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Maria001_smallMaria Zubova, Media Writer, Music

Maria Zubova and “Maria’s Sound Space…” is a regular column for HorizonVU Music. Maria has a passion for music and she likes to communicate about it. Maria is herself a trained musician. She is follows photography, arts, fashion, and travel. Of course, she frequently attends different concerts and rock festivals.

Prepare for some great news! Yes Sir Boss has recently announced the release of “Mrs #1” (on April 15th) featuring label owner Joss Stone. This is the second single taken from their debut album “Desperation State”, that I reviewed a while back. As you know, YSB is well-known for their original and very distinct sound, catchy melodies, the front mans’ (Matt Sellors) husky voice and on-stage delivery. In this particular track we see the unique mix of this exceptional band and Joss Stone – successful soul singer, songwriter and actress with very melodic, beautiful and strong voice. Let’s check out the video.

Mrs#1 is a potion of energetic rhythm, guitar riffs and the YSB jazz horns. Vocals of both artists work very well together and that gives a great pleasure to all their fans. Matt said that he “had never intended for the song to be a duet but the addition of female vocals seemed to add clarity to the lyrics, and in a way, make the song complete.” And that is so true! The official video is an exceptional pill of enthusiasm, energy, creativity and positivism. It contains some backstage shots as well as the ones from their live show. The video is so playful and sincere that you start to feel that it was made BY friends and FOR friends. You can see that these people love what they are doing and they really enjoy singing this song. Their performance is catchy and it leaves one feeling totally happy. That seems to be the best proof of success for artists, so I advise you to see them live during this year when they’ll have a tour. Enjoy!

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Gareth Dylan Smith aka Dr. Drums

Gareth Dylan Smith

Gareth Dylan Smith IS Dr. Drums, and in addition to his own blogging, he’s agreed to join us on the HorizonVU Music Blog and SHOP. Drawing from his teaching, and most definitely, his experience as a heavy duty rocker and drummer of the band “The Eruptors” http://www.eruptors.com/ Gareth is going to bring us great VUs and reVUs in keeping with HorizonVU Music’s focus on women in rock, alternative and folk.

Introducing…Yazmyn Hendrix

Yazmyn Hendrix, Dublin Castle, 29th March 2013

Yazmyn Hendrix

Yazmyn Hendrix

The Dublin Castle, Camden, Friday night. I arrive late but am relieved to find that a band is still sound-checking. They eventually clear the stage and allow Yazmyn Hendrix a 30-second line-check while the house lights dim, impatiently announcing the start of Yazmyn’s set while she’s still plugging in gear. Into first song ‘Birth’, and the ticket guys continue to shout unnecessarily to anyone coming through the door (for people charging the public to listen to music, they seem strangely oblivious to the subtle sounds emerging from the speakers directly behind them). Venue staff keep slamming the door behind the sound desk in the tiny venue as though they, too, have forgotten they’re meant to be curating a music experience for their customers. Before the song is done a bartender noisily raises the motorized cover to the venue bar, and a group who’ve come early for the next act gather and talk as though they were standing next to road works.

I manage to focus my ears on Yazmyn, who, amidst the din, creates an oasis. She stands alone on the crowded stage, singing breathily in a microphone, weaving a sonic spell that spreads by the middle of second song ‘Whole Heart’ to everyone in the room. I look around and find we’re ALL silently watching Yazmyn, who is so completely immersed in the moment that she’s barely performing – she doesn’t need to. She’s making her music in the now – carving something from nothing and making time stand still five minutes at a time. She sings of love and yearning with sincerity and passion. She sets up onstinati with her voice and a shaker, laying down octave-ized bass lines, vocal percussion and full harmonies using a collection of pedals. She has a wonderful way of singing around the beat – lazily and groovily in time with herself. There’s a gorgeous organic feel to this process, as the technology allows Yazmyn to fill the listeners’ consciousness.

With her pedals and multiple mics, her faded black jeans and t-shirt bearing pictures of cassette tapes, Yazmyn’s tech-savvy, contemporary-retro cool recalls Imogen Heap, while her voice combines the sounds of Joss Stone, Sinead O’Connor and Alison Krauss. Her set is short, and in a breath she is into the last song with its cry for freedom, ‘I just wanna be me’. The rapt silence and the calls for ‘more’ tell me the audience wants this for Yazmyn too.

What a wonderful start to the weekend.

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Maria001_smallMaria Zubova, Media Writer, Music

Maria Zubova and “Maria’s Sound Space…” is a regular column for HorizonVU Music. Maria has a passion for music and she likes to communicate about it. Maria is herself a trained musician. She is follows photography, arts, fashion, and travel. Of course, she frequently attends different concerts and rock festivals.

Hello everyone! Let’s listen to something new and energetic! Welcome “a 6 piece band with an original, distinct and indefinable sound, created from a multitude of worldly musical and cultural influences”-Yes Sir Boss (YSB) – Matt Sellors, Luke Potter, Tom First, Jehan Abdel-Malak, Josh Stopford and Ruben Nimmo. This Bristol-based band combines many styles and musical instruments forming their unique personal identity in the music world. Their songs are truly original with distinct and full sound with elements of everything from a brooding Balkan blues band to a horn injected indie rock outfit.

Not to be overlooked in considering their success are the singers’ voices and, of course, their on-stage delivery. YSB has recently completed a 40 date summer tour playing numerous headline slots at many of the UK’s leading festivals and appearing on various radio shows including live sessions for BBC Radio London and Rob Da Banks Radio 1 show. More recently, they’ve been touring throughout in Europe. We can be sure of one thing – it won’t take much time for YSB to become mainstream. They have opened for Joss Stone’s ‘Soul Session’s 2 Tour’ lined up across Europe. This experience no doubt strengthens the band’s presence on stage and the exposure will surely grow their fan base.

Talking about their music more specifically, their debut album “Desperation State” was released on the 24th September in France and on 8th October in the U.K. The album will be available throughout all of Europe by February 2013. To start you off, I want to suggest highlights of the “Desperation State” CD. One of the brightest songs is “Not Guilty”- an absolute hit, very stylish, extravagant, rhythmic and catchy. It ‘s very easy to remember the melody and you can enjoy singing with YSB.

I think it’s clear that videos are extremely important for artists, but at the same time, they can be too tricky. The music video that supports this track is highly creative, exciting and provocative. It’s a perfect fit with the lyrics and band’s style. I recommend that you to check out their “Never Know” vid. Their live-like video gives you a chance to see all members of the band in “real life”. It’s a kind of concert performance, but with good quality sound at the same time. In discovering the video you’ll get a wonderful feeling of street artists performing purely for the love of music. These people enjoy playing and singing their songs. The energy easily transfers to their listeners.

Is it a good time to talk about the “Desperation State” song that gives the album its title? – for sure it is! Grotesque, memorable, eccentric – it’s a song that catches our attention through wind instruments at the front along with strong the energetic voice of frontman Sellors. In my view, the outstanding song from the “Desperation State” album is “My My”. the track is slow, romantic and very inviting at the beginning moving toward a temerarious solo at the end. All in all, the song is complete from all sides and in all senses.

I call your attention to the song performed by YSB together with Joss Stone – “Mrs #1”. The voices of these different and very talented artists on this song give a wonderful mix and unbelievable effect. It’s a great present to all fans and lovers of their music. I think you’ll enjoy the new album of Yes Sir Boss and I suggest that you get out and see them live! They are young, energetic, and they manage to cope with rather difficult musical styles and rhythms incorporating wind instruments – surprising their listeners. What can I say..best wishes for the band!

Maria Zubova

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