova and “Maria’s Sound Space…” is a regular column for HorizonVU Music. Maria has a passion for music and she likes to communicate about it. Maria is herself a trained musician. She is follows photography, arts, fashion, and travel. Of course, she frequently attends different concerts and rock festivals.

HorizonVU Music, Women Of Substance Radio, Photography@ Sue Rynski and Café OZ invite you to a night of music for everyone Andrea Soler with guitarist James Ross and Paris-based folk-rocker Hannah Judson head up a double bill 9 and 10 September!

Sunday 9th September 2012 – Café OZ, Paris
Café OZ Grand Boulevards
75009 Paris
8, Boulevard Montmartre
75009 Paris
Entrance Free – Donation to Christina Noble Foundation

Monday 10th September 2012 – The Bombardier, Paris
The Bombardier
2 place du Pantheon
75005 Paris
Entrance Free

Hot summer days in Paris! Welcome to everyone who never forgets music – even while having a sunstrocke) Let’s take a listen and look to a great artist discovering some of her best songs – Andrea Soler!

Andrea is an Australian singer-songwriter with a spicy blood-mix of Spanich and French roots. She is an experienced artist having two albums and numerous concerts and festivals to her name. Her band has performed at last year’s renowned Woodford Folk Festival, Dorrigo Folk Festival, Mullum Music Festival and has also won ABC North Coast Artist of The Week, ‘Female Vocals’ and ‘World Music’ categories at The 2010 North Coast Music Industry Awards in Australia. More recently, she became a 2012 Music Oz Awards Finalist. “Her music evokes the tradition of the troubadour with a beguiling joie de vivre taking the listener on a journey through the realms of indie folk, jazz, roots and world music.”

Andrea has a unique mix of various music styles and streams with a velvet voice that turns out to be a ‘cherry on the cake’. She is very passionate on the stage, so never lose any opportunity to see her live concert! The audience is always covered by her calm, rhythmic music tracks as well as her sunny smile and charming presence. Andrea manages to hold a crowd without being loud: real music from a true artist can attract people with a high level of professionalism, its clarity and beauty.

“My passion is to share my joy of music and life!” – she says and proves it through her own songs. One of the most positive examples is “Daydreamer” which comes with a recently created video clip. It tells a story of a girl whose biggest talent is to dream! Listeners can relate – the track parallels with self-reflection – while listening to this sunny and warm melody. The video suits the lyrics of the song. It’s very creative and exciting at the same time: lots of balloons, smiles, lights, surprises -everything that one might, well, dream about!

Andrea’s first album, the fourteen track, “Earth On An Axis” shouldn’t be missed. “Waiting For The Moon” is a romantic song with very beautiful melody, catchy rhythm, and marvelous vocals. It’s a calm and pleasant track showing another side of Andrea’s soul. One of the most interesting songs for me turned out to be “The Flowers”. It has its own very many-sided and peculiar character. The guitar solo and long pauses makes it unique, reticent and penetrating. The lyrics are structured so to create a picture in our mind. “I leaved the flowers on the table with a lonely chair in the

Andrea Soler with James Ross

Andrea Soler with James Ross

corner”. This first line instantly brings listeners into her world. “Earth On An Axis” the namesake track is rhythmic in the spirit of her minimalist folk-roots base, and it’s an active song with some gentle jazz accents. Here you’ll also find some melancholy in Andrea’s words about her home country, Australia.

People of so various music preferences and tastes can find something interesting and pleasant for themselves in her music, different tracks. She has been on her European “Daydreamer” tour with guitarist James Ross all summer. If your in Paris, I advise you to use an opportunity and visit at least one of Andea’s upcoming concerts!

Thursday 6th September -Le Bistrot 82, Montmatre, Paris
Sunday 9th September – Oz Cafe, Grand Boulevards, Paris
(Benefit Concert for Association Christina Nobel)
Monday 10th September – Bombardier, Latin Quater, Paris

“Do not miss any opportunity to see Andrea Soler play live.This Australian singer-songwriter has brought a much needed helping of antipodean warmth and manages to blend so many rhythms and ideas, emotions and moods into her music. A brilliant, imaginative original artist.” Ian Peterson – LIVE WIRE, UK.

