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The year of 2014 marks the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz – one of the most-loved films of the 20th century, with the most popular of songs… featuring lyrics by Edgar Yipsel “Yip” Harburg, who is perhaps less well-known to the general music-loving public than the immortal songs he helped create.

To celebrate the occasion and bring more attention to Harburg, acclaimed downtown New York City chanteuse Amanda Thorpe has a new recording: “Bewitching Me: The Lyrics of Yip Harburg”, showcasing her reinterpretations of beloved and obscure gems from the legendary American popular song lyricist, including “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”, “April in Paris,” and “It’s only a Paper Moon”.

English-born Thorpe aims to do her part to celebrate and preserve the Great American Songbook, but this project is more than a mere exercise in nostalgia. Having combed Harburg’s catalogue, Thorpe brings her unique style to interpret some of the world’s best-known standards to some relatively obscure finds. A strikingly sad and sultry version of “Paper Moon” (listen here), gives listeners a preview of her fresh approach to such well-covered ground. Determined not to record “just another standards album” Thorpe worked with the songs for weeks, taking them apart and putting them back together to uncover what is new as well what is timeless in Harburg’s songs.

The crack lineup included renowned guitarist Tony Scherr (Sex Mob, Bill Frisell), Broadway and Sesame Street vet Rob Jost on bass, Robert DiPietro on drums, and Don Piper (Syd Straw) producing and playing various instruments. In an early review, New York Music Daily notes that the chemistry between Thorpe and Scherr has been likened to “Julie London with Barney Kessel, or Mary Ford with Les Paul, and while this rocks harder than either of those duos ever did, the comparison holds true. As noir music and torch songs go, it doesn’t get any better than this. Is this album the best of 2014 so far? It’s one of them.”

About Amanda Thorpe

Among other projects, Thorpe is a longtime performer at the popular Losers Lounge series in New York City (under the direction of Joe McGinty), Bedsit Poets founder (with Ed Rogers), and performs with the best-selling NYU neuroscientist Joseph Ledoux in a band called The Amygdaloids. Her acclaimed solo album, Union Square, features vocal contributions from Graham Nash and Martha Wainwright, and her previous release, Promenade features the same dream-team musical line up as Bewitching Me.

Critics have called the English-born singer/songwriter, known for her moody folk/pop retro 60’s style, “Sexy and sensual, sophisticated and haunting” (AllMusic), praised her “Lovely melodies [and] haunting vocals” (People Magazine), noting how she “balances brassiness and vulnerability with panache.” (Variety).

For general information and booking: amandathorpe@horizonvumusic.com

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Coming in September…Sing Me The Songs That Say I Love You A Concert for Kate McGarrigle from Lian Lunson on Vimeo.

In May 2011 family and friends gathered together to pay tribute to the late, great singer, songwriter Kate McGarrigle. The concert was filmed at the Town Hall Theater in New York City by Lian Lunson. This docu- mentary is part concert, and partly an intimate look at a family coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.

Kate McGarrigle was a prolific songwriter who’s untimely death shattered not only her family and friends but legions of fans worldwide.
Rufus Wainwright first approached Lian Lunson, who the family had first worked with in the Feature Doc- umentary LEONARD COHEN I’M YOU MAN. Ironically it was on that trip to Sydney to take part in that concert and film, that Kate first realized that something was wrong with her health.

This film is primarily a concert showcasing the breadth and incredible talent of Kate McGarrigle and her sister Anna.
It is hard to celebrate the work of such a talent and be that close as her family was and is to her. The concert and film were put together with enormous love with every song being a reminder of the devastating loss of Beautiful Kate McGarrigle.

SING ME THE SONGS THAT SAY I LOVE YOU had it’s World Premier at Robert Redford’s inaugural Sun- dance London Film Festival in April 2012.


DIR Lian Lunson
CAST Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright, Anna McGarrigle, Emmylou Harris, Teddy Thompson, Antony, Norah Jones, Jimmy Fallon, Sloan Wainwright, Jane McGarrigle, Justin Vivian Bond, Michael Ondaatje, Krystle Warren

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