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“The story of Pete and Maura Kennedy’s personal and professional relationship, now in its second decade, is somewhere between fate and a fairy tale.” -The Kennedys Biography

After listening to their Retrospective album many people would for sure agree with such a wonderful quote. The Kennedys is an American folk-rock band that is built on country music traditions. In live performances, Maura plays the acoustic guitar and the ukulele, Pete is using not only both of those, but he even plays an electric sitar. The band has more than 15 years of experience, and now, 10 great albums.

Today, what I am highlighting, is their big present to all their fans – the new CD that features songs from their entire career! Very mild and positive music, soft sounds and pleasant melodies – sometimes it really makes us smile. We find peace and enjoy life. The album starts off with “Half a Million Miles”, an openhearted song that closely connects to the couples’ career and life. The songson the CD flow like a narrow mountain river – they are active, they move, but at the same time the tracks are “not in a hurry”.

Like their sound, The Kennedy’s lyrics are pleasant, peaceful and endless. “Breath”, the fourth track, has a very different style – very catchy. And right after, the “Midnight Ghost” brings us to to the world of Country.

As for my own taste, I found that “9th Street Billy”, “Matty Groves” and “Shadows With The Lonely” deserve some special attention. Listening to them really gives you understanding as to how these musicians have mastered combining different styles and rhythms.   As a result, they manage to surprise first-time listeners, and without doubt, please long-time followers. The album shows off the many-sides of The Kennedys and one fully grasps why they command the respect of colleagues and love of fans.

Special thanks for the very sensitive, pure and melodic “Angels Cry”. The track stands out from the whole album. The song itself has very strong story, sense, and power. I strongly recommend The Kennedy’s Retrospective album to people who appreciate and seek harmony, peace and positive emotions. Great musicians-marvelous CD!

Don’t miss an opportunity to listen to their live performances!

Maria Zubova

You can visit  The Kennedys at The Kennedys will be in Paris, France, 24 March 2012 at OPA Bastille