Maria Zubova

HorizonVU Music, Women Of Substance Radio, Photography@ Sue Rynski and Café OZ invite you to a night of music for everyone…proceeds donated to the Association Christina Noble!

Acclaimed Australian singer/songwriter Andrea Soler with guitarist James Ross and Paris-based folk-rocker Hannah Judson head up a double bill! 9 September 2012, Café OZ (Grands Boulevards), Paris, France

The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation is an International Partnership of people dedicated to serving underprivileged children with the hope of helping each child maximize their life potential.

6€ Donation (Suggested)

Association Christina NobleOnce again, HorizonVU Music is organizing a benefit event on behalf of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF).

Christina Noble is the founder and driving force behind the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. Her passion for children’s rights is rooted in her own upbringing of homelessness and desperation. Since 1989, the foundation has been protecting children at risk of economic and sexual exploitation and providing education and basic care in both Vietnam and Mongolia. CNCF’s programs seeks to protect children at risk of economic and sexual exploitation, while ensuring these and other children in need have access to basic care and educational opportunities. This includes emergency and long-term medical care, nutritional rehabilitation, educational and vocational training and job placement.

Christina has been recognized and saluted in over thirty countries and has received over a hundred humanitarian and lifetime awards, battling tirelessly for the recognition and respect of the rights of every child. In December 2010, in recognition of her twenty years of work in Vietnam, Christina was the first Irish woman to receive the Order of Friendship Medal. This award is the highest honor given by President and the people of Vietnam to foreigners.
CNCF is an international network of people and companies such Horizon VU dedicated to serving underprivileged children. Thanks to the help of all our sponsors CNCF is the most highly awarded non-profit organizations in Vietnam and Mongolia?

Horizon VU et l’Association Christina Noble renouvelle leur initiative et offriront un concert placé sous le signe de la solidarité avec la participation exceptionnelle de cette soirée festive : Andrea Solers, jeune chanteuse australienne, des plus prometteuses, sera à l’affiche.
En vingt ans, cette ONG internationale, dont la mission est de protégé les enfants des rues en danger d’exploitation économique et sexuelle soutien les enfants des rues en leur offrant une éducation, une formation professionnelle, des soins médicaux en leur permettre une réadaptation nutritionnelle en vu d’assurer leur avenir.

Christina a été reconnue et saluée dans une trentaine de pays par des distinctions marquant son engagement humanitaire. Luttant inlassablement pour la reconnaissance et le respect des droits de chaque enfant. En décembre 2010, au Vietnam, Christina était la première femme irlandaise à recevoir l’Ordre de Médaille d’Amitié en reconnaissance de ses vingt ans de travail. Cette récompense est la distinction les plus hautes données par le Président aux étrangers. Les fonds collectés à l’issue du concert aideront l’ONG à poursuivre ses actions humanitaires en faveur des enfants défavorisés.

Visit Association Christina Noble at http://www.asso-christina-noble.fr/

What’s The Buzz ?

James Ross - Guitar, Angus Graham - Bass, Me on Uke, Shay Henderson - Drums, Elvis Callaghan - Violin

James Ross - Guitar, Angus Graham - Bass, Andrea on Uke, Shay Henderson - Drums, Elvis Callaghan - Violin

Hello Friends!

It’s an exciting few months coming up, and it’s all starting off this Thursday. I will be going in to chat with Jo Shoebridge on ABC North Coast 94.5 FM at 10 am, then over to Bay FM 99.9 in Byron to have a with Rich Bell at about 3pm, then off to play an intimate house concert in Ocean Shores from 7pm (Tom’s House Concert).

We are launching my brand new single ‘Daydreamer’ here in Australia on Friday 1st June at The Nimbin Bush Theatre where we will be world premiering the Daydreamer film clip on the cinema screen! Then on Sunday 3rd June we will be playing at The Beach Hotel in Byron Bay with some very special guests including Steve Russell on keys, and Scott French (A French Butler Called Smith) on trumpet. It’s going to be so much fun and I hope you can come along and celebrate with us! And for everyone who has been asking – The Daydreamer film clip will be on youtube/vimeo on Saturday 2nd June!

