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Malika Makouf Rasmussen

Malika Makouf Rasmussen

San Francisco Auditorium embraces hybrid musical and visual identities – a new piece by Malika Makouf Rasmussen and Ken Furudate. Its very essence is the incorporation of various cultural traits as a challenge to the myth of singular and absolute representation.

Release in Oslo, Norway – October 11 @ Cafeteatret

Line up:
Malika; strings, percussion, sound design
Ken Furudate; video art, sound design
Safaa Al-Saadi; nai and percussion
Ketil Kielland Lund; keys and flugelhorn
Luis Landa-Schreitt; drums and percussion

Malika Makouf Rasmussen (France/Norway/Algeria) is a critically acclaimed composer, musician and music producer and a philosopher. Incorporating a variety of African and Western instruments blended with electronic sounds forms the sole foundation for her music. She has performed extensively throughout Europe and Africa and has staged numerous festivals and music venues across the world. In 2013 she met the international touring renowned artist, programmer and designer Ken Furudate (Japan) in Tunisia: San Francisco Auditorium is the result of a fruitful artistic encounter that took place between them.

Samples from the piece are included below in Malika2014.

Visit Malika Rasmussen at www.malikamakoufrasmussen.com