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Natalie Gelman Photo Credit: Brent Florence

Natalie Gelman Photo Credit: Brent Florence

Natalie Gelman is widely recognized for her tireless cross-country travel and performances. She’s just released a new album, “Streetlamp Musician” with producers Charlie Midnight (James Brown) and Mark Needham (The Killers). The album is reflective, titled after a song she wrote about street performing and watching New York City change over time.

She was raised in the West Village, NYC, an area of the city considered as “off the grid” and noted for having been home to artists and writers dating back to the 1800s. Living amongst songwriting greats, Natalie came to know artists and true bohemians. She borrowed a friend’s guitar at 16 and started writing songs on it immediately and began busking on subway platforms.

Natalie has been compared to Sheryl Crow, Jewel and Joni Mitchell. She writes honest, heartfelt songs addressing current affairs and revealing parts of her inner self.

Yes, our friend, the troubadour, Natalie Gelman, is back at Sundance. The activities surrounding the Sundance Film Festival and Park City, Utah could do no better than to feature this New York born and raised singer. We’ve been following Natalie for sometime now and we had the privilege of interviewing her for the HorizonVU Music Blog last October http://blog.horizonvumusic.com/?p=7543 .

It was much to our pleasant surprise to learn that on Thursday, Natalie was a featured guest with Jenn Hardmann on KSL-TV, the NBC-affiliated television station in Salt Lake City. We’re really excited to pass along the clip to you. Natalie sings her original song “Lion” with all the energy we have come to know and enjoy!

If you’re at the Sundance Film Festival, catch Natalie’s live performances at NY Loves Film Lounge, 545 Main Street, (Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday) and Koffeehouse Show at Flanagan’s (Tuesday), 438 Mainstreet, Park City.

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