Friday 1st June – The Nimbin Bush TheatreNimbin.
(With film clip premiere) Tickets $15/$10 Conc 7pm

Sunday 3rd June – The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay 4pm

Goba, James and myself say a BIG THANK YOU!!! x x

Goba, James and myself say a BIG THANK YOU!!! x x

Friday 1st June also marks a wonderful day because it’s the last date of our Pozible fundraising project! Over 100 friends, family and fans supported our project and pledged from $20 to $550! With your help it has enabled us to really make our tour to the UK & Europe possible! Thank you so much for your generosity and excitement about what we are doing. If you still want to take part in Pozible, you can still pledge until Friday and pick your rewards. Just click on this link here – http://www.pozible.com.au/index.php/archive/index/5646/description/0/0

We also made a few videos on Youtube that you can check out if you would like more information on our project – Just click here: http://www.youtube.com/user/andreasoler17

Ten days after our launch here in Australia, James Ross, Goba and myself set off on a three month tour throughout the UK and Europe. We’ve managed to hop onto the UK festival circuit and includes the lovely Sunrise Celebration, A Lost Weekend, Larmer Tree Festival, and Tonefest! I honestly can’t wait and am so excited that I have already packed my bags… (nearly). We are booking more dates all the time and if you see that we are coming to a town or festival near you, we would love come and do a house concert/ party for you! So far we have dates for Germany, France, England, Switzerland and working on Prague, Paris and Denmark at the moment.

All our tour dates so far can be viewed here – www.andreasoler.com/gigs

So dear friends, we will be seeing you very soon! Much love, Andrea x

You can visit Andrea at www.andreasoler.com

What’s The Buzz ?

Welcome to my first blog for the year, and thank you to all my
new friends who have joined this cyberspace connection!

Daydreamer EP Coming Soon…

It’s been two years since recording Earth On An Axis at the
wonderful Sonic Kitchen Studios (UK) and I’m currently recording
a brand new EP at Love Street Studios in Currumbin. It’s been a
really fun process and I am so excited to be launching
‘Daydreamer’ very soon. (May in fact!) Daydreamer has five
tracks and they are a collection of songs I’ve written on the
ukulele. It’s a sort of snap shot in time of how much fun this
lil’ instrument is and how the uke has inspired my song writing.
I love the way ukes are so portable and playable pretty much
anywhere. No wonder there’s an apparent shortage of em around
the globe.

We’re planning an east coast tour during May before jetting off
to tour in the UK and Europe in June-September. I’ve got some
dates already up on www.andreasoler.com so hopefully we’ll be
coming to a town near you! More dates and projects to be


Me, James Ross, Shay Henderson, Elvis Callaghan, and Alex Elfes

I had the delight of playing the 2011/12 Woodford Folk Festival.

It was my first time performing with my own band, and I literally
had to pinch myself before heading on stage at The Duck (one of
my fave venues too!) We played live on ABC radio and also
featured on 4zzz’s Woodford program.

-Song writers on Song writing at Woodford-

One of my other highlights was to conduct a workshop on song
writing. I roped the whole band into this one because we all have
different backgrounds in song writing and music and we could all
bring something to the workshop. After an hour and a half, the
end product was an awesome song that we wrote all together –
melody & lyrics (with more that sixty people!). Luckily Goba
filmed it and it will be uploaded onto youtube .. Might be the
next big hit!

-Sewing, Bunting and a Film Clip-

It’s nice to have those days where you don’t have to be anywhere
in particular, the kettle is on, and the creative juices are
flowing. This happened for me and my mum a few weeks ago. We had
a brainwave to make some bunting for the upcoming Daydreamer film
clip. What better way to give a party-fiesta feel? Somehow this
bunting takes me back to childhood. Strawberry Shortcake,
climbing trees & sunny afternoon daydreams! Hope you like it!

Mum working her magic

I love the red with spots!

I think that was my 10th cup of tea for the day!

Until next time…feel free to share this email with your
friends, and if you want us to play a house concert in the month
of May in Australia, or June in the UK/Europe let us know!

Much love,

Andrea x

Visit Andrea at http://andreasoler.com/ and http://www.reverbnation.com/andreasolermusic

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