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Music2Deal CEO Mario Christiani Interviews Midem Director Alexandre Deniot

Originally posted at https://music2deal.com/fr/site/news#24680 on 21 May 2019

Alexandre Deniot

Mario Christiani: Hi Alexandre. So what exactly do you do at MIDEM?

Alexandre Deniot: I am the director of Midem. So, I’m in charge of this event globally. I manage all the teams from the conference team to all the partnership teams and I make sure that we provide the best service to our music community.

Mario Christiani: Please tell us more about the upcoming MIDEM 2019

Alexandre Deniot: This year’s Midem will see multiple initiatives putting artists and creation centre stage as the beating heart of the 2019 edition. These will include the opening of the Artist Hub, a brand new area dedicated to artists and talent development, the fresh addition of Midem Studio Sessions by Dynaudio, a fully-equipped studio where international artists will record live in public. Regarding our conference program, our lineup is just amazing with the heavy players of the industry like the music mogul Troy Carter, (CEO and Founder, Atom factory), Sylvia Rhone (CEO & President of Epic Records) or the Nigerian Artist Maleek Beery just to mention few of them!

Mario Christiani: Is there anything else you’d like to mention that will also be a special focus at MIDEM this year?

Alexandre Deniot: Also the competition for upcoming artists, the Midem Artist Accelerator, we celebrate this year the 5th anniversary, the second edition of the Midem Songwriting Camp and over 30 live concerts on the Midem Beach. Midem will also welcome this year the Jamaican project Inna de Yard, celebrating the work of reggae legends, Ken Boothe, Cedric Myton, Winston McAnuff, Kiddus. We will host the premiere of their music documentary. Midem delegates will also be treated to a live show by the Inna De Yard artists, when they light up the Midem Beach, opening their European concert tour.

Mario Christiani: Hopefully the weather will be fine since there are so many artists playing at the MIDEM beach. Last time the weather was even better in Hamburg, which is not often [laughs].

Alexandre Deniot: We´ll see. We can only pray! [laughing]

Mario Christiani: Why is it an absolute must for every music professional to attend the festival?

Alexandre Deniot: MIDEM is the leading international music event for professionals. It´s a good way for music professionals to save time and money because we have more than 80 countries, about 2,000 companies, 5,000 attendees from the global ecosystem (artist’s entrepreneurs to tech companies). It is the largest international music platform in the world – and it’s growing. And this year we’re going to add 14 new countries at Midem. We provide opportunities for business opportunities and also artistic opportunities for the professionals.

Qu’est-ce que Music2Deal?

Par Clara Zicaro

C’est la communauté et le marché de l’industrie international de la musique « où les labels,
managers, producteurs et autres professionnels de l’industrie se rencontrent pour parler
musique ». Basée en Allemagne à Hambourg, Music2Deal (ou M2D pour les connaisseurs)
est beaucoup plus sécurisée que LinkedIn. C’est une communauté B2B avec une vérification
des profils des nouveaux inscrits, seuls les professionnels de la musique y sont autorisés. Les
nouveaux arrivants doivent prouver qu’ils font bel et bien partie de l’industrie musicale, une
preuve telle qu’un lien est obligatoire pour accéder au réseau. Cette communauté est
composée de plus de 10 000 professionnels du secteur de la musique dans au moins 30 pays

La grande différence de M2D comparée à d’autres communauté est que ce n’est pas
seulement un réseau, c’est un lieu dans lequel on peut découvrir des artistes, des musiques,
des licences, des chanteurs et trouver de nouveaux business.
Choisissez l’abonnement qui correspond le mieux à vos attentes, le gratuit ou le premium et
créez votre compte: https://music2deal.com/us/home

Rencontrez le fondateur du LinkedIn de la musique, Mario Christiani

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