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What’s The Buzz ?

Strip Darling at Freddys in Brooklyn! Photo Credit: Melinda DiOrio

Strip Darling at Freddy's in Brooklyn! Photo Credit: Melinda DiOrio

As an illustrative support of Strip Darling’s Debut LP “Mend” the band teamed up with Harmonic Distortion Productions and Marco Motti Shalma to develop its first video. The footage showcases the emblematic NYC band in a wide array of settings – from Brooklyn’s South Slope local pub, Freddy’s Bar & Backroom, to the W Hotel in Times Square, to Bowery Presents Mercury Lounge and East Williamsburg’s Paper Box.

The audio used is from a live performance of “Steal my Birds” written by lead singer / keyboardist Jacque Ryal which was captured by audio engineer Paul Johnson at the band’s February 12th, 2014 Mercury Lounge show. The live performance captures the same raw and redemptive essence achieved on the band’s Debut LP “Mend”.

Strip Darling is currently in talks regarding a release of the live single.

Visit Strip Darling at http://www.stripdarling.com/

What’s The Buzz ?

Strip Darling is a band founded in New York City. The band was formed in 2002 under the name “The Jacque Ryal Project” with then label Manyc Records. In 2007, with Jacque Ryal, Genni Yaniv, Shaheim Jackson, Elektra Carras and Dave Dawson the band was redefined as Strip Darling.

This 5 piece New York City band is led by keyboardist Jacque Ryal. Introspective, angry, and ultimately redemptive, Mend is a moody, atmospheric song cycle that is very much on par with artists such as Tori Amos, Portishead and Florence & The Machine. Big time props also have to go out to Aaron Nevezie for his crisp and concise production. It sounds like you right there in the room with the band. If you’re looking for an indie release that’s got a distict edginess about it, check this out.

Visit Strip Darling at http://www.stripdarling.com

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