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Hello! My name is Alison. I’ve been passionate about country music since I was very young. I got to know music by following styles – rock, southern rock and the country music styles of today – and by cruising through the USA. I’ve also bought a lot of CDs! In recent years, I started broadcasting the “Les News de Nashville” on the Big Cactus Country presented by my friend Johnny Da Piedade. You can read my blog post on the Big Cactus Country site as well as here on the HorizonVU Music Blog and SHOP!

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Here is somle great news. I have to say one word: Excellent! I’m of course talking about the concert in France by the family trio, The Band Perry, who performed their first concert in Paris as part of their world tour through the production company Very Show.

The small venue, Le Divan du Monde was packed and the atmosphere encouraged a very reactive and public! The group offered a unique and dynamic show, country rock tinged with a hint of pop. Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry, were able to set fire to Le Divan with the powerful voice of Kimberly with her two brothers and great musicians!

We have experienced their great joy to finally play in France after 15-year career and two visits to the French capital as tourists! They interpreted their finest tracks. We like the song “If I Die Young”, as well as the “Postcard From Paris”, “Better Dig Too”, their first hit “Hip To My Heart”, and their superb single “Do not Let Me Be Lonely”!

TBP_If I Die Young

The Band Perry was preceded by the young Canadian native from Calgary. Lindsay Ell gave us an intimate acoustic show, which allowed us to appreciate her vocal potential and talent on the guitar. A wonderful evening not be missed!

Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell

HorizonVU Music has been covering Lindsay Ell since 2011. Search the HorizonVU Music Blog for more news on Lindsay Ell.

A native of Calgary, Lindsay’s list of collaborations is impressive for someone who has just turned 20 Randy Bachman (who produced her first album), Danny Michel, Russell Broom, Bill Bell, CJ Vanston; in addition to sharing the stage with Buddy Guy, Serena Ryder, and Shawn Mullins.

“Aint she something…”
Buddy Guy Blues Legend

Lindsay, thanks so much for taking time with us. It’s such a pleasure to meet up. We have a lot of HorizonVU Music friends in Alberta, but you are our first feature interview from the Calgary scene! We know a little bit about you – you’re Canadian, studied at the University of Calgary, you love country music and you have the voice and performances to prove it – and okay – can’t help it – you’ve got a really cool purple Gibson…

LE: My pleasure! Thanks for having me!

Help us fill in the blanks…who is Lindsay? How do you describe your country sound? What makes your sound stand out?
LE:  I would describe my country sound as being unique. Because I’ve gotten the opportunity to play with a bunch of artists over the last few years, it’s helped me develop my vocabulary as a guitar player. I’d say I’m like a female Keith Urban, but with my own twist.. I’m working on some new music, and can’t wait to show it to you! Country, guitar driven… something different. 🙂

Tell us a bit about your musical journey – how has your career developed?

LE: I started music at a really young age. Piano at 6 and guitar at 8. My family was really musical growing up, so I always had instruments around me, and music playing in the house. I started playing in the church when I was really young, and it introduced me into the wonderful world of performing. From there I started songwriting at the age of 10, and performing all around Western Canada. I started working with Randy Bachman at the age of 13. Randy produced my first record, and to this day remains a mentor and good friend.

We know you have a cast of great mentors and friends including Buddy Guy…tell us a bit about your closest mentors – how have they helped you along the way?

LE: Well, obviously Randy Bachman was very important getting me started when I was so young. He introduced me to the world of professional recording, and got me working with my first label. Buddy Guy is a huge inspiration and mentor to me. Being on tour with him and getting to play on stage with him every night was an experience I’ll never forget. His dedication and sheer passion for his art is something I will always look up to. Over the past few years, I’ve been so blessed to work with so many talented producers, artists, and songwriters. I love the music industry for this reason – you get to meet some truly amazing people. It becomes like a second family.

What’s next for you? What’s coming up for you live and recorded?
LE: I’m currently working on my next album down in Nashville. I’m so excited about the music I’m writing and recording, I can’t wait to show it to you all! I should be playing more shows come the summer/fall.

Do tells us a bit about your album “Alone”?

LE: “Alone” was an acoustic project, and was a great opportunity for me to focus on ‘the song’. I wanted to do a record with no autotune, limited processing/effects…just live off the floor. It forced me to really break down what was important in a song, and helped me focus in on getting the message out.

One of our favorites is “All Or Nothing”, let’s take a look and listen…

We work with a lot of young emerging artists. Can you share a certain moment in your career – good or bad – that’s kept you moving on?

LE: When I was working with Randy, I remember he told me, “This is going to be an emotional roller coaster, and it never stops.” To this day his words ring so true. Music is truly an amazing business but it always will have it’s ups and downs. It’s such a personal experience, singing about your feelings, that when you put your whole heart on the line, you feel everything that much more – successes and failures. But I am a strong believer that every curve in the road makes you stronger for your next up. This always keeps me going, helps me stay focused.

Okay, here comers my favorite question…who is your hero? Why?

LE: Wow…where do I start? I don’t know if I could choose one hero! My parents. My family. My friends. As a guitar player, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix, and Tommy Emmanuel have been huge inspirations. As a songwriter, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles. As a performer, Keith Urban, John Mayer. I have many heros in so many different lights. I feel very grateful for the support I have around me, I love them all so much. I would not be the same without them!

Lindsay, can’t thank you enough for your time and for making HorizonVU Music a part of your day. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you better and we’re expecting to stay in touch!!!.

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