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Maura Kennedy will play her first solo show at Still River Concerts in Bolton, MA this sunday afternoon. Doors will open at 2:30PM, and the concert will start at 3PM. Tickets are going quickly for this show, so please contact promoters as soon as possible at http://www.MauraKennedy.com . Once there, you can hear songs, see upcoming solo show listings, watch music videos, follow links to her other social networks, and sign Maura’s guestbook. Maura’s music is so cool that it would makethe best Holiday present EVER! You can order yours at her website or just go to SHOP HorizonVU Music (button on upper right of this very page)!

Maura’s upcoming shows and ticket info below!!!

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HorizonVU Music is proud to announce that Maura Kennedy is coming to Paris!

27 APRIL 2010    19h30 AMEX CAFÉ 31, AVENUE BOSQUET PARIS 7eme

29 APRIL 2010    20h00 LA POMME d’EVE 1, RUE LAPLACE PARIS 5eme

It’s been said that a good songwriter comforts the disturbed, and disturbs the comfortable. Maura, having mastered the craft, does both in a thirteen-song soliloquy by simply having the strength to stand strong in the face of life. Where the songs deal with emotional thunderclouds, she confronts them head on, just as she once drove straight into a line of crackling desert storm cells out on the Arizona border. The best part is, it’s all cast in the sheen of her carillon harmonies and bell-like vocal tone.

PARADE OF ECHOES delivers on the power chords and the hooks, but it’s no concoction of pop cotton candy. You may hear traces of her love of Brill Building sheen, but lyrically, Maura doesn’t shrink from the heavy stuff; she deals with depression and obsession, and she doesn’t pray for divine intervention. Shadowy dreamscapes evoke Emily Dickinson, the ’50’s noir of Patsy Cline, and even Shakespeare’s cursed Thane of Cawdor, by way of Don and Phil Everly. “The Thing with Feathers” is dark, almost Gothic in the Victorian sense, but it ultimately powers its way through the shadow to a kind of dark hope, stronger for its admissions of weakness and doubt. “New Way to Live,” like “Some Kind of Life,” expresses a shared secret wish, the longing we all feel sometimes for what might have been, with a chorus that rolls in and out like the surf at Rockaway Beach. “Sun Burns Gold” and “October” play like intimate diary entries. “Chains” and “Just the Rain” deal with love as an uncontrollable force, drawing their pulsating energy from that deep well of power.

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