By Sarah Jospitre, Contributing Writer at Elite Daily and Contributing Music Critic, HorizonVU Music

Tarah Who?
Federal Circle of Shame
Tarah Who?, 2016

Federal Circle of ShameReleased on February 14, 2016, Federal Circle of Shame is the follow-up EP to Tarah Who?’s successful sophomore album, Little Out There. Front woman/lead vocalist Tarah Carpenter is candid and straightforward in explaining why the French LA-based punk rock band released the EP in a YouTube video titled, “Making of Federal Circle of Shame Teaser”: “After releasing my first album, I wrote more songs. I wanted to release those songs…so I recorded the second album!”

The 5-track EP stays true to the band’s signature style of taking their fans on an angsty, musical whirlwind of fast-paced, menacing guitars going head-to-head with high-powered, pounding drums. In the opening track, “Cough Drop,” Carpenter’s emotionally charged wails of “self destruction” throughout the song’s chorus paint an angry and chaotic backdrop for the heavy bass (played by Ash Orphan) and equally enraged drum instrumentals (played by Jo Ko). This continues in “Bitchcraft” and “Someone Else Will”—with the latter showcasing a distorted, 90s-grunge feel created by Carpenter’s hard-hitting guitar riffs.

The pace is slowed down dramatically when the listener reaches “14 Months” —a tune that repeats the line “it’s a great day at the beach” but is actually juxtaposed by Carpenter’s Alanis Morissette-inspired yodel and by Jo Ko’s commanding drums that take the lead in guiding the song’s overall dismal tune.

However, Tarah Who? picks up the pace once again with the closing track, “Kids Of Ireland.” No Celtic undertones will be found here but what fans can expect is what the band has become known for: unexpected lyrical content (“beautiful kids/…it’s time to wake up/I’m talking to you”) and as always, a high-powered, anthemic chorus.


01. Cough Drop
02. Bitchcraft
03. Someone Else Will
04. 14 Months
05. Kids of Ireland

Tarah Who? is made up of Tarah G. Carpenter (vocals, guitar), Ash Orphan (bass) and Jo Ko (drums).